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Ba3103 Tue 02-Oct-18 13:55:50

Not sure am writing this In the right place so i apologise if Im not .. I have dc's from a previous relationship and I have suffered 4 mcs in the last year my gp has sent me for tests but can't refer me to specialist as me and my dp already have children.. my ultrasound was clear just a cyst on my ovarie I've just had my bloods back I have to retake my fbc as my platelets are low and the Anti bodie one has just come back but the gp have said they have referred it to my consultant (my gyne) who I have only just got my referal appointment through which is in November so now I'm worried because surely if it was clear they could have told me the result just like they did the rest the waiting is killing me.. and the doctor has also said he thinks some of my symptoms sound like endometriosis that why he referred me to gyne .. I'm feeling so impatient.. I can't really talk to anyone in rl except my dp.. can anyone give me any advice or what to expect?? I would really appreciate it xx

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