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XamberXx Sun 30-Sep-18 14:25:52

Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum. I know you're all going through a similar situation like me. I just want to say that lately I'm feeling so depressed about this whole TTC. It's been a little over 4 years for me and DH. I just want to burst out crying. I pray so much, my family is praying, my friends are praying. I'm scared and frustrated and very envious of the girls around me getting pregnant. I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All I think about is "what if I was already 3 or 4 or 5 months pregnant." I imagine me telling my husband the news and all this wonderful things. I'm sorry if this is too much, but I don't want DH to get tired of me complaining and feeling sorry for myself. On the other hand, I'm very happy for the women on this forum that have achieved pregnancy. When I read their stories it gives me hope. I would love feedback. Thanks for listening.

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Guio Sun 30-Sep-18 15:19:00

Hi I am very sorry you feel like that,it is really hard.I have been trying half of the time but I am very pessimistic about the future.. have you tried assisted conception? Is there any reason why you can't conceive or it unexplained?I am classified as unexplained but don't understand why as I have endo so it is quite evident why I can't and age as I am 35.I have the same thoughts of coming home and telling him the same..look a miracle!!I hope our turn comes soon 🍀🍀🍀.

dinaff Sun 30-Sep-18 20:16:46

I am so sorry you feel down. I know how hard it is to try and hope without any results. It is very frustrating but just keep your vision on the end results, which is a very happy healthy and beautiful baby! The hardest lesson I am learning through all this is that God works on his time. And his time and my time never seem to come together! But in the end things always work out. It’s OK to have a bad day every now and then. But try really hard to not let it consume you and get you down for long. Things always have a way of working out, you just HAVE to believe it will and it will. I know how painful it is to see everyone is pregnant. For me the hardest part is receiving invitations for baby showers. At such moment I feel so down. My brain is playing with me at such moments… A voice deep inside telling me I may never be a mom, I may never have a baby shower. The most important thing is do not listen to that voice! I know I meant to be a mother and I will be no matter what! Good luck sweetheart!

lorraddu Sun 30-Sep-18 20:28:56

I know what you mean... Everyone around me is getting pregnant. It is hard to deal with. And family and friends who haven't had fertility issues do not understand. So it's nice to come here and get feedback from all of you, and hear that I'm not alone. If it wasn't for this message board, I probably would of driven every friend and family member away... They can only take so much, and they just don't get it.... But you can vent your frustrations and share your ups and downs with us anytime. Hang in there and do your best not to let those seeds of doubt plant. I just try to always believe that it will happen. Not the way I planned but it WILL happen! If I say it enough times, I believe it. I think that we all know how you feel. For me, the depression from TTC was too much for me to handle. I tried one fertility support group before this one but that wasn’t very helpful. Probably that wasn’t right place for me. I’m happy to be here with you girls! This community is very supportive. So after being at the ‘wrong’ board I went to see a therapist which really helped. I told her how hard it was for me to see other pregnant girls. How hard it is to see these perfect families with children. What I can say is keep trudging on. The end result, however you have a baby through pregnancy, donor eggs, adoption, is sooooo worth it. But remember that this is your ride. You can get off this emotional roller coaster WHENEVER you need a break. Sometimes a break can be good but I know that I never wanted to take time off from TTC!

frankyHK178 Sun 30-Sep-18 20:38:09

Hi honey. Hope you are doing fine. I’m sorry to hear about your ttc. This is really annoying and frustrating situation. I understand your feelings. I’ve also faced this issue. I know how it’s uncomfortable to face friends and family in this situation. But I am with you! I hope you will become pregnant very soon. I get hope from forums. After reading success stories of people I tell myself I can do this! I can and I have to. I’m also praying for you. I’ll be waiting for your update. So be brave and trust in GOD. Don't frustrate yourself! You are not alone. All of us here are trying to resolve same issue. So just keep trying and be brave. Good luck honey!

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