Can't understand secondary infertility

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IsabellaMoltisantixx Sat 22-Sep-18 10:42:50

Basically how does it occur? Doesn't make sense to me, is there such things as tertiary infertility?
Does anyone have any successful stories ? Thanks

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hoping2018 Sat 22-Sep-18 10:52:36

My understanding of secondary infertility was someone who conceived without trouble the first time and then took more than a year the second time.
Are you struggling for number two?
I struggled for number one (but am now pregnant via ivf) so just a standard infertile! Lol

bonzo77 Sat 22-Sep-18 10:55:40

Your (or your partner’s) body changes. Age. Damage from previous pregnancy/ birth/ surgery/ illness. Increased age. Bad luck. Poor health. Poor nutrition. Loads of reasons. And sometimes no reason. Sometimes the first pregnancy was a fluke. We tried 1 month for DS1. 18m for DS2. 2 years for DS3. No obvious cause.

IsabellaMoltisantixx Sat 22-Sep-18 11:02:51

It's so horrible 😢😢😢 I guess I'm just unlucky that I know a lot of people atm who have got pregnant within a few months
I'm actually on tertiary infertility if that exists???
I had secondary infertility with my second one. I now have a ten year age gap between them, dd is only 10 months but I've been technically trying from when she was 3 months n nothing's happened
I know that sounds ridiculous but because I had secondary infertility n it was such a long process I'm not gonna stall or delay I just wanna try have another one ASAP n I'll be happy n complete
Thanks all

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IsabellaMoltisantixx Sat 22-Sep-18 11:07:40


Wow thanks better than when I googled it it just didn't really explain just stated lots of couples dealt with it

I'm starting to pin it down that maybe some women just don't ovulate every month??? It would make sense, they literally can't test u every month if you've 100% ovulated, you can only go off tests that aren't accurate for ovulation anyway?

I seriously think I only ovulate on certain months:

I conceived my first in early February,
Conceived again in late January but miscarried at 6 weeks
Then conceived with my second late February she's now 10 months

Although I tried through the year this is what happened!!! Could be worth looking into n I'm guessing the years I didn't get pregnant we weren't trying on the correct days but I'm sure this is my case I'm still trying but hopefully gonna up my game when it's Jan-March see what happens

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bonzo77 Sun 23-Sep-18 16:25:53

Goodness knows. I temped and think I ovulated each month. DH has sperm tested and all ok. I had basic scan and all ok. I’m blaming the pressure of trying, bad luck and possibly the scarring from CSs and surgery for a miscarriage.

All I know, is that with no known cause, our choices were keep going or fertility treatment. Which with no known cause means IVF. Not for us!!

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