Anyone else just starting their journey ?

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TTC73 Wed 23-May-18 06:23:23

DH is going for his sperm sample to be tested today and hes so nervous and the GP wants me to have some blood tests done and swabs at a later date. So nervous of what to expect and terrified of the possibility of IVF I've heard its so painful ?
We've been trying to have a baby for over 3yrs with 2 chemical pregnancies so far sad

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bunhead34 Fri 09-Aug-19 13:06:03

@squirrelnutkins1 thank you! Xx

squirrelnutkins1 Fri 09-Aug-19 12:50:39

Starting the journey thread 3

This is an old thread, come join us on the linked thread xx @bunhead34

bunhead34 Fri 09-Aug-19 11:56:29

Hi, can I join?
Ttc for over a year. Had internal
Scan and 21 day bloods, and hub
Had SA. All fine.
Off to the dr this afternoon to ask for referral
To the fertility clinic 🤞
Turning 35 next week and hoping I've not left
It too late.

squirrelnutkins1 Tue 06-Aug-19 17:24:02

@Bird1984 I'm not too sure privately but first consult on nhs is loads and loads of questions. Best to go with your OH. hope you have success soon x

Bird1984 Sun 28-Jul-19 15:50:06


Bird1984 Sun 28-Jul-19 15:44:37

We've been ttc for the last 6/7 years now. We went through all the usual tests with the nhs when we first started. I've got endometriosis & a high bmi. Hubby hasn't had a fresh sa since we started & had low motility then. I've tried battling my binge eating to get nhs fucked ivf but not managed so far. So we're starting the private process. I'm 35 & don't think I've ever been more terrified. Does anyone have any insight into the first consultation please?

squirrelnutkins1 Sun 21-Jul-19 20:31:27

@Ifeelinclined wow sounds like you've got enough on your plate at the mo. Glad the break has done you good 😊 yeah it can def become an obsession! I really wish you the very best xx

Ifeelinclined Sun 21-Jul-19 17:03:41

We did 3 cycles of iui and several timed intercourse cycles and no luck. So we decided to take a break. I've lost about 30 lbs and we are in the process of buying a new house. So right now we are just going to see if maybe it happens naturally. If nothing happens, we will go back to fertility treatments this winter. I didn't realize how obsessed I had become on getting pregnant. The break has been great for us to be honest.

squirrelnutkins1 Sun 21-Jul-19 16:56:57

@Ifeelinclined how's things with you?

I got preg the month before we were due to start Letrazole but sadly that ended in mc.

I'm on my first month of Letrazole now so here's hoping 🙏🏻

Ifeelinclined Sun 21-Jul-19 13:54:57

Wow! That is wonderful news! Congrats!

squirrelnutkins1 Sun 21-Jul-19 13:03:19

@Bezzbub ah that's so great!! Huge congrats 😊

Bezzbub Sun 21-Jul-19 12:56:28

Hopefully welcome good news @squirrelnutkins1 - I found out I was pregnant earlier this year! Due in the Autumn. Stay positive. It really came out of nowhere for us!

squirrelnutkins1 Sun 21-Jul-19 12:35:54

I know this is a really old thread but just wondered if there are any success stories to give me a bit of hope.....

@TTC73 @kht7989 @donnas146 @Bezzbub @Ifeelinclined sorry for not tagging everyone it'll take too long 🙈

squirrelnutkins1 Fri 22-Feb-19 13:37:34

Do you have a date yet?

2fingers22018 Thu 14-Feb-19 10:26:30

Oh well thats my smear done just need to get this hycosy over n done with first hurdle over n done with

squirrelnutkins1 Sat 09-Feb-19 21:17:01

How's everyone getting on? I'm due on any day now, first one after my lap so will see how it goes. Not holding my breath for a miracle post lap BFP 😒

2fingers22018 Tue 22-Jan-19 13:15:19

@squirrelnutkins1 no i dnt think u are i get she was prob tryin to put a positive spin on it, but its not her job to tell u how to feel. I dve prob told her to sod off tbh but that is me being a bitch prob lol but im fed up of trying to be positive. I think we re all allowed our bad days and to feel hacked off that we re in this situation unless shes been through it herself she cant understand really.

squirrelnutkins1 Mon 21-Jan-19 12:12:12

Sorry to hear of the long wait ☹️ @2fingers22018

Just been to the docs. Got signed off for a week no bother after my lap and HSG. Said I can go back if need to extend it.
Not the best gp I've ever seen, well she was a trainee. Basically told me to be grateful that I have options re fertility and to be grateful that it's not cancer (the c word has never even been mentioned to me 🤔) Ok yes I get that and we're privileged to have the NHS and ivf for free etc but come on.....! Or am I just being over sensitive?!

2fingers22018 Thu 17-Jan-19 19:38:31

So i emailed the hospital my new hycosy appointment is 2months away fuckin arseholes..sorry but they cancelled my hycosy not me and im the one left waiting again! Its despicable how they treat women like us😠

2fingers22018 Thu 17-Jan-19 19:35:44

@squirrelnutkins1 not been on in a few days my dogs had an op. Soo glad that they seemed to have untangled you fx this is what works for u hun xx❤

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 16-Jan-19 21:56:05

I feel like I am believed now which is good. You start to think it's all in your head!

I'm really sore from the lap so I was wondering about 'pushing' so thanks for the heads up!!!!

Thanks for the support xxx


SpringLake Wed 16-Jan-19 21:31:41

@squirrelnutkins1 on the bright side that's really good news... hopefully it will have solved the main problem and give a really good chance of conceiving naturally, and having more comfortable monthlies.!
I am a bit envious!
Mine were adhered like that too... though they didn't tell me until I got a routine copy of the letter to my GP. If I can be a bit tmi (warning!)...
then I suggest really not pushing for your first poo and going easy on yourself. little by little. that step is the worst thing i ever have yet experienced... but when i finally just let it happen it was OK.

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 16-Jan-19 20:57:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpringLake Tue 15-Jan-19 20:47:08

Hi @kht7989 i can't say for sure, but I've heard of people moving home across the border to access funding. everything depends on local rules, so could be different for you. Fx

kht7989 Tue 15-Jan-19 18:55:10

We have been referred for a fertility appointment at the hospital. My gp informed me that our county doesn't offer any funded treatment at all. However we were given 3 hospitals to choose from for our appointment and one is in a different county.

Has anyone been in this situation? Would we be able to access the funding if we chose that hospital or would it be based on our address.

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