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ruby92 Mon 11-Jun-18 23:08:02

Hi Everyone

I came off my pill around 6 months ago with the aim of starting the journey for a baby, I knew it would be a long one due to having irregular/barely any periods before I started the pill about 8/9 years ago. However, it still hasn’t prepared me for being at the absolute peril of medical professionals waiting for everything to happen.

I saw my GP early May who referred me for blood tests which he said indicated slightly towards PCOS (slightly raised levels but not enough for a diagnosis) he has referred me for a Ultrasound which isn’t until early July. It feels like an incredibly long time to wait and I’m having no sign of a period in the meantime!

When I last saw him he mentioned prescribing me something (northisretrone) to induce a period but said this wouldn’t be the fertility drug and I would need a referral to a fertility specialist for this.

My question is - how long will it be before I am able to be referred to the fertility specialist? I’m conscious of time ticking and whilst I know people have been on this journey way longer than me and I realise I am just keen to get started! I just don’t see the point in prescribing the northisterone as oppose to just making the referral straight to fertility? Maybe I’m missing something? Would be great if anyone could clear that up.

Secondly my partner is a fantastic support and I have one friend who I confided in who went through IVF who is great but none of my other family or friends know. I keep getting the usual questions about “when are you two going to have a baby etc” which is like a stab in the heart each time but I’m not sure I’m ready to discuss something so personal with everyone and face all the questions but at the same time the comments hurt. I also seem to be surrounded by people getting pregnant at work too! I sometimes find dealing with it a bit lonely and get quite negative so I’m hoping other people have faced similar and can perhaps help.

Thank yousmile

bohemianmama Tue 12-Jun-18 13:27:51

I had similar problems. I came off the pill and my periods stopped completely. I had bloods which were borderline PCOS and the USS which showed I had polycystic ovaries. I was put on metformin and had to take norhisterone to induce periods when the disappear. I was only able to be referred to fertility clinic after TTC for 1year. It's now been 14months and I've finally started treatment. I have a friend that paid for a private initial consultation with a gynaecologist and her treatment was able to start sooner. Wait until you have your scan and then you'll have a better idea what's going on. Best of luck

DuchyDuke Wed 13-Jun-18 12:47:42

I wasn’t diagnosed with pcos based on the blood test or irregular periods (bloods are perfect and periods were like clockwork since I lost weight). I was diagnosed during the ultrasound and because I accidentally came into a gaene appt once without waxing my face as I usually do once a fortnight (and which I thought was normal).

Got placed on Metformin, got told to lose more weight, and then got a full AmH/ FSH/LH panel and then went on Clomid for 6 months with Metformin. When that didn’t work they referred me for Ivf and as a precondition I had to take Met for a month beforehand.

DuchyDuke Wed 13-Jun-18 12:50:18

The whole journey to ivf took 2 years and I was already 35 at the start. If you do have pcos remember that provided your medication is handled appropriately you are unlikely to have issues with egg reserve (even in your forties) but that you may have issues obtaining mature eggs (a high protein diet can help here).

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