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Waiting times

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Rememberallball Wed 23-May-18 13:10:01

Am really frustrated. Waiting to go to Cyprus for a cycle of ivf and been advised that, due to small fibroids showing up on HyCoSy last month, it is advisable to have a hysteroscopy before we go out for the treatment.

Saw the gynaecologist last week for follow up appointment and she was surprised that I’d not had a hysteroscopy prior to our first (unsuccessful) cycle. She has now arranged it and told me the procedure date would take place in around 3-4 weeks. I passed this information on to my team in Cyprus and then heard back from them they will want me to have the procedure and then wait for a complete cycle before commencing treatment the following cycle. This puts our treatments dates back from my July cycle to my August cycle at earliest (not great getting time off in August and very hot in Cyprus) or, more likely, September (better from temperature pint of view).

Today I spoke to the hospital as, following a bad few months during which I lost my mum quite suddenly to influenza and pneumonia causing multiple organ failure- as well as a tough time at work, my DH would like to take me away for a holiday so we can have some well deserved R&R and just get away from it all. The hospital are saying far from it being a 3-4 week wait it’s actually more like 6-8 weeks wait.

I just wish Drs would check what waiting times for procedures are and give a more accurate estimate. While it’s a good thing from the going away point of view, it’s not ideal from an ivf point of view meaning it’s now going to be September at the earliest before we can have our cycle of treatment - and that’s if nothing shows up that needs dealing with!!

Sorry for the rant, it’s just so frustrating!!

Summ3ers Wed 23-May-18 18:27:41

Hi Rememberallball.
So sorry to hear what you’ve been through, especially in regards to losing your mum so suddenly. Xxx
No wonder you are feeling the way you are.
In regards to fibroids, I had a number of small fibroids when I conceived my son (after being diagnosed with unexplained fertility). They grew a little while I was pregnant but since having him, they have now completely disappeared.
Fingers crossed you get to Cyprus soon.

Babytales13 Wed 30-May-18 09:53:40

I’m so sorry about your mum. That must be heartbreaking. I’m a single woman just finished my first round of Ivf after a hysterectomy. I wasn’t advised to wait till my next period and yesterday I found out I was not pregnant. I’m felling like such a failure.
If they advice you to wait till one period is over. Do that. You never know what contributes and what doesn’t. A few months is not that long to wait. Maybe set a goal for yourself. Or start some exercises for your future pregnant self.

I believe that Hod has plan. But I understand your frustration. I’m also angry for some reason. I feel my private clinic could have been more personal and less like a sausage stuffing factory.

Rememberallball Wed 13-Jun-18 13:31:21

I finally have a date for my hysteroscopy and it’s not till the 31st July so it’s going to be 11 weeks from when I saw the consultant which makes it even worse than I was told by the department at the hospital when I rang to ask. I am so frustrated, as is DH, that we were originally referred for an HSG in early December, didn’t get that at all (though had another HyCoSy instead) in mid April then a 4 week wait for the results and now another 11 weeks for this next step. It all feels like delay after delay.

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