Ovulation after IVF. Not happening

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HJ82 Wed 19-Sep-18 21:00:43

@Persipan I've just ordered a BBT as I sold my ladycomp a while back. When I didn't need to chart. I'll see what that predicts

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Persipan Wed 19-Sep-18 19:26:44

I wouldn't assume for sure you aren't ovulating. You may be less sensitive to the effects of progesterone, or have a slightly lower level of it than you used to. Are you temping?

HJ82 Wed 19-Sep-18 14:25:38

One thing I've noticed about IVF is it seems to cut out 6 months of natural trying time. grrr

So the past two cycles after IVF I've had the following:
LH surge
Normal mucus
Ovulation pain

0 PMS symptoms. I've never had a cycle that I didn't get sore boobs etc in the lead up to my period. This is how I ultimately know I ovulated as I have high progesterone from the corpus luteum. LH surges can happen and you still may not ovulate so you must get Progesterone symptoms to be sure. So I was told by a dr..

So what's happening here? Anyone experience this? When can we get back on track with trying. Quite frustrating. Before IVF I had a 28 day cycle with O on day 14. Never not ovulated. I prob should go to acupuncture and get my pituitary gland stimulated, It might not be producing a strong enough LH surge! sad I assume my body is confused after I messed with it.

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