Ttc on clomid need buddies

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Bubbaforlindsandsi Wed 19-Sep-18 15:30:06

Hi guys, I just need some friendly chats regarding ttc#2 on clomid..
I have pics and I had a daughter 16 years ago, Naturally and no problems..Her Dad and I separated and after all these years we are back together, I lost 2st on S/W (and still losing) and had a period in June this year woo! Since then nothing again..
So provera was the next step.. I’m now on CD3 and started taking clomid 50mg yesterday (for 5 days).. I’m trying to not be stressed out by anything and do this calmly as I can do..
anyone else in the same boat as me?

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Bubbaforlindsandsi Wed 19-Sep-18 15:31:49

I meant PCOS

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Twiglet2353 Wed 19-Sep-18 18:26:00

👋 I'll join! I'm on CD 10 on first cycle of clomid 50mg. History of endometriosis, blocked tube from this and anovulatory cycles. Side effect wise I had some bad headaches the days I was taking the tablets, and just hot flashes since. Manageable just annoying 😂.

Fingers crossed for us 🤞

Bubbaforlindsandsi Wed 19-Sep-18 19:14:37

Yay first buddy! Thankyou! Sorry to hear about your problems.. not sure what we did in our lives to deserve this.
But hey we are here and trying clomid, I had some headaches at first too, Period isn’t too bad, not as heavy as usual which is great, 3 more days on clomid for me,
Are you going to use ovulation tests?

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Twiglet2353 Thu 20-Sep-18 04:46:05

Yes and try to get back into the habit of BBT as not having my progesterone results checked until cycle 2, and would like a heads up on whether I've ovulated this cycle or not!
Also trying to have at least 1 cup of raspberry leaf tea everyday upto ovulation to help with lining. Just so want this to work for us! 🤞

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 20-Sep-18 08:57:29

BBT is also problematic and can cause more anxiety. You can get a temp rise in the second half of the cycle when an egg has not been shed so charting is not infallible either.

Would not use OPKs if on clomid as this drug can affect the levels of LH markedly. That kit could instead read the increased LH level as a result of clomid thus giving you a false positive result.

No monitoring is unacceptable as you have no idea whether its working or not. They should be monitoring you from the time you start the course of clomid.

Twiglet2353 Thu 20-Sep-18 14:21:57

@AttilaTheMeerkat thanks for the info. I can't believe how much monitoring seems to vary depending which area you're in. I've read most get follicle scans etc, but I've literally been given a 4 month supply with the suggestion of having my progesterone levels cycle 2 and 4 only.


BeckyH88 Thu 20-Sep-18 15:15:13

Hi I’m new to this and hoping for some friendly advice. I have completed 4 months of Chlmoid having been prescribed it for having no periods after coming off the pill. The first 3 rounds I responded well and ovulated but didn’t get pregnant, on my 4th round I had my day 21 progesterone test and I scored 1 so definitely didn’t ovulate around that time, I am now on day 32 of my cycle and no sign of my period. Will this be because I didn’t ovulate and won’t have a period? Thanks I am so desperate for a baby it hurts

Bubbaforlindsandsi Thu 20-Sep-18 16:12:04

Hi and welcome..yay another buddy.
I think if you don’t ovulate you won’t get a period hunni, thats what I find. I’m on cd4 after provera and 3rd day on clomid.

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BeckyH88 Thu 20-Sep-18 16:21:31

Ok thank you. The frustrating thing is the doctor won’t give me anymore chlomid as they want to test my tubes but won’t do that until I’ve had a period!

IsabellaMoltisantixx Sat 22-Sep-18 11:14:32


Don't think that's true at all??? I've been told by specialists, doctors etc the only way you can 100% know you've ovulated is having an ultrasound every day of your cycle!!! I actually privately paid for this (cd10-cd21)

So even when we get the cd21 blood test it doesn't actually mean you've ovulated if progesterone is high as it just could mean that hormone has shot up sone women get this but doesn't mean an egg was released it can try to release but nothing happens

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