2ww and Sore Throat - Is it all over??

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HopefulinTO Sun 14-Oct-18 14:43:46

Hi @sproodle, I had a sore throat/congestion 1dp6dt for about 24 hours. Wondering how things turned out for you?

Elly1685 Mon 03-Sep-18 18:55:02

Hi @sproodle I’m feeling fine thanks. Symptom spotting like mad but after testing early on my last transfer I’m not even tempted to test early this time around. My OTD is Saturday - is yours the same?

I’m feeling super emotional too - I cried at the xfactor. Like actual sobbed... that was a new low in my life 😂😂!!

I keep having weird symptoms like feeling tired, and this weird ache in my stomach. I’m trying to ignore them and put it down to the meds though! X

sproodlemummy Mon 03-Sep-18 14:40:49

Hi @Elly1685 how are you feeling? I've not been too bad over the weekend but am definitely feeling a little bit more emotional today. My boobs don't hurt quite as much and I also feel like AF is coming, but then I have to keep reminding myself that all these "symptons" are the drugs. Still a week until official test date but I should be able to take a HDT on Thursday.

@SunnySky501 thanks for your message, I'm really not sure to be honest I've read the sore throat is classically linked with immune problems but at this stage who knows confused

@Itonlytakesone congratulations on your bfp!!! Here's hoping that it leads to a positive, fingers crossed xxx

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Itonlytakesone Sat 01-Sep-18 11:30:31


I definitely had a sore throat for a day or two during my 2ww I remember, it was only recently this summer with all this hot weather i thought it was weird at the time? However i got a bfp after my 2ww after ivf smile

Good luck

SunnySky501 Fri 31-Aug-18 18:08:57

I thought a sore throat was a good sign! You body lowers it’s immune system to accept the embryo, some ppl say!

Elly1685 Fri 31-Aug-18 16:41:58

Hey spoodle. I’m 3dp5dt too and I think I’m going insane already. Sorry I can’t really help you with your sore throat question as I don’t really know! Maybe you were just feeling a bit rough because you’re putting pressure on yourself? The 2ww can definitely be a stressful time! X

sproodlemummy Fri 31-Aug-18 15:02:52

Okay that sounds slightly over the top, but I'm on my 5th embryo transfer and 4th IVF cycle. Last cycle was the only one we've had frosties.

I'm currently 3dpt 5dt and this morning it felt as though the glands in my throat were swollen. This happened on my last embryo transfer and I've read numerous times that a sore throat is the first sign of a immune problem.

I was trying to be all calm & zen this cycle but this now has me thinking that it might already be over.

BTW I'm feeling much better now and no sign of the sore throat confused

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