Risks of PGS/PGD

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Hobbes39 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:55:47

Hi - I'm wondering if people who have had PGS done on their embryos could tell me about whether they lost any of their embryos in the process and what your clinic said about the risks?
I've had 3 fresh cycles and 3 frozen and not done PGS as to be honest I was worried about the risks of damaging the embryos I have read about, but I'm 41 and having now had 3 miscarriages Id rather find out all my embryos are no good before transferring them back than go through another miscarriage. I realise that miscarriage is still possible after PGS but the chances are reduced significantly enough for me to want to consider it... anyone who has done it, can you tell me what the chances are regarding damaging the embryos - is it a 50/50 thing or a 10%... 1%?? I haven't a clue ... thanks!

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AmyK18 Sat 17-Nov-18 07:07:44

Hey, did anyone come back to you about this? I’m in my second cycle of stimulation, haven’t tried any transfers yet and I had 3 early miscarriages earlier this year so we are going to to pgs next week when they collect my eggs. I’m terrified they are all going to come back abnormal! What happened with you? X

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