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October/November IVF

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Langpants Tue 02-Oct-18 13:31:07

Hi ladies!

Round 2 down regulation has just started. Embryo transfer should be 1/2 November. Going for 2 embryos this time.

Anyone else just starting a round? x

WineWinner Wed 03-Oct-18 08:16:01

Hi! I'm starting next Sunday with transfer sometime around the 12th Nov. How are you feeling?

Rememberallball Wed 03-Oct-18 08:31:59

We are planning DE IVF in Cyprus for early November. Will be our second round after an unsuccessful cycle the same time last year.

As it’s DE my planning is only contraceptive pill to coordinate my cycle with that of the donor and then minimal meds (aspirin, estrodiol and folic acid) fro. The start of my next menstrual cycle. We will have bloods today and then again on CD2 for me followed by a scan on CD8/9 and fly out to Kyrenia around CD12.

In the meantime DH and I are moving home and relocating 250 miles from where we are living at the moment so I’ve given up work and he is planning to stay in work until we know when we are moving/completing on the sale.

Good luck to everyone and looking forward to supporting each other through this part of our journey xx

Langpants Wed 03-Oct-18 10:10:00

Hi ladies!

Thanks for messaging. Looking forward to supporting each other through it.

I'm feeling excited! Put on a stone on my last round and only lost half of that so far. I can't afford to put more on so am on slimming world and going to up my exercise.

They're putting two in this time around. I'm so hoping both take, but one would be amazing.

How are you both feeling? @Rememberallball - sounds like a lot going on for you! X

Rememberallball Wed 03-Oct-18 10:47:44

I’m feeling good @Langpants. I’m also doing SW as my weight has crept up this year (mainly due to drinking too many bottles of prosecco!!) and lost a stone so far. Would like to lose another 1/2 stone before we go and a stone by Christmas if I can!

We’ve had one heck of a year as my mum passed away 7 months ago while we were planning on our second trip to Cyprus and it put a stop to everything happening which is why it’s taken us a year to have our second cycle. It’s also because of this that we’ve had to sell up and taken the chance to move to Cornwall nearer DH’s family who live there, especially his son and grandchildren!!

We are hopefully flying out around the 8th November so ET would be around the 15/16th

orangefolly Wed 03-Oct-18 14:34:33

Hello, yes can't quite believe it but starting to gear up for round 2. Got a hycosy next week to check my uterus is all clear after a miscarriage from round 1. Then if all is well I start downregging for FET in November. Eek!

I too am on a diet since I put on weight with all the meds then pregnancy then comfort eating over the loss. God I want some chocolate <sips more lemon and cucumber water and mutters> grin

Good luck everyone!

orangefolly Wed 03-Oct-18 14:37:04

I'm sorry for your loss @rememberallball - that must have been very hard going through all this at the same time

BlueSarah Wed 03-Oct-18 20:48:00

Good evening ladies,

I am about to start my first round of IVF, will be nice to have some people to share the journey with XX

I start taking a pill on Monday, nasal sprays on Wednesday and injections on the 26th. My drugs arrived today; I have a bag full of needles and little bottles, stuff to squirt in me, things to shove up me and a special one that lives in the fridge until the big day. All getting a bit real nowconfused

Kay2705 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:55:44

Watching. Hoping to start first round in a few weeks just waiting for some confirmation on my fibroids

findingmywaytoday Wed 03-Oct-18 22:31:12

Hi Ladies,

I unexpectedly started the down regulation today - had been expecting a delay due to a thyroid issue, but on attending mt protocol appt this morning turns out they were happy for me to start.

This is my first IVF cycle. Previously had 3 rounds of clomid which resulted in a loss at 5 months and an ectopic at 8 weeks so I'm hopeful but realistic.

Fingers crossed and good luck to you all.

farrah770 Thu 04-Oct-18 15:40:23

Hi Ladies,

Just waiting for hospital to send my results and then have initial consultation for ivf. Im a bit worried as Im sure you all are with what's involved but I have to stay positive. Its great to speak to others in the same boat. Good luck to you all i hope we all get some great news real soon!!

FingersXssd83 Thu 04-Oct-18 16:57:01

Jumping on! Meds for my first ever IVF should be arriving on Monday to start a short protocol the weekend after.

Nervous/anxious/cautiously excited.

