2ND IUI - NORETHISTERONE - help please

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PinkBlue1985 Sat 22-Sep-18 14:11:47

We tried our first IUI at lister but found it very rushed and they did not even bother to scan/monitor my ovaries. We have moved to another clinic in Kent for 2nd IUI with Menopur injection and trigger shot.

We are meant to start our IUI next cycle but they have asked that I take Norethisterone which basically delays my period to start when they want it! I'm really not happy to take this as I have read the side effects and have no idea why I need it! My periods are quite regular and it seems to me they want to make sure my IUI doesn't fall on the weekend. What do I do????? Anyone have similar experience, I shouldn't have to mess with my cycle if not needed!

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YetAnotherThing Wed 26-Sep-18 23:26:52

I can’t remwmber exact explanation but I think was told it helps with getting the endometrial lining thin enough at the start of the cycle. Although your suspicions about it being to do with clinic opening might be more accurate!

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