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IVF/ICSI June/July 2018

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cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 14:05:54

Hey, all! We are starting ICSI hopefully in June for MFI. I'm 32. Been TTC for around 14 months. Starting treatment privately as we wait for NHS investigations/referrals. Keen to get started but nervous - especially about getting the time off work during treatment - and about how much all of this is going to cost. Trying to prime my body for fertility treatment. Generally eat pretty well and exercise regularly (cardio, strength train, Pilates, walk a lot on my commute)- but could improve my diet. Consultant advised me to increase my protein intake so I'm working on it! Luckily the weather is looking up so a bit easier to stick to healthy lifestyle smile Have cut out alcohol and coffee (still on tea - but will limit myself to one cup/ day). Supplements wise, I'm on Omega 3, CoQ10, Pregnacare. Doubt any of this will make any difference in time for first cycle though...

Would be great to hear from others due to have treatment in June/July 2018!

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 14:28:12

Hello. I would love to join.
I am coming up for 32, and have been TTC for 4 years. We have been through ICSI with 2 fresh rounds and a FET. All failed! Due to start self funded ICSI in June, also.

Trying to be healthier, but it does stress me out a bit. I feel so guilty if I think I’m not doing it properly! So, trying to relax also. Going to go for massages, do yoga, and lots of walks.

Is this your first round then? If you want to ask any questions, I can give you my experience xx

cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 15:16:53

Thanks Beherenow! Sorry to hear about your previous cycles. This stuff is so unfair. Are you staying with the same clinic? Yoga and walks sound good. I know what you mean - I got myself in a panic yesterday and thought of the treats I've had in past couple of months (including on an awesome holiday!)... But think dwelling is probably not that helpful to my mental wellbeing ;)

Yes it's our first round. Don't want to tell work and not sure what to do about getting time off! What was your approach?

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 15:44:15

Staying with the same clinic, @cannonball8726. But really because there are no other clinics in town that we live in.

I think holidays are definitely good for you!!

I told my work. They have been great at just swapping my shifts and giving me last minute time off (which I have been using annual leave for...). When you go for a scan, the clinic may say “right see you in 2 days/ tomorrow for the next scan”. So, with my work knowing this was going on, I could just take the time I needed, no matter how much notice. Does that make sense?

I’m just waiting on my period to start now, then phone the clinic for a scan, and collect my meds. Are you the same? Will you be long protocol?

cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 16:04:57

Thanks, Beherenow! I think I might need to stump up courage to tell boss - but we're a small department and everything gets discussed between bosses - so the knowledge wouldn't be limited to one person. And they aren't the most discreet people so it wouldn't even be limited to just the bosses. Hence my reluctance! Wonder if I could rejig commitments to always be in afternoons if I knew scans/bloods were going to be in mornings. And then thinking of asking my GP to sign me off for anticipated week of EC and ET- or take annual leave that week. Not sure how easy this is in practice, though!

Ah I'm not quite that far yetsmile consultant wants to repeat my ultrasound and AMH (these were done at another clinic- I had lots of follicles but AMH 12) so they want to repeat. Waiting for my period to have those tests done- then we're seeing her with results in two weeks to discuss plan to then start when feasible with my cycle/protocol. How did you find long protocol?

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 16:22:06

Do whatever is easier for you! The nurses can estimate when egg collection will be for you. My scans and bloods were always in the morning. They were early too, so you might be able to fit in before work?

Long protocol went ok for me. Last time we tried, my oestrogen levels went really high, so ec was earlier, and only ended up with one egg which could be transferred. I want to try the high protein to see if that helps with eggs. But when I’m on the injections I struggle to eat!
I’m a little ahead of you then. You can give me tips for healthy eating 😊😊😊

Hope you’re feeling ok. The physical side of things all went quite easy for me xx

cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 16:50:52

Thanks Beherenow - helpful to hear your experience and that you found physical aspects of treatment okay! I'm feeling apprehensive but would just like to get started.

