Painful HyCoSy!

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24Juniper Wed 19-Sep-18 19:44:51

Finally got my HyCoSy after waiting nearly 5 months for an appointment! I was pretty relaxed about it and read the notes they had given me and it sounded like a simple procedure enough. The speculum and catheter was a bit uncomfortable and gave me crampy feelings but nothing difficult but when they injected the dye, I felt a sudden painful pressure (far more painful than the period pains as described!) and nearly fainted! Annoyingly they had to stop so I never did find out if my tubes were blocked. There was a trainee doctor there and the FS mentioned it's not unusual for patients to go into shock when they have this done! Trust me to be one of those patients! Now I'm having to be referred for a laparoscopy. FS says the pain doesn't necessarily mean blocked tubes but he will flush them out when I have the op, which makes me wonder if they are blocked, as it seems excessive to go for a GA to find out my tubes are fine? Doing some research online, there are mixed messages about whether pain is related to blocked Fallopian tubes or even endometriosis. Just wondered if anyone had similar experiences and got answers at the laparoscopy?

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IcanMooCanYou Wed 19-Sep-18 20:54:42

It bloody hurt! Not quite passing out pain that you had, but as the consultant was talking to me and trying to show me the screen I just wasn't interested as I was breathing through the pain!

I'd read mixed reviews before and naively thought I'd be fine (have quite a few tattoos in painful places). I thought at the time when they compared them period pains that surely no one can have periods this painful- women would be doubled over in the streets at every turn!

Tubes were absolutely clear though so pain wasn't down to that.

It was the most painful part of any of my ivf (scratch and transfer not quite so bad).

LemonTwist10 Wed 19-Sep-18 21:20:17

Hey there,

I had one just before Christmas and it was super uncomfortable, there was some slight discomfort, however everyone is different.

However, for me, the pain came hours afterwards and continued for a few days. Then, I had he worst period I have ever experienced, I mean; nauseated; paintful cramping you name it.

Sorry to hear your experience was such a nightmare. They do say that following the test, given that your tubes are not blocked then you are more likely to conceive during that period.

Hopefully you build up the courage to repeat it again and hopefully it’s a different person performing it as returning to the same person can heighten your anxiety as you associate the pain with them.

24Juniper Wed 19-Sep-18 21:36:40

Thanks for the replies! I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much and the feeling of passing out really put me off! The thought of doing a laparoscopy seems excessive if we don't even know if my tubes are blocked. I am tempted to see if it's worth doing another HyCoSy as I read your tubes can sometimes spasm due to the pain. Slightly worried if I can't cope with this how would I ever cope with labour pains??

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Tigerlily99 Wed 19-Sep-18 21:52:10

I took co-codamol and ibuprofen 1 hour before and whilst it was uncomfortable, it was ok. Level of mild period pains. Did vomit violently afterwards with the antibiotics they gave though!

LemonTwist10 Thu 20-Sep-18 00:14:38

I think sometimes the vomiting is more adrenaline due to a long uoirself up before hand. I felt sick and lightheaded afterwards, however I was pretty anxious leading up to it.

Maybe take the advice above and pop some pain pills before as I heard that is helpful and then prepare your mind leading up to it to lower your anxiety. Also ask the doctor performing it to slowly talk you through it, try not to tense up as well as that might increase your pain.

I hope it all works out for you. X

79andnotout Thu 20-Sep-18 15:43:04

Mine was agony, and I didn't have blocked tubes. I also have quite a high pain threshold. It only hurt for a couple of minutes but I was screaming and wasn't expecting it, so also nearly fainted. I thought something was going seriously wrong!

DawnK77 Thu 20-Sep-18 18:41:24

Hi, mine was same, I'm normally hard, (lol) but this did shock me, i also nearly fainted. My tubes were fine. Take some pain killers before bed and when you get up as I had a dull ache for a few days after x

BeaCat Fri 21-Sep-18 08:40:24

Hey, i found mine really painful too and nearly fainted, which wasn't what I expected as everyone says it's not that bad! They did find out that both tubes were blocked however. I then went on to have a laparoscopy to see what the blockages were and if they could do anything to fix it. They couldn't do anything so now waiting for IVF.
At least you're under general anaesthetic for the lap so don't feel any pain during it, just a bit uncomfortable afterwards. Good luck 😊

24Juniper Fri 21-Sep-18 09:07:33

@BeaCat Thanks Bea! Currently waiting for a laparoscopy, how long did you have to wait for yours following the HyCoSy? I don't have any endo symptoms but I guess it's worth having the lap to check in case there is.

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BeaCat Fri 21-Sep-18 09:27:05

I had to wait nearly 6 months, which was annoying but it was because it got postponed as they had more urgent cases. But luckily the ivf referral was quite quick after that. I don't have endo either, they said both my tubes have narrowed in the middle but don't know why, apparently it's quite unusual 🤷🏻‍♀️

Worieddd Fri 21-Sep-18 09:30:46

I think you should stick to the laparoscopy. I’ve had a colourful fertility history and my consultant bypassed the hycosy/hysterosalpinogram - just went straight for laparoscopy. It was day case and they really get a good look not just at your tubes but everything else too.

All the best

WhatelsecouldIbecalled Fri 21-Sep-18 13:12:15

Does anyone know if you can have sex after hycosy? I know I probably won’t want to but mine is booked in two days before ovulation due so right in fertile window!! Agh!

