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BFP after IVF: nervous ladies needed a handhold Part II

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gingergnome Sat 18-Aug-18 10:51:28

Hi everyone,

Think that the last thread for this topic reached its limit, so have started a new one.

Good luck to everyone who has finally got that longed for BFP!

This is a place for everything that comes after the 2WW: celebrating milestones, being (cautiously!) excited, symptom checking, worrying, sharing advice, commiserating bad news, generally keeping each other going, and willing each other along on our way to the 12 week mark.

A bit about me: 39 y/old, 0 DC, IVF ICSI cycle 1, first BFP since TTC, currently 6+0.

Look forward to meeting lots of people with new BFPs and sharing your journey!

Tagging in some ladies from the old thread,

gingergnome Sat 18-Aug-18 10:53:40

Haha typo in the title! Well done me! 😅
*nervous ladies needing a handhold

TheArtfulScreamer Sat 18-Aug-18 14:44:04

Thanks for the new thread ginger.
I hope Bean is ok I think she was travelling back from SA yesterday.
I finally got my dating scan appt through today so hopefully I'll get to see our tiny tot on the 3rd Sept. I'm hoping I won't be as terrified as I was at the first scan as I nearly had a panic attack in the waiting room and had to have a word with myself.
Hope everyone else is doing ok.

gingergnome Sat 18-Aug-18 15:29:20

Glad you found it Artful! That’s exciting! So what are you now - about 9 weeks?
I know what you mean about how nerve-wracking the scans are, I had a little cry in the car before mine and had to pull myself together. OH was like WTF?! (not in a bad way, just shocked). I don’t think he had any real idea how worrying this all this to me! Is your OH any better at understanding or am I particularly blessed do you think? 😂

Yes, I wondered about Bean. Didn’t want to tag her in in case that was upsetting for her. Hope she’s okay.


Itonlytakesone Sat 18-Aug-18 16:04:47

I'm glad you've started a new thread too. I'm 9+2 I'm feeling ok other than some nausea.

@TheArtfulScreamer your scan will be around the same time as mine although Iv not been to the midwife yet and my appointment is tomorrow

So nerve racking yes waiting for the scans! Just trying to relax and eat as healthily as i can!

I was wondering about bean too hope she's ok. It's such a worrying time 12 weeks is a long time to keep such a big secret too!

TheArtfulScreamer Sat 18-Aug-18 16:44:26

I'm 10 weeks today and apart from a headache I feel fine. My DH does his best to understand and reassure me but I do think it's different for men, even though we're unexplained I've always felt like I was the failure and I know if anything bad happens I'll feel like I've failed even though in the grand scheme of things nothing I do or don't do makes any real difference.

If you fancy a bit of relief from this thread pop over to WWYD and read Christening dilemma to see if you can help me out smile

beanhunter Sat 18-Aug-18 17:04:23

Hello. Couldn’t find you. Got back at 6.30 am and pretty shattered as no sleep. Then went to epau. Supposedly 5+3 today. Tentative good news. Hcg 7464. They offered a scan on Tuesday or weds when they rang with results (they don’t scan unless hcg >1500) but if no hb on that would then have to wait another week. So I’ve elected to keep my Friday slot as I think there’s more chance of seeing a heartbeat if there is one at that point?
Going to do repeat bloods on Monday as she’s given me a form but she said I didn’t have to. Still daren’t hope but at least it’s not definitely all lost.

gingergnome Sat 18-Aug-18 17:50:34

Oh Beanhunter what a massive relief! Agree Friday sounds like best plan. Let us know how you go on Monday. All fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you. Hope you get some good rest now xx

Artful - just read your WWYD. Aren’t families fun! 😬😂

On a totally different note, apart from breakfast, and a nod to veg at lunch, I have eaten only massive piles of shit foods today (and more planned for tea). I feel so guilty! I can’t even blame morning sickness or cravings. I’ll get back on the healthy wagon tomorrow... 🙈

TheArtfulScreamer Sun 19-Aug-18 11:17:17

Bean glad to hear all is not lost and fingers crossed for a good result on Fri. My friend had bleeding right the way through her pregnancy even when I got her dressed on her wedding day at 5 months she still had to wear a pad and my god daughter is a very energetic 2 1/2 year old in the end they decided it was undiagnosed thrush that was causing the bleeding. She was silly stressed all through the early days but I think just got used to it the longer it went on. The body is certainly a weird and wonderful thing sometimes.
Ginger thanks for your advice families particular in laws are a minefield, if it had of been my own family I'd have just said yes or no from the off and then not given it a second thought grin

gingergnome Sun 19-Aug-18 12:52:52

I'm the same Artful. My family is just so straight forward. Definitely as mad a box of frogs but laid back about attending or not attending stuff. Everyone else's families seem so complicated - like there are traps waiting everywhere for the unsuspecting newcomer!

beanhunter Mon 20-Aug-18 07:32:57

Feel very sick this morning. Whether that’s a good sign or the prospect of being back at work after 2 weeks off or of anxiety about the bloods is unclear

TheArtfulScreamer Mon 20-Aug-18 13:12:31

How's the sickness going? I had a terrible night last night up until 3am dry wretching and burping constantly. I'm not complaining to much as we've waited a long time for this but I hope the bloating settles down. I'm bloody knackered today.

beanhunter Mon 20-Aug-18 16:00:22

Less sick this pm. Though only at a 1/4 of my lunch. Rpt is 11978 (was 7464) which is apparently ok as slows down a bit post 6000 - anyone else been told that? . Now to wait for Friday.

