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IVF July/August 2018

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Sunny1984 Sat 14-Jul-18 21:52:27


So like the title says really is anyone about to start an IVF cycle in July or August?

This is my first cycle and I’m excited/petrified!!! I would love to have some cycle buddies to chat to and for support. It’s all self funded as due to the postcode lottery we get no NHS cycles.

Just a little background. I’m 34, have been TTC for 2 and a bit years now, initial diagnosis PCOS and I had 7 cycles of Clomid which resulted in me falling pregnant in December but sadly I had a MMC at 11 weeks. I have since been diagnosed with endometriosis following an unexpectedly low AMH result. My right ovary is has a significant cyst.

I have an endometrial scratch on Monday and will begin down reg on Monday night. I’m a nurse so have no fear of needles but not sure how I’ll manage with injecting myself.

Really hope to have some company on this journey xxx

CupcakeVampire Mon 16-Jul-18 11:46:17

Hi Sunny

I'll tentatively join up here as fingers crossed I will be having a frozen embryo transfer hopefully in August. I was due to go through with a FET last month, however there were blips on the ultrasound that the clinic weren't happy with and they didn't want to proceed with the cycle so it was abandoned. We're hoping it's just patches of fluid in my womb that will flush out naturally with my period and I have a scan booked for next Tuesday to check so here's hoping I get the all clear to progress.

I had a miscarriage too a few months ago after my first ICSI cycle so I am living in hope that it is possible that my body is just being slow to return to normal and expel all the last traces. I miscarried just past 12 weeks so I know how utterly crap it feels to get so far and then go through the disappointment. I've also got endometriosis but mine has done a number on my ovaries and tubes.

I went through all the downregging and injections on my first cycle so feel free to ask any questions about the whole process, though there are so many different cycles and drugs that can be used that you could be on a completely different path that I was on.

Cobblestones Mon 16-Jul-18 13:57:37

Hi. I had joined the other thread and was waiting for things to pick up though I might be more in sync with you ladies here. I’m currently on a FET cycle having had one cycle of IVF in May which had to be abandoned after egg collection due to OHSS. So I’m waiting for my first ever transfer 🤞 hopefully next week.

My stats: 34. PCOS. TTC 5 years. 2 MMCs.

Also happy to answer qs. I was on an atagonist protocol.

Sunny1984 Mon 16-Jul-18 18:55:17

Hi @CupcakeVampire and @Cobblestones

So good have some company on this journey.
I’m so sorry to hear about your losses. It’s such a cruel journey.

How did you find the whole process?
I’m struggling today, I had the endometrial scratch and SIS which was pretty uncomfortable but over fairly quickly. Will start the Suprecur tonight but I’m on my own as my DH works shifts and I’m getting a bit scared! What time did you do the injections? I’m struggling to work out timings because of my shifts!

Apparently the cyst is no longer her visible so I have no idea how I had such a rapid drop in AMH and my Antral follicle count is 10 which she said was low so when I start Stims I’ll have to have 450units. So just spent £900 on 8 days of drugs!!!

How many eggs did you both get at collection on already worrying now we won’t get many due to low follicle count.

Sorry just a couple more questions! Did you completely change diet and lifestyle before starting? What were you told about exercise during the process?

Cobblestones Mon 16-Jul-18 23:04:24

Hi @sunny1984

I found the first injection to be the hardest! Only because of the fear of the unknown.. it does get easier.. so I had mine at 9 pm every night. That meant any immediate side effects would be during the night and I could sleep through it. Because I was on an atagonist protocol I didn’t have the down regging and went straight on to stimms which in hindsight felt like it didn’t last too long but I can imagine it would feel differently if you were down regging for a couple of weeks before stimms. Do you know how long you’ll be on it?

Because I have PCOS I was always more at risk of OHSS than at risk of low egg collection. The risk however was of low quality and therefore resulting in fewer blasts. I had 15 eggs collected. 10 fertilised. 9 on day 3 and only 2 blasts. (Do let me know if you need me to explain any of the terms).

I didn’t change my lifestyle too much. Carried on as normal and took time off work about 3 or 4 days before EC but I know women who work right up to EC though if you have too many follies you can become quite sore. I think the recommendation is that you can carry on doing whatever you’ve been doing till before treatment but do start to take it easy as follies develop as ovaries get quite swollen and can cause discomfort. Just listen to your body.