24Juniper Fri 21-Sep-18 19:11:02

@BeaCat 6 months?! Looks like I'll be having mine in the new year then! 🙈 @WhatelsecouldIbecalled Yes fine for you to DTD if you're feeling okay, mine was also right next to my ovulation window!

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BeaCat Sat 22-Sep-18 09:21:03

@24juniper hopefully yours won't be that long, I think I was just unlucky with the timing, I think the NHS were having some sort of crisis at the time 😳
@whatelsecouldibecalled I'm fairly sure they said wait 24 hours but they'll let you know when you're there.

24Juniper Sat 22-Sep-18 09:30:55

@BeaCat I agree! I've had to travel 20 miles to the nearest hospital as the others have no spaces whatsoever! A friend is in a different part of the country and she is being seen much quicker and they are doing tests sooner with her as there is not as much of a waiting list 😔

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79andnotout Sat 22-Sep-18 10:32:33

I got seen straight away! I'm in greater Manchester. Think I called the hospital on the Friday and they booked me in for the Tuesday,

OrcinusOrca Sun 23-Sep-18 09:49:01

My hycosy was OK dye wise but I jolted at in point, I think when the catheter went in, and I thought my pain threshold was good. Lots of cramps and discomfort but it became very mild quite quickly. They said my tubes were clear.

Waiting lists are rubbish. I work at one hospital and didn't want treatment there. Luckily the one I have gone to has shorter waits, but still not as short as some.

CNizzle Sun 23-Sep-18 10:26:52

Ive jyst recieved my qlpointment fir HyCoSy at end of october. Irs falling in day 22 of my 27 day cycled. I called to change it to before ovulation, and the secretary was very rude. Told me that the waiting list was too long,m to scan everyone in their first 10-14 days of cycle, and I'd just have to avoid pregnancy for the whole month. Is this usual? Has anyone else has their HyCoSy in their tww? Or will i just have to write off next cycle?
Im really worried.

BeaCat Sun 23-Sep-18 10:30:53

@cnizzle I think they did say you had to make sure you weren't pregnant when you had it. Annoying timing for you but yeah you might have to skip a month trying.

24Juniper Sun 23-Sep-18 21:27:18

@CNizzle Mine was delayed twice because they could only fit me in further in my cycle which would be too late. When I had my HyCoSy they were also looking at my uterine lining to see if that was healthy and normal and I'm sure that's why they need to see you at a certain time (I think between day 8 and day 17). I would personally cancel and wait for next month to get an appointment at a suitable time of the month for you.

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CNizzle Sun 23-Sep-18 21:46:04

@beacat & @24Juniper thanks for your advice. I DO have to confirm that im not pregant before the test (need to poas before attending). I think ill phone back & insist on it being at the start og my cycle. I'm not asking them to bring it forward, rather push it back to the next cycle. Surely that'll free up an appointment for someone further down the list. Thanks ladies. It doesnt sound like its gonna be pleasant, but if it needs to be done...

Kellyw10 Sun 23-Sep-18 23:06:26

Hi guys, just thought I’d join in the chat as I’ve been going through similar situation. Me and my husband have been ttc for nearly 4 years now with no success. I first went to docs 2 year ago where they transferred me over to Newcastle centre of life for help. Next step was to have the blue dye test which I had done, this was quite painful for me as they struggled to find my cervix. Managed to get through it and they found that I had one blocked tube and scarring in my uterus. Next step was to have a hysterectopy. I have literally just had this done on Friday 21st sept. I was put to sleep during the procedure and when I woke I was in a lot of pain. Still a bit soar now but apparently it’s normal. They said they had found scarring on both tubes and in my uterus and was successful in removing it all. The next step is now IVF. We are waiting for our letter for our date to go back to the clinic to find out when we can start etc. I am in my fertile window next week so I’m praying with a bit of luck that I may just conceive naturally giving that all the scarring has been removed. Maybe that’s me just being too hopeful. Fingers crossed anyways. Good luck to everyone else for a BFP and healthy procedures.

PhoebeMouse Fri 28-Sep-18 10:21:29

Mine was horrible too but everything was found to be ok. I am normally pretty good with pain but like a few others have said, this was easily the worst of all my IVF-related procedures. I kept inching away without even realising it and the doctor had to keep telling me to stop, which made me feel even worse! So sorry you've had such an awful experience, i wish there was a better way of them testing for blockages!

Dejura Mon 24-Jun-19 14:11:27

Hi guys, I just wanted to share my experience as I read all of these comments before I had my Hycosy procedure today.
The tube going up was a bit uncomfortable, the balloon opening gave me a sharp period like cramping but it only lasted a few seconds because the balloon doesn't stay open, as soon as the balloon went down the pain stopped. Then the dye being inserted felt again like sharp period pain but it only lasted for a few seconds then the pain settled. Overall this wasn't what I would call a painful procedure. Just a couple of sharp twinges. My tubes were all normal though so I'm not sure if the pain some women have could be linked to scaring. I have normal period-like cramps now which is just a dull ache and I was a bit Shakey right after, but I think that's because I had got so freaked out that it would be an unbarable pain. But it was fine in the end. I had an abdominal CVS a few years ago, now that was pain. Anyway, this was just my experience. Good luck to whoever has this coming up, you can do it. Xx

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