Any idea or normal?

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Bananacloud Tue 25-Sep-18 21:32:16

Try some fertlity yoga
Conception pill (wellwoman ttc ones)
If none of that works, and if you can afford it, then try ivf.
Best of luck smile

IsabellaMoltisantixx Thu 20-Sep-18 17:25:05

Is it normal not to conceive after you've had a baby?
In a nutshell, my dd is almost 10 months it took me nearly three years to conceive her as I had endometriosis which was removed via laparoscopy, I then conceived pretty much after that,
Because of the horrendous time I had I vowed not to go back on contraception and just kind of let nature take its course
I was breastfeeding for about 4 months so that was my 'contraception' then I used the safe/not safe method just trying to avoid sex on ovulation but when she was just over 7 months not thought about it, just had regular sex with dp but not got pregnant?
I'm just worried cos this could be a sigh of my infertility again which I obviously don't want as I do want another baby or is this just normal? I know it's only been if I wanna get technic, 3 months but just was a bit upset when got period maybe I'm just emotional, but tbf I wouldn't mind just having another just because I'm not sure if I can and to get it out the way kinda thing

Any advice/anecdotes appreciated smile

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