Btw during stimms I was using an app called mindful ivf that I quite liked. It helped me relax. If you’re into that sort of stuff - mindfulness etc.

CupcakeVampire Tue 17-Jul-18 10:10:45

I was on a long protocol and started with Buserelin injections which I took in the morning. When it came time to start stimming, I was told to inject in the evening so that the dosage could be altered as soon as possible following a scan. That meant I ended up with two injections at two different times. I didn't find it too bad overall and had no side effects mood wise.

I was probably on the edge of OHSS though as I was in a lot of pain following egg collection. I ended up with 19 eggs. I was on a high level of stims (300) because it was thought I would need that as I think my follicle count was on the lower edge of acceptable, but I ended up having to lower the dose towards the end as I responded well.

I cut out caffeine but that was about it. I don't drink or smoke. I've always eaten fairly healthily. Apart from walking, the only exercise I tend to do is a half hour or so on my exercise bike in the morning. I took it a bit easy during the whole process as I did get a bit tired out easily. The only time off work that I took was two days for egg collection and the day after. I thought that keeping busy at work would keep my mind occupied.

gingergnome Tue 17-Jul-18 12:04:48

Thanks for starting the thread @Sunny1984!
How are you getting on with your injections?

I’m a week into short protocol and been for a scan this morning; not many follicles and the few I have got aren’t massive. Feeling a bit down as, in theory, all my bits are working a-okay. I’m 39 though which I know plays a part but seeing everyone else’s hauls I had been expecting more... it only takes one good egg though, right? smile
Another scan tomorrow and maybe EC on Friday - it’s all going so quickly!

Sounds like I might be on a same timetable as you, @Cobblestones re EC and Transfer?

@CupcakeVampire - how many follicles are ‘the lower end’? My clinic haven’t said much, or anything really (& TBF I’ve not asked) about what they would expect to see.
Hope your scan has gone well - fx for you!

KatieMcnic Tue 17-Jul-18 21:47:30

Hi Sunny1984, I am also hoping to start ivf in July/August and it would be lovely to have some company for the journey. Looking forward to hearing all about your progress.

Bit of background on me ..... I'm 35, 3 years TTC. Hubbie has low motility and volume so told unlikely to conceive naturally. Spent 2 years trying to lose weight to get IVF on NHS but I am still just over the limit for their treatment and knew getting older wasn't going to help so now going self funded.

This will be my first time trying IVF so I'm new to all this and don't know all the lingo yet lol. I don't even know what protocol I'm doing, I've ordered meds today (Gonal F & cetratide i think)£1230 just for meds ouch! I start taking them on day one of my next cycle so I think that is maybe short protocol????

I'd be interested to see how people altered their diet too as there is so much random advice online its hard to know what to take seriously. I've cut out alcohol and reduced caffeine to one or two cups a day, other than that I am just trying to be generally healthy.

Good luck everyone, looking forward to sharing our journeys.

CupcakeVampire Wed 18-Jul-18 09:20:17

Welcome on board Katie. It took me ages to figure out the lingo too don't worry! It sounds as if you are on a short protocol, but there are so many different combinations of meds for different issues to be be sure so don't take my word for it.

Ginger, I can't remember the exact figure, I think it was around 1.4 but I might be completely wrong. I will try to remember to look out the letter with all the numbers on it as it was a while ago it was all done.

Cobblestones Wed 18-Jul-18 10:41:41

Welcome ginger and Katie. Yes it does sound like short protocol if you’re not down-regging (taking meds to switch off ovaries prior to starting ivf)

@ginger good luck for your scan today. And fingers crossed we have our transfers around the same time next week 😊

Sunny1984 Thu 19-Jul-18 10:01:27

Sorry for the delay in reply, I’ve been on nights so don’t really know if I’m coming on going!!

Welcome @KatieMcnic and @gingergnome
it’s so good to have people to talk to who understand what you are going through!!

How did your scan go *@gingergnome*? I’ve found the who journey if infertility such a rollercoaster and have gone from being PCOS to then being told I had endometriosis to another dr saying maybe not, I’m just confused!

Thank you @Cobblestones And @CupcakeVampire for the information and advice. I’ve actually found the injections completely fine so far just a bit stingy and I get a little rash for about 30 minutes, did you get that *@CupcakeVampire*? I even did my injection in the car before work last night! I have been Gerri g awful headaches but not sure if that’s just a coincidence!

