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Confirmation of tests needed prior to first fertility clinic appointment

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Pumpkin18 Sat 11-Aug-18 12:57:51

Just thought this might be useful for people like me who are struggling to find out exactly what tests they need prior to first fertility appointment following referral by doctor. I received my referral letter today and they have advised:

Test results for the following tests must be attached to the referral letter or the patient will not be seen. FSH, LH, TFT, Testosterone, Prolactin - all D1-5 of period. Progesterone 7 day's before period, Rubella, Chlamydia Screen (Vaginal Swab), pelvic ultrasound scan and Semen Analysis.

Unfortunately for me my doctor did not advise that tests needed to be done on days 1-5 of cycle (although fertility clinic I am looking at says it should be day 3) so I will have to go back for yet another blood test and I also haven't been offered a scan so will be asking for one and will need to ensure doctor forwards all results on.
Doesn't help that my doctor is pregnant and sporting a nice big bump

hoping2018 Sun 12-Aug-18 08:06:42

Hmm, I didn't have a scan before I went to clinic - they did it there - so maybe give the clinic and call and see what they say? I had all the rest though and bloods do have to be day 1-3 or they can't be interpreted correctly.

I work in healthcare and sometimes see people have infertility. I'm currently pregnant but after a long fertility journey - you don't know people's stories and what your GP went through to get there! Id see it as a positive that she is pregnant - so knows how much having children can mean to someone so hopefully is understanding x

Pumpkin18 Sun 12-Aug-18 08:27:29

You're right, would just help if the doc gave me the right advice. First she forgot testosterone and rubella tests and now I realise didn't tell me tests have to be days 1-3 so got to go back again and hope can get all results to clinic on time

Pinkdonkey Sun 12-Aug-18 08:33:35

We didn't have any tests before our first appointment, the GP said that there was no point and to leave it to the experts. It must vary depending on where you live. Our first fertility clinic appointment was with a nurse who explained everything, took a detailed history and ordered the tests. I had a scan done there and then. We then had an appointment booked with the Dr for when the results were due back.

hoping2018 Sun 12-Aug-18 08:46:08

That is frustrating @Pumpkin18 and her not knowing what tests implies she got pregnant without much Trouble! Lol

Crazyeyes3 Sun 12-Aug-18 08:53:48

I had all most of my tests before my appointment but my doctor did seem very clued up on it all. The only problem I have had is the fertility clinic need a hard copy of all the rest results, not just the results written in a letter which were not sent with my referral.

Pumpkin18 Sun 12-Aug-18 09:03:31

I have been asking for a print off of any test results and have them all together in a folder so that we have them if any issues

Mrsjones17 Sun 12-Aug-18 09:34:19

We’ve got all those tests done ready for our fertility appointment. The only one that is an issue for me is day 21. My period ranges from 29 days to 32 days so getting ‘day 21’ right is a bit of a nightmare. Looking back at last time it should have been taken on day 24 as I had a longer cycle. I don’t know how to solve this as I don’t know what length my cycle will be! Also range hospital to get a copy of my results for clinic (they are at different places) and was told I could t have my results due to patient confidentiality! What a load of bollocks I am the patient! After a lot of phoning round and insisting I have now eventually got them!

Blinkys Sun 12-Aug-18 11:32:04

@Mrsjones17 - I assume the 'day 21' you're referring to is the progesterone test. If so, day 21 is a misnomer and it would be better called 7dpo test as the purpose of the test is to measure whether (at 7dpo) your progesterone levels are high enough to sustain a pregnancy.

You can work out which day the test should be taken by tracking your BBT, resting hear rate, cervical mucus etc. to pinpoint when you ovulate then just book the test for seven days post ovulation.

Mrsjones17 Sun 12-Aug-18 13:21:16

Ah I thought it was 7 days before your period? 7dpo is much easier to track if that that is the case!

KinCat Sun 12-Aug-18 15:57:20

@Mrsjones17 if your cycle is the perfect 14 day follicular phase followed by a 14 day luteal phase 7dpo, 7 days before your period and CD21 will all fall on the same day.

My understanding is that in order to maintain a pregnancy progesterone should rise once you've ovulated and stay high up until your period - the 21 day test is to check that your progesterone is still at a level capable of supporting a pregnancy 7 days after ovulation.

I don't think it's a helpful name because 7dpo won't be day 21 for everyone.

Don't take my word for it though and check with your Dr before booking the test because it could be something completely different.

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