How long until egg collection?

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Crazyeyes3 Thu 13-Sep-18 07:54:35

Just wondering how long after starting stims people had egg collection? I know it depends on your scans etc but a rough estimate would be helpful

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Street80 Thu 13-Sep-18 09:36:33

Hi! I did it 3 times and it always took 2 weeks. But I almost had the last one a bit earlier 13 days after starting the stims. I really depends on how your body will react but in my clinic they let you stim for a week and then have you come every two days for scan/blood to check how it goes.
Hope this help! Good luck!!

IVFaugust2018 Thu 13-Sep-18 09:46:45

Hi @Crazyeyes3 I was on the short protocol, did 10 day's injections - triggered on day 10 with the egg collection on day 12. How are you? Where are you in the process? Xx

Crazyeyes3 Thu 13-Sep-18 12:56:09

I’m on a long protocol and I’ll be on day 7 tomorrow so have a scan in the morning. Will be interesting to see what they say tomorrow

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Crazyeyes3 Mon 17-Sep-18 09:31:05

Been for another scan and I will have egg collection on Wednesday which will be day 13 since starting stims. All feels a bit real now!

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welshweasel Mon 17-Sep-18 09:32:48

Almost 3 weeks to egg collection for me (I was slow to respond).

Botanica Mon 17-Sep-18 20:21:12

I've done six days of stims so far and found out today at my scan that I'm ready to go. Surprised to be this soon. Triggering tomorrow for EC on thurs.

Annoyingly there's still quite a few smaller follicles that won't come on in time but I'm just thankful that there's some there to collect from.


EarlGreyT Mon 17-Sep-18 20:35:02

Between 18 and 22 days, but I was a poor responder.

Crazyeyes3 Mon 17-Sep-18 21:18:38

Just did my trigger shot. Ouch it hurt!!

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