I know my AMH has drastically dropped to 9 which is worrying me and my antral follicle count is 10 or 11 so fairly low but I’m a little bit concerned they have gone straight for max dose at 450!!! They wanted to leave me a week to scan but I pushed for one sooner incase it’s too much!
I have pulled back on the exercise and just doing yoga/Pilates and walking. I’m still having one cup
of tea at night when I’m really struggling to stay awake!

The price of drugs is insane *@KatieMcnic*, the down reg drug was cheap but I spent £900 for 8 days of Ovaleap for stims and that’s just the start!!

@Cobblestones Have you got a date for FET yet?

What progesterone is everyone being advised to take?
Sorry for such a long message!!!

Sunny1984 Thu 19-Jul-18 10:02:06

I don’t get one some bits are bold and others not so please excuse my incompetence!!!

CupcakeVampire Thu 19-Jul-18 10:43:05

No, I didn't get any rashes. I sometimes had a low raised area around the injection site which I always assumed was just the liquid I'd just injected waiting to be absorbed as it disappeared within an hour or so. Might be wrong though! I had slight bruising depending on where I was injecting. Guess I hit a blood vessel on those occasions.

I didn't start progesterone until after egg collection. I had cyclogest pessaries.

gingergnome Thu 19-Jul-18 10:45:13

Hey @Sunny1884 - oh goodness that sounds like a lot to take in; insecure diagnoses like that are not helpful, I’m sure :-/
I found the injections stung for a short while afterwards too. I just popped a bit of tissue over the area and gently rubbed - stayed laid down rather than sat if I could as well as found that helped.

Thanks for the info @CupcakeVampire

My scan showed 12 follicles with 4 mature so I’m on for EC tomorrow. Bit stressed as was told yesterday by the clinic to prepare to feel things during, as sedation & pain meds don’t make everyone completely unconscious/numb! What a time to drop that bombshell!

On a different note: turns out you can’t look at anything too cute with full overies as that biological twinge you might get takes on a whole new sensation grin

Starlumiere Thu 19-Jul-18 10:59:11

Hi Ladies,

I have been following you in the past week not sure whether to join or not, but as soon as I read your above message @gingergnome I had to!

So I had ICSI back in November 2017, BFP with twins and MC, which was really sad, but it does happen to many. I just had 2 other Blastocyst put in yesterday and so after 2 ECs I can tell you you won't feel a thing! After you will be sore, but the moron who worried you is very incompetent. They take your weight at the start to know what dosage to give you. You will be knocked out and 20 min after you will wake up wondering really it is over? I have been on another thread last year and they helped me a great deal and NONE of them felt anything during. With 12 follicles you will be sore after but you will see it is really not a big deal :-). Please relax sweetie.

Good luck to all the ladies EC's tomorrow and the rest for stimming :-).

Any questions, let me know.

Lots of love to all,

KatieMcnic Thu 19-Jul-18 11:17:42

@sunny1984 I’ve been given cyclogest pessaries for after EC too.

Cobblestones Thu 19-Jul-18 11:52:42

I agree about the EC you don’t feel much at all and I am quite sensitive to pain so if I didn’t feel it much you should be okay. The only caveat is that I was asleep and sounds like @starlumiere was too. So if anyone reading this has been through EC on sedation pls do share your thoughts.

I was also given cyclogest for after EC but stopped them when we didn’t go through with transfer.

Waiting at the hospital to find out if I finally get to take home one of my Frosties!

@star sending lots of sticky thoughts your way. I’m sligtly nervous about transfer only because it’s the one thing I haven’t yet experienced and it always helps to know what to expect. How did you find your experience if you don’t mind sharing details.

@sunny I always did get a bit of a red patch in the area I had injected

Starlumiere Thu 19-Jul-18 12:29:28

Hi @Cobblestones :-)

