Dhea. Anyone had any bad side effects? /good experiences

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Katjoneskins Sun 03-Jun-18 09:32:38

Hi, we've just been told that due to my low/ undetectable AMH and low follicle count, we will have to use donor eggs for IVF with the NHS. We've decided to have one shot at using my own eggs by paying to go private (my mum is helping us or we couldn't afford it at all!) CARE have suggested natural cycle IVF for my situation. My friend has suggested taking CQ10 ubiquinol and DHEA before hand, (she has a friend who had a natural pregnancy after trying for years when she took these two supplements) I've done some reading and people do seem to rate both supplements, but DHEA comes with some slightly scary potential side effects. I'm a little wary of taking it (on the other hand at this point if I was told injecting heroin might improve my chances id probably consider it!) Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, of taking DHEA before/during IVF? Thanks X

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Persipan Sun 03-Jun-18 14:14:02

Do not take ANYTHING without running it past your clinic first. If they're ok with it then fair enough, but definitely check first because supplements can absolutely have effects and they aren't always the ones you intend. Of the two, I'd say ubiquinol would likely be no problem but I'm wary of DHEA. Near in mind that if you do go ahead, you'll need to take whatever you go with for several months prior to your cycle in order to see any beneficial effect on egg quality.

Good luck!

Katjoneskins Sun 03-Jun-18 16:06:52

Thanks @persipan X

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AniSL Sun 03-Jun-18 20:23:01

Another word of caution, if you suffer from PCOS its not advisable to take DHEA

Si1ver Sun 03-Jun-18 20:27:59

I took DHEA in the run up to my IVF. I also have low AMH. The clinic were fine with it, but told me to stop at egg collection.

The IVF seems to have worked. It's not a scientific sample though.

mommybear1 Mon 04-Jun-18 11:14:25

Hi definitely check with your clinic but in my experience CARE will say no for the first two cycles and then agree to you using it - tbf that maybe unique to the consultant I used. Have you read it starts with an egg? I highly recommend it at the back it gives guidance about what vitamins etc to take based on age. I had two failed ivfs and three miscarriages I was about to embark on my third and final ivf when we changed clinics (nurture fertility in Notts - fab) took my notes from previous ivf where we had been given less than 10% chance of success and asked them for brutal honesty as to whether we should have donor eggs- consultant said no and to add DHEA to the vitamins I was taking from the book recommendation. I started taking DHEA mid/end Jan (from memory I think the clinic said to take it for 6 weeks prior to ivf) and got a natural bfp in March just before starting our ivf. 7 month old currently sleeping on my tummy grin. I didn't have any side effects but did follow instructions closely- feel free to dm me personally I highly recommend DHEA.

Katjoneskins Mon 04-Jun-18 14:25:24

Thanks so much everyone! I don't have PCOS @AniSL, but thanks for the warning. I will ask CARE what they think but might try it anyway (if I get side effects I can stop) @mommybear1 and @si1ver would you suggest starting with one 25mg tablet a day & seeing if I get any side effects, then increasing slowly if not? (It may say all that in the directions) I thought I might try it that way so I can stop if necessary.

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mommybear1 Mon 04-Jun-18 15:01:04

Given that you are going to pay for the ivf I'd definitely check your ok to take this as you don't want to do anything to jeopardise it. My consultant recommended 25mg three times a day but it was subject to review if he felt I needed more or less.

AniSL Mon 04-Jun-18 15:09:02

It has been known to seriously disrupt hormones and ovulation so pleaae check with your clinic. Mine firmly said no.

Si1ver Mon 04-Jun-18 15:17:14

Again, talk to your clinic and see what they recommend.

I took 50mg once a day. That was my choice and my decision on dosage. The clinic were fine with my choice.

Si1ver Mon 04-Jun-18 15:17:52

Also, I didn't have any side effects.

Katjoneskins Mon 04-Jun-18 18:09:42

Thanks, I will check with my consultant before I take them xx thanks for all the advice.

