Laproscopy or straight to IVF

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Kellyanned Tue 02-Oct-18 14:17:50

Hi all, first post on here. I'm 39, we have been ttc for 18mths. I seem to be ovulating - final day2 blood test to confirm but an ultrasound showed me ovulating last week on what was day 28 (I'm normally a straight 27 cycle) so cycle seems a bit crazy this month.
I have had a failed hsg 2 weeks ago potentially highlighting issues with my cervix (had 2 ops for removal of CIN cells a few years ago) so my options now are a) laproscopy or b) straight to ivf.
I've booked in for the laproscopy which should be end dec time but I'm not sure if this is the right thing or if I should just get on with ivf. Issue I may have is the cervix for the catheter to pass through like the hsg.
Has anyone gone through anything like this and have any advice? Feeling very lost and overwhelmed!

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Maximoo06 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:53:01

@Kellyanned I was in the same situation apart from hycosy came back ok apart from cyst on my overies. my options were laparoscopy or ivf I decided to go for laparoscopy but thinking should I have gone straight for ivf as I will probably end up needing it anyway.

Guio Wed 03-Oct-18 21:09:58

Hello, I have endo which I think is the problem of not conceiving after 2 years although Dr said unexplained because is mild!anyway I going straight to IVF and if it fails Dr said laparoscopic could help for the next one.I really don't want to loose time so I think I would go straight to IVF and if it fails you could ask for a lap.

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