I'm pescetarian so eating seafood three times a week (salmon on two days, then either cod or prawns on the other), eggs, pulses, lentils - with vegetables/salad (at least fourbportions in a day). Trying to stick to healthier grains (quinoa, bulgar wheat, brown rice). And having 3 portions of fruit a day (berries with porridge in am, then as snacks through the work day). I generally eat well anyway but my diet is normally supplemented by terrible treats on a random bingey basis which has probably been negating all the good stuff - and I am trying to cut this erratic bingey aspect out! I figure this may not help fertility matters- but I guess it won't do me any harm either and is better for my overall health. I am really missing my flat whites... But at least I'm saving some money!

The only thing I am not sure about is what to drink in a pub! Don't want to shut down my social life- I am a pretty slow drinker so never get through much booze anyway - but stopping totally is actually quite tricky. Soft drinks are so sugary - I'm not sure what a good alternative is...

I hope you are having some fun in the sun. It has really lifted my mood smile

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 17:20:56

You sound like you’re doing amazing! And doing everything you possibly can to help. I’m bad with processed food, and barely eat fish. I was taking omega 3, but stopped, and now trying to eat prawns and tuna.
I wouldn’t even know how to prepare bulgar wheat!!!

I just don’t drink too close to treatment. And will drink vodka, soda and lime during treatment.

Hope you’re not waiting too long for the next step with tests etc xx

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 17:21:31

No! I don’t drink vodka during treatment! lol just soda and lime 🤐🤐

cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 18:16:45

Haha I'm sounding way too angelic - I also love crisps and eating out!!! ;) thank you. It will be good to get started! Expecting my period within the next few days so hopefully can get the last tests over and done with smile how far away is yours?

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 19:12:29

Due in a couple of days too, but period has always been late before I start a cycle! Craving chocolate like crazy just now! Xx

physicskate Sun 06-May-18 19:28:57

Cd 3 of a ??? Cycle. We start short protocol with next af. My cycles can be irregular... I could have started this cycle but they wouldn't scan me until cd 5 and injections are meant to start cd 2 or 3. I have also just started levothyroxine to bring tsh down AND my BIL was just diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer at 41... so it just seemed to make sense to postpone for a cycle to try and get a handle on everything.

Ttc 26 months. I'm 34 and this is our first ivf cycle. Oh and we're 'unexplained'.

Today I've not been great with everything and have been pretty upset. I was bullied off mumsnet a week ago about infertility and desperation, but I just don't want to feel so alone...

cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 20:15:47

Ahhh the chocolate craving surely means period on its way, Beherenow!

physicskate so sorry to hear about your BIL. What a horrible time. Hope you and your family are getting through this. I guess it's a good idea to get the TSH under control so you can optimise your chances. Will they retest? I'm sorry to hear you are feeling upset. This infertility business is total balls. I saw that thread and was horrified by the things that were said to you. I am glad you are back and joining us for June (?) cycle!

Beherenow32 Sun 06-May-18 20:32:02

@physicskate sounds like you’ve had a tough time. Chat and rant away here when you need to! Xx

windy2909 Sun 06-May-18 22:02:32

Hi ladies. I have been lurking...trying to find my place. I have undergone icsi in march which resulted in a freeze all due to ohss and expected to be going through a fet in the near future, which has been delayed due to late af. I was commenting on April/may thread but think it's looking likely I may be delayed further....more into your timeline...if you don't mind me joining?

Can I just say - physicskate - I am so happy to see your name appear here. I didn't see the thread but got wind of it from other posts I've read and was genuinely worried for you and that you may have been put off mumsnet. This infertility board is proving invaluable to me for reading and sharing experiences - other people just don't get it. I'm glad you were able to come back and I'm sorry for any additional heartbreak that the thread caused you x

physicskate Sun 06-May-18 22:50:07

Thanks for the support. I'm still licking my wounds... but today was too hard to not offload a bit. I feel like I couldn't make up all that's gone mental in the last year...

Hope you're feeling better from the ohss now windy?

I'm hoping this doesn't end up being the being one of my longer 35+ day cycles. Shortest cycle ever was last cycle's 28 days! So hopefully June cannonball.

Today my biggest concern was when will I