Any stories of BFP whilst down regulating?

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Dia12 Tue 11-Sep-18 20:57:08

I think I could be going crazy as I’m in the 2nd week of buserelin injections for my second round of ICSI ......and have convinced myself I could potentially have a BFP. I know downregging usually causes a delayed AF (I’m 1 day late) so it’s probably around the corner BUT I did have some brown spotting on 9 DPO which could be implantation bleeding and has me thinking (praying) that it could be a BFP! Other than that I have not had any other symptoms except for a few short twinges today.
I feel absolutely nuts just typing this but I’m so so scared of even doing a HTP - don’t know what’s worse the anxiety from not knowing or the crushing defeat of knowing it’s just my body and the drugs playing tricks on me again.
Anyway, has anyone had a BFP during down regulation?
Not sure if this is the right group to be posting this in 🙈

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Botanica Tue 11-Sep-18 21:08:51

I was googling the exact same thing about two weeks ago. Wondering/praying that I had miraculously fallen pregnant despite downregulating on Synarel.

I searched all the effects of downregulating on the hormones and apparently, whilst most of the action is on quietening down the ovaries themselves, I understand it will also restrict the hormones released from the corpus outrun after ovulation which are required for the lining to thicken to support a successful implantation and the dividing embryo.

Anyway, my period did come (I also had some spotting which I had convinced myself was an implantation bleed), albeit slightly late.

All that googling did however turn up a couple of stories where people had fallen pregnant whilst downregulating, and gone on to have healthy babies. So it can happen!

Botanica Tue 11-Sep-18 21:10:32

I tested every day with a FRER from the earliest possible point, as if you were pregnant you would want to know immediately to stop the downregging which will be working against the embryo developing.

Dia12 Tue 11-Sep-18 21:25:32

Thank you Botanica. There is very little online, I end up just reading the same stuff and being non the wiser.
Despite some success stories, I think you’re right, buserelin can’t be a good thing for a developing embryo if in that is what I have.
I think I’ll just have to suck it up and do a HPT - going to change out of my pjs and go get one!!!
Your prompt is just what I needed - thanks !

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Botanica Thu 20-Sep-18 21:08:04

Hi @Dia12, wondering how you were getting on?

Dia12 Thu 20-Sep-18 21:28:57

Hey @botanica, unfortunately my symptoms were just from the downregulation and nothing more blush. My period started soon after and I’m still down regulating until next Tuesday. I think I had just heard too many stories of ppl falling pregnant naturally but I’m beggining to feel perhaps it’s not so easy with MFI?
Anyway, thank you for asking. How are you getting on?

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