Urgent help please !! :(

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LemonTwist10 Wed 19-Sep-18 21:13:06

Hey to all,

My partner and I are ttc. I am 29, previously my periods were 28-days apart like clockwork. However, since the beginning of this year, well the past 5 months they have either been 1 or as much as 4-days late.

Then I had my September cycle which was 1-day late, I thought ok, not so bad, then aloe and behold (not sure if it’s worded that way) I have started a period 14-days after the one which just ended. So I am on my period again, at first I though it was spotting as it started of light pink on the tissue and now has fully progressed into a period.

I am afraid as I am due to start fertility treatment in a few months time.

AMH (June 2018) - 8.7
All other tests confirmed ovulation and nothing of concern.
Recently (5-days ago) had a cortisol steroid shot in my wrist for unrelated issue.

Visited GP today and he didn’t send me for blood tests, he said I should monitor this and if I am still bleeding when my actual period starts then I should make another appointment.

Can anyone please offer any assistance at all as I am going out of my 🥜 right now.

Thanking you in advance!!!

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LemonTwist10 Wed 19-Sep-18 21:14:08

Oh recently (5-days) had a cortisol injection in my wrist for unrelated problem. Mentioned tin GP as thought could be related, however he said that would be extremely unlikely.

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Momhope15 Tue 25-Sep-18 12:25:26

What kind of fertility treatment will you be doing?
The doctors will be scanning you quite often to see whether you are ovulating okay. They will only start the actual treatment if your ovaries and eggs are in suitable size.

hoping2018 Tue 25-Sep-18 19:31:57

I really wouldn't worry too much - most fertility treatments take control of your cycle.
Mwhen I went for ivf (to be fair for MFI) the consultant asked about my periods and then before I even had chance to answer said "not that it matters as we'll control all of that".

LemonTwist10 Mon 26-Nov-18 19:45:59

Thank you both x

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