Worryingly high AMH

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tokillacockingbird Wed 05-Sep-18 14:42:43


I'm 38 and dealing with severe MFI and looking at possible IVF with ICSI if the wonderful Dr Ramsay finds some swimmers from DH.

I had my AMH results back today and I'm concerned. I do have DC from a previous relationship, and got pregnant quickly each time. It has come back at 48 which seems off the scale for my age. Perhaps indicative of PCOS accordingly to google. To my knowledge I don't have this and never had any problems except irregular periods when I was younger (didn't affect fertility at all though.)

Is this going to be a problem for me going forward? The nurse on the phone couldn't interpret the results as it was a private blood test paid for by me at my area's local fertility clinic.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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CLB540 Wed 05-Sep-18 17:25:12

mine is at 60.5 (im 32) i was told at the fertility clinic that i had a polycystic picture and the medication used was altered as such. i was at high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation after egg collection and when they went back in. So you shouldn't have anything to worry about while having ivf with icsi.
i hope this helps x

Botanica Wed 05-Sep-18 23:04:18

I had a misleading high result which ended up costing me an ivf cycle.

Tested two years ago at 13.6 age 38
Tested in June at 36 age 40

As a result we did a short protocol and held off on going too strong with the stimulation due to risk of ohss.

The cycle was a disaster and despite over 7k of cost, didn't even get to embryo transfer.

My clinic rightly queried the AMH result and sent me back to be retested. Came back at 14 which is much more realistic and in line the the initial result.

No idea where the anomalous high result came from but it has ended up costing me extra months, a serious amount of stress during the chaotic cycle, and lots of wasted £££.

Botanica Wed 05-Sep-18 23:17:51

I would ask your consultant whether the high result is likely to affect the protocol they put you on, the drugs they select and the dosage prescribed.

If yes, I'd ask for a retest. I'd want to be 100% confident in the result, and the fact that they don't have any reason to believe you're polycystic and can't provide a rationale for the off the scale result would give me some cause for concern.

CatRen27 Fri 07-Sep-18 02:26:19

Hi op i have a high amh for my age (85 at 35yo) and it was backed up with my scan which showed 17 follicles on a normal cycle (pre ivf). As a result they put me on a low dose (125 of gonal f) and I responded really strongly and quickly to that, 43 follicles and 18 mature eggs retrieved on cd 11. I had to do a freeze all cycle as my bloods suggested risk of ohss (estrogen levels of 19000). They gave me the decapeptyl trigger to bring my estrogen levels all the way down. We ended up with 10 day-5 blasts in the freezer and will go ahead with a transfer this month around natural ovulation.

Your fc will need to just watch for hyper stimulation, and make sure the scans also back up that you've got a large pool of eggs. Good luck!

ShovingLeopard Fri 07-Sep-18 02:36:06

I also had high AMH of 44, at age 40. I also had a high r than average number of antral follicles each month (13 rather than the 8 average for that age), but I do not have polycystic ovaries. My consultant put it down to clean living and genetics. I actually managed to conceive via IUI, much to the consuitant's surprise, but the plan was to go very cautiously for IVF, to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation. I am not an expert by any means, but in my view it is much better to have a higher AMH than a lower one, provided the risk of hyperstimulation is mitigated.

tokillacockingbird Fri 07-Sep-18 10:22:55

Thanks everybody. I got the written test results through yesterday and it confirms AMH of 46 not 48, but still high! I think as you say, it will just require careful management and overall is probably a good thing. :-)

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