TTC Baby 3 18 months and counting...Secondary Infertility

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Shorty82 Mon 10-Sep-18 18:10:38

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum as I've been pretty quiet with our struggles to conceive. It's not something we like to shout about is it? I'm going through it with a friend who is also having a similar issue.

We have two children DD 11 and DS 8, both of which were conceived within six months and we have been trying to conceive number 3 for 18 months now. We are both over 35 and I'm about to turn 36. I've been to see my GP, had two scans which showed Polycystic ovaries. I also had hormone tests that show I was pretty good fertility wise. My husband was sent for tests three months ago and it came back that his sperm count is low and he has more semen per ml that he should, he's drowning them basically! He's due to see a specialist in October to discuss where we go from here.

We are both non-smokers, don't drink alcohol, not too bad at healthy eating and relatively active. We have spent the last year making sure that we are having regular sex etc. My cycles are pretty erratic. I can ovulate any time from day 17 to day 25 depending on how my body feels!

I've been back to my GP as I have been having extreme period pain and pain in my ovaries at various times in the month that requires pain killers! I am waiting on a scan and a smear test at the end of the month. She suggested going back when my husband has seen the specialist. She even asked if having another baby was worth it considering my monthly cycle could be controlled with contraception.

I just wanted to chat with some of you lovely people and share in our efforts and support you with that dreaded D day (AF).

Baby Dust,

Gem x

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