Looking forward to seeing some nice results on here xxx

Guio Thu 04-Oct-18 18:18:37

Hello I was in the September/October group but I will jump here as I am meant to start at the end of October with down regulation taking the pill so I think I will be way behind the rest.anyone else starting same time?Good luck to everyone!!

WineWinner Thu 04-Oct-18 18:44:21

Got my protocol through today so I have to do 2 weeks on the norithisterone meaning my baseline scan is 31st Oct and then starting stims 1st Nov. Can't believe how upset I got just at that extra half a week added on. Feels like it's always just another wait though doesn't it.

LillyLeaf Thu 04-Oct-18 18:47:15

Hi everyone. I'll be doing short protocol. I'll be starting Cyclogest (progesterone) on Saturday cd16. We're still ttc this cycle and hoping for a miracle but after 18 months and not a hint of a BFP I'm realistic. I'm expecting my period around the 18th October then will start meds and have the baseline scan. I think I'll be fine injecting but I'm a bit worried about how I will feel and cope with work. I'm also doing acupuncture. Good luck everyone.

Kay2705 Fri 05-Oct-18 18:38:09

Officially will be starting short protocol on 15th of October(fingers crossed). First ivf cycle so hoping for the best.
Got an appointment on Tuesday to find out what medication I'll be on and how to administer it.

Good luck everyone

LillyLeaf Fri 05-Oct-18 20:11:47

Is anyone else feeling surprisingly calm going into this? Might be because I finally feel something is happening rather than month after month of hopeless ttc. Do you think I should have my meds for injections by now? The pharmacy has even contacted me yet and I'll be due to start injecting on the 18th October.

findingmywaytoday Fri 05-Oct-18 21:05:39

@LillyLeaf I was calm going into it but I'm on day 3 of taking Norethisterone and have been extremely grumpy today at work with a couple of people I'd usually not allow to get under my skin...Hoping this peters out!

I was given everything save for needles at the same time. I'm due a scan / poss starting injections around the 18th too.

Rememberallball Fri 05-Oct-18 21:22:48

Went to collect my meds yesterday and was shocked to find the enonaparin injections and crinone gel which we discussed as needed were not there. I’ve contacted my GP (he did my scripts privately for me) and I’m waiting to hear back from him to find out what happened. Thankfully we’ve still got some time till I need them but, wit(the move, we may not have registered with a new GP before we go.

Good luck to everyone with the coming weeks

LillyLeaf Sat 06-Oct-18 11:54:46

First Cyclogest progesterone pessary in...

AniSL Sun 07-Oct-18 05:51:38

Hi all

I guess I should also join this thread too, currently on Sept/Oct thread but only done collection, we will transfer mid November natural FET

orangefolly Sun 07-Oct-18 11:18:22

I have to say I'm really dreading this cycle. I felt really positive going into the last one, but now I know this is the last 'good' embryo we have left, and I'll be taking extra meds for this round (prednisolone, clexane and aspirin on top of the usual progesterone, estrogen etc) it just feels like a long hard slog. Also think I'm just really scared of the disappointment if it doesn't work. I know I need to just not focus too far ahead and take one thing at a time. Urgh, it's tough though.

LillyLeaf Mon 08-Oct-18 09:32:14

@orangefolly you can do this, you've done it before. There's no harm in accepting it's going to be hard and emotional, as it properly will be but you can get through it. Have you tried mindful apps? They are good at helping with calmness and helps you to relax, they won't remove those thoughts but might help how you deal with them. Also there's acupuncture? Fingers crossed for you

Catren Mon 08-Oct-18 11:29:44

Hi langpants, I'll join you from the August thread.

My first FET has just ended in a chemical so we're gearing up for round two. Just waiting for af to arrive, then we'll start a natural cycle I think. My specialist wants to see me on Thursday but hopefully we can get on with it straight away, the nurse seemed happy for me to but I'll have to see.

We've got 4 more pgd tested frosties to use up so fingers crossed one of them sticks.

Good luck everyone

Catren Mon 08-Oct-18 11:33:51

Just read the thread properly, sorry to hear about all the losses that have been mentioned 💐

I was calm going into my ivf cycle, it was relieving to not be responsible for my fertility for once and hand over to the scientists.. I'm much more nervous now for my second frozen transfer as it was so disappointing seeing the strong bfps fade into nothing.

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