non medicated frozen cycle – timings?

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ohbigdaddio Mon 24-Sep-18 11:07:08

If anyone could help I'd be so grateful – emailed my hospital (Guy's) but they are terrible with communication and I've not heard anything as yet.

I have 1 frozen embryo left and want to try a non–medicated frozen cycle where I do ovulation tests at home. I am trying to work out how much time I might need off work for this. If you've done this, do you still need to go in for scans, and if so how often? Do you go in for the transfer on the day of ovulation? Any rough timings would help!

Thanks x

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CatRen27 Mon 24-Sep-18 11:17:48

Hi OBD I'm about to have my FET tomorrow, first time. They've been monitoring my cycle using blood tests not opks (so no help on that sorry) and I've had two scans to check my lining. My embryos are 5 day old blastocysts so they match it to where your body would have been - I'll be 5 days post ovulation tomorrow so they'll pop one in. If yours are 5days old they'll do the same, so your lining is the right thickness etc.

Hope that helps!

ohbigdaddio Mon 24-Sep-18 11:35:24

Thanks CatRen27 Good luck with your transfer tomorrow!

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