TheArtfulScreamer Mon 20-Aug-18 16:07:26

Sounds like things are heading in the right direction for you fingers crossed for Fri.

cannonball8726 Mon 20-Aug-18 18:16:57

Hey ladies.

Great news on your scan, @gingergnome!

@beanhunter, things are sounding positive.

@artfulscreamer @Tigerlily99 @beherenow32 @physicskate @itonlytakesone - how are you ladies getting on?

I'm 6+4 today. Nauseated, tired and sore swollen boobs! Have first scan tomorrow. Feeling absolutely terrified!

Itonlytakesone Mon 20-Aug-18 18:45:37

Glad everyone is doing ok
Great sounds promising for you for Friday wishing you luck!

@cannonball8726 good luck for the scan tomorrow! It's terrifying definitely!

nausea is not pleasant is it? Iv not thrown up at all just get waves of nausea, although the midwife gave me a tip to basically eat every 3 hours!! I started this yesterday and have been fine mostly now for 2 days. Take nuts and biscuits up to bed too, never get up on an empty stomach! 🤢

Iv been concerned about putting on too much weight. I'm only 10-12 dress size but it's so hard to get out more exercising in these early months when you feel so vile! Anyone else feeling like this? Iv gained 5lbs in a month! Eat generally healthy but Iv been having too many sweet treats but I'm going to try to curb this addiction & Get out more! 🚶🏼‍♀️

Beherenow32 Mon 20-Aug-18 18:51:41

@cannonball8726 thanks for asking after me. Sounds like you’re getting all the symptoms. Hope all goes well for your scan tomorrow. It will be a magical moment!

Feel like I’m constantly hungover! Sour/ sick feeling in my stomach, tired, and crying over nothing 😅 but feeling very grateful for everything!

Can’t wait for my next scan!!!

@Itonlytakesone yeah, I’ve found I need to eat every couple of hours. Wake up during the night feeling sick, and the last thing I want is to eat tho!

Thinking of everyone else too. Seems everyone is coming along... but the worry is still there. Don’t think it will go for any of us just yet. ❤️❤️

cannonball8726 Mon 20-Aug-18 21:03:19

@itonlytakesone also put on weight - about a kilogram since before IVF! Been eating more. Been eating generally well but eaten out a lot over past two weeks - and had too many treats! I'm back in the gym but find it much harder work than before. My boobs have grown and my chest doesn't fit in a few of my dresses. My DH thinks it's hilarious.

@beherenow32 I'm glad things are going generally okay! The emotions are to be expected. When is your next scan?

Beherenow32 Mon 20-Aug-18 22:47:28

@cannonball8726 boobs aren’t bigger at all for me unfortunately 😅
Next scan is 29th aug. So, about a week away. Feels like too long as I’m getting anxious again before.

Let us know how you get in tomorrow xx

cannonball8726 Tue 21-Aug-18 10:18:33

Will that be your 11-12 week scan, @beherenow32?

Maybe my swollen boobs are because I'm still on progesterone!

Scan was fine, saw heartbeat smile They're going to do another scan in two weeks, all being well...

Is anyone planning to have the Harmony or Panorama tests done?

Beherenow32 Tue 21-Aug-18 10:54:08

@cannonball8726 lovely news!!
Yeah, I will be 11 weeks 5 days on my next scan. So, that’s an nhs one. I will prob pay for a private scan around 16 weeks 😁😁

Very happy for you

Itonlytakesone Tue 21-Aug-18 11:12:04

Ah great news on your scan smile I have a harmony (nipt) test booked for next week yes, the midwife said from November time this test will be free on the Nhs (too early for us to benefit thoughconfused)

The week after is my Nhs 12week scan.

Feeling slightly comforted by my daily nausea being a good sign the baby is still with me but we are definitely still in the danger zone can't wait to see the baby again next week ❤️

beanhunter Tue 21-Aug-18 14:32:00

Anxious today. No nausea. No sore boobs. No tiredness.

Beherenow32 Tue 21-Aug-18 15:22:26

@beanhunter I have a few friends who didn’t have any symptoms. Just felt a tiny bit sick at night.
I know it still makes you worry though! X

cannonball8726 Tue 21-Aug-18 16:00:11

Thanks @beherenow32 and @itonlytakesone. The clinic want to repeat scan in two weeks when I'm 8+4 and have recommended I do NIPT with them at 10-11 weeks - may explore whether it's cheaper to have it done elsewhere... Feeling nervous about self referring to maternity services as it feels like I'm tempting fate. I know that's stupid!

@beanhunter - I have zero symptoms today apart from sore swollen boobs - which I think is just because of the progesterone. Otherwise I have zilch today. Even though scan was okay. I guess the symptoms are so variable! Hard not to be worried though, I know. Good luck for Friday flowers

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