IVF Frozen cycle

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GemmeFatale Mon 24-Sep-18 09:35:40

I was frozen this round so no jabs!

Had the transfer on Thursday last week, testing the first week of October

MrsMidge0505 Sun 23-Sep-18 19:50:44

Start jabs Tues.
What about you? X

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GemmeFatale Sun 23-Sep-18 14:29:27

Ive just had a frozen transfer. Where are you in the cycle?

MrsMidge0505 Sat 22-Sep-18 21:09:01

Thank ladies, I'll find the thread! Good luck all x

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ginandtonicformeplease Fri 21-Sep-18 17:37:34

@MrsMidge0505 Come and join us on the September/October thread - there are quite a few of us at various stages there. Best of luck!

RedPandaFluff Fri 21-Sep-18 17:18:58

Hi MrsMidge - I've just had two cycles (one fresh, one FET) and I'm due to start another in November, so I can't keep you company on this one as the timings are different. I'm sure someone will be along soon who is cycling this month - sadly, far too many of us have to go through this.

Lots of luck to you! thanks

MrsMidge0505 Fri 21-Sep-18 17:15:33

Anyone starting jabs next week?!
Is anyone even seeing my messages?

Done 3 in the last month or so and no reply.

Please let me know even if you are not IVF-ing x

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MrsMidge0505 Wed 22-Aug-18 12:41:08

Hello all smile

After 3 failed attempts(2 fresh, 1 frozen) we are now soon to embark on a frozen cycle.

Is anyone else starting soon, we are due to start first week of Sept.

We've had a bumpy ride during all of this as am I sure we all have.

Would love to know if anyone is doing it as well for a bit of support - even if it's just on here!!

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