First time ivf, over 40 and low amh

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MaryT2018 Fri 07-Sep-18 12:19:40

Hi, I was told I had low amh earlier this year (1.07) which came as a horrible shock as we already have one child and I think we just took it for granted that second time around it would be fine. However, I had underestimated the impact of age and as I am now 41 'age has caught up with me' (as the doc helpfully said)!
So we started first round of ivf on Wednesday, I am injecting buserelin and bemfola at the same time and booked in for my 10 day scan a week today. Petrified there will be no follicles/eggs! Is anyone else in a similar boat or can give me a positive ivf story of getting a BFP first time around with low amh and in their forties? Asking a lot I know! smile

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SparrowSG Sun 09-Sep-18 10:07:25

Please remember that egg quality is just as important as the number of eggs. Your AMH may be low, but you only need one good egg to have a pregnancy. My AMH was 2.5 and I had 2 eggs earlier this year from a very mild round of IVF. Unfortunately I didn’t get pregnant this time around (I have a DS from my previous round), but I’m still hopeful for the future, at 43! smile

Best of luck to you.

MaryT2018 Sun 09-Sep-18 12:39:04

Thank you SparrowSG that gives me hope! I am on the highest dose of the stimulant so hopefully there will be a couple of eggs at least. Been taking ubiquinol and royal jelly supplements for egg quality (although only for a month so it's probably not long enough) but fingers crossed. I know in my head that the first round probably won't be successful but in my heart I'm still hoping.

Good luck to you too, hopefully there's still time for both of us.

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