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Blondeshavemorefun Mon 04-Jun-18 22:16:41

Was also advised to take them. Was 39 when started ivf and took 75mg - 3x25 spread over the day. Was told it to take in one go. Don’t know why

My levels did go up so did work tho eh ivy cycles failed

Rainbowrhythms9 Tue 05-Jun-18 11:40:51

My clinic was fine for me to take it, I started three months before IVF cycle 3 and had been taking it for seven months before cycle 4. I'm afraid it didn't work for me.
Side effects - really really greasy hair and bad skin!

hoping2018 Tue 05-Jun-18 13:34:51

My clinic told me to take it - no side effects. This cycle seems to be successful however made quite a lot of changes. I wouldn't take unless consultant says - my testosterone levels were low so said fine to take

Mrsfw Thu 07-Jun-18 16:16:36

Yes my clinic advised I take it which I did for my last 3 OE cycles. (Have since moved into DE) my head hair got thinner and it fell out quicker when brushing and was quite spotty on my back which I’ve not had before.

It did get me 1-2 more eggs which for me was massive!!

Mrsfw Thu 07-Jun-18 16:18:02

Also try not to think of DE as worst case, I don’t think that choice of words was great from your consultant...! It will be fantastic whatever happens. Do PM if you want more info & good luck!!

Fire48shoes Tue 15-Jan-19 11:38:33

I’m so confused. Iv got low amh and only one active ovary that seeems to roduce very few eggs but I conceived in the first window of ovulating when we started ttc in Oct. this resulted in a miscarriage at Xmas and I just had a d&c last week. I’ve been taking oregnacare since end of nov when I found out and have continued with the conception one now. I’ve looked into supplements such as ubiquinol and am happy with the extra d and zinc and omega I’m taking alongside it. I did take 1 week of dhea but have stopped COs I panicked as I havnt had my levels checkedand I know it can do more harm if you don’t actually need it. And I’m freaking out that my period won’t ever come back even though I’ve always been regular and ovulated. I know I need to calm down. Apologies if I’m making anyone else’s freak out Too. My gp last night gave me the paperwork to get a day 3 fsh blood test. Wondering if this will be enough to check my testosterone level? Could that one week of dhea have done damage to my cycle? Can anyone recommend a clinic I can go to that will happily check my androgen level?

Petitprince Tue 15-Jan-19 11:42:19

My clinic recommended it. I also took coq10. It worked for us first ivf cycle. We also tried acupuncture.

ckc45d10 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:45:05

As others mentioned, use caution with all supplements and talk to your doctor first. Since DHEA is a hormone, it can affect hormone levels in the body and it is better for your doctor to monitor you. CoQ10 is another supplement mentioned that you can ask about as well. A water and fat-soluble form absorbs better.

Fire48shoes Sat 19-Jan-19 14:00:12

How do I get tested for my levels? I asked my gp who has referred me for a day 3 fsh blood test but I don’t think this will test my androgen levels? Wondering if I’m better off going to a private clinic to get this checked before I take the dhea which I am keen to start taking.

GertieB Sat 23-Mar-19 11:07:13

I've had two failed ivf cycles, and a low ovarian reserve. I took CoQ10 on my second cycle and got less follicles than my first cycle. My consultant has suggested we start to think about donor eggs.
I mentioned DHEA to him, and he said there was a trial I could potentially join, but that was taking 25mg for 2 weeks prior to cycle. So I asked about taking it myself, and he said he'd rather I didn't. So I'm confused about what to do. They must think it's safe to try, but he wasn't supportive. I'm still thinking I might try it, where did the people that have tried it get it from, after their clinical endorsed it? I've been looking for Private GPs that could prescribe it for me, but can only find one who wants £350 for a consultantation.

Minibow Sat 23-Mar-19 18:25:12

Oh gosh I've been taking it and cq10.
18 months ttc, looks like secondary unexplained.
Made zero different to my cycles and still not pregnant.
I was going to stop once I run out of this batch. Been taking them for months.

Fire48shoes Sat 29-Jun-19 07:43:18

I just spoke to a fertility clinic in Athens and she said that dhea could cause cysts in my follicles. I have so few so that scared me and after 11werks of taking dhea I now stopped for a break whilst I wait to see if I’ve develiped any in my next scan. I’ve researched loads on line and I think if uv tried everything else, it’s defo worth a shot. People ya e conceived naturally whilst waiting g for ivf when taking dhea but I think it’s best to get your levels checked first. Good luck to you both. I really hope you get some good news soon. Xx

Fire48shoes Sat 29-Jun-19 07:45:20


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