IVF - CRGH vs Lister vs IVI London, any others?

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munchymoo Fri 28-Sep-18 21:29:50

Please help! DH and I are looking to start IVF after our second miscarriage this year, we are keen to have PGS testing done to try to lessen the chance of another mc. We've had a consultation with a lovely consultant at IVI London, he was great but I can't seem to get past the fact that their success rates are significantly lower than a lot of other "top" clinics.

I've been researching other clinics and CRGH and the Lister look good, has anyone any experience of either of these or IVI London? Or any others to choose/avoid? I'm 38, DH is 42, we are keen to have PGS testing and if we're lucky to also bank some embryos for a possible future baby although I know that would be super lucky.

It seems that it's not only the consultant you see that impacts your success, but the quality and skill of the embryologists - and it's impossible to find that out? Unless I'm missing something??

If anyone can help at all with this minefield of choosing a fertility clinic I'd be so grateful!

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munchymoo Sat 29-Sep-18 09:35:24


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cannonball8726 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:17:49

Like you, I was considering a clinic but was worried that its success rates weren't as good. We ended up having a fresh cycle at CRGH because of the success rates and because the location was convenient for us. I was really happy with their care and had a lot of confidence in the clinic. It was expensive, and as anxious as that made me feel, we had budgeted for it. No regrets and I would go back for FET. I've heard good things about the Lister too but it wasn't a consideration for us as it was further from home and work. (Location was really important for me and CRGH do early appointments so it meant that I could get to work on time (often early) despite all the scans and bloods during treatment.)

Dudewheresmybaby Sat 29-Sep-18 11:25:17

I've had 3 unsuccessful rounds of IVF at the Lister (currently on my fourth round) - while it's a huge clinic and I feel like just another beige folder to them I don't think the failures are down to the clinic, it's just IVF in general.

Amara123 Sat 29-Sep-18 23:23:56

I had two failed fresh and two failed frozen elsewhere. I'm a similar age to you. Diagnosis was male factor primarily. Changed clinic and went to Lister and have gotten pregnant on my first cycle there, baby due any day now. I would visit the clinics and get a consultation and see what treatment suggestions they have for you. I would go with what you are most comfortable with! I empathize with the difficulty in picking a clinic, it's not easy as so many factors are behind the scenes. The Lister is big and busy but I felt it was run well and I really wanted good embryologists with a high throughput (and experience) to do our imsi.

KatharineHilbery Sat 29-Sep-18 23:27:32

Two rounds with the Lister, second successful. Not a hugely empathetic team but gave us what we wanted in the end.
In my experience the whole IVF industry is hugely manipulative and deceitful.

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