Thank you so very much sweetie :-) XXX0

ET is a real doddle sweetie and finished in a jiffy! You need to have a full bladder so by the time I got to the clinic yesterday I was dancing around and they were all laughing!!! You get off your clothes bottom down, cover your head with that blue medical hat. The embryologist comes to tell you what Embie/s you have and grade and all that (I was like OMG I am going to pee right here right now!!!). They make you sign what they are transferring. This last 2 minutes but with a full bladder it lasts 10 minutes...Then the Consultant came over to introduce himself (at that point I was like great another one who is going to see all my bits!!!). Then you get in (where was my EC), go on the table, legs up. There was a screen on my right to show my uterus and a screen up ahead to show the embies :-). They put that white cold gel and start pressing a bit on your pelvic ares (yep no interval one). Everything showed on the right screen. The Consultant puts the Catheter and asks you to relax and not tense your legs (at that point he has his head between my front and back and I am trying not to pee on him!!!). It is in in a few seconds. They are supposed to clean but never felt anything this time and last time around, this last top 1 min. Then they say look your embies are on the screen, you look and cry, it is so beautiful! Then they counted 1,2,3 in unison (consultant, embryologist and Nurse) and they were in! Then they wait another 30 seconds...Catheter out. YOU RUN FOR A TOILET WONDERING OMG ARE THEY GOING TO GO WITH MY PEE!! Then you remember how to use your brain and realize your fear is stupid! But hey we are mammas and protective already! Apparently every single woman asks the same question! So sweetie, this is by far the easiest part and quite special time. Some people ask for photos or takes photos of the embie/s and then another journey begins. You will see it feels like a miracle! :-) Smile! The whole thing lasts 5/10 minutes max!

I am on Pessaries as well, the back door though....sorry TMI! Some do it in the front door as well, but my clinic advises the back door.

Love to all of you!

gingergnome Thu 19-Jul-18 13:05:31

Thank you so much @Starlumiere and @Cobblestones
Most things I’ve read people said they were out one way or another whether sedation or general anaesthetic but of course I immediately Googled people who’d been conscious had pain during... silly me!! I’m so flightly and such a big wimp so I guess we’ll just see tomorrow but your words have calmed me a bit so, really, thank you.

Fingers crossed for you @Cobblestone. When will you find out?

@Starluminere - you’re hilarious thanks for sharing your experiences. Fingers tightly crossed and sending sticky wishes xx

gingergnome Thu 19-Jul-18 13:06:27

Oops sorry spelt your name wrong! *Starlumiere

mrsdownes10 Thu 19-Jul-18 13:51:01

Hi, I’m due to start my first round of ICSI in August. I had my eggs counted on Monday and was informed I’ll be on the short protocol. We’ve been TTC for 25 years and need treatment due to my husbands infertility. Im hoping to start injections all being well mid August!

Tigergreen Thu 19-Jul-18 19:59:56

Hello 👋🏻 everyone! I’m gearing up for my second and last ICSI cycle. I had a failed transfer back in Jan but took a good long break to get married and revel in enjoyment of that. I’m quite nervous this time, in a way that I wasn’t last time. I think because we’ve made a decision to make this our last go. I’m 34 and otherwise healthy but only got 4 mature eggs last time. Since discovered my AMH is 2.8. Waiting for period to arrive so I can get cracking. X

35counting Fri 20-Jul-18 08:11:35

Hello ladies, come to join you over here for some solidarity! Lovely to read such reassuring tales from those that have already been through it. I’m in a similar position to @Sunny1984 in terms of just starting our first cycle. I’m 7 days into down regging and it’s really dragged!

I’ve been getting little rashes at the injection site too and they’ve generally been getting more uncomfortable but yesterday’s was fine. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious explanation for what makes one less painful that the next!

My main issue has been tiredness, lack of concentration and joint pain. My hip is really painful and it makes me feel like an old woman but I am not not walking as I’m trying to lose weight and have had to give up all other exercise (other than swimming). Also I have an ectopic heart beat and have noticed more palpitations since I’ve been injecting. This morning I was shattered walking upstairs!

Hope everyone else is doing ok, have a lovely weekend all!

mrsdownes10 Fri 20-Jul-18 10:09:30

Obviously I meant 2.5 years not 25.... 😂

CupcakeVampire Fri 20-Jul-18 10:16:11

Hello to all new members! smile

I was only sedated during EC and found that it did feel uncomfortable at times when they were rooting about in there for eggs. But I did have to have a catheter inserted because my traitorous bladder decided to fill itself up while I was laying with my legs in the air and it was getting in the way of the ovaries so that was an additional uncomfortable feeling to deal with for me. I'd gone to the loo in preparation beforehand too - sigh.

The sedatives wore off reasonably quickly afterwards and I was just a bit woozy on the way home (along with babbling lots of incoherent crap according to DH, not that I can remember grin).

ET was a lot simpler, but agree with Starlumiere that the only unpleasant thing was the full bladder.

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