September ivf- long wait for scan

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Runner31 Fri 28-Sep-18 22:40:24

I'm 6 weeks pregnant after our first attempt with off but 5 years of trying to conceive naturally. I have very short cycles and a dermoid cyst destroyed an ovary so we were never going to conceive naturally.
Anyway, I thought the 2 ww was hard but I'm struggling with waiting on my 7 week scan. Even though it's only one week to go I'm completely over thinking everything.
I take progesterone twice a day and have had really sore boobs since I started it although they managed to increase in size and soreness over the last couple of weeks. I am totally exhausted. Every day feels like a marathon and I sleep the minute I finish work.
My main worry is I have no morning sickness. I was nauseous for about a week but I wasn't actually sick and I found that it settled as soon as I had my marmite on toast. It came and went throughout the day but has eased off over the last couple of days. All of last week I had a sore stomach and lower back and the odd cramp like my.period was about to arrive.
I've no idea if any of this is normal. My clinic don't do blood tests so I haven't had any since before my bfp.
Is anyone at the same stage or have any advice?

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AlphaBravo Fri 28-Sep-18 22:45:16

All totally normal. It's what pregnancy feels like. Youre not sick all the time, sometimes only a few days out of the 40 weeks, and it has no correlation to the success of the pregnancy.

Runner31 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:08:58

If think I'm finding it hard to make sense of because the symptoms are exactly the same as the early days of my cyst which ended up at 15 x 10cm. I'm convinced when they scan me next week they won't see am embryo but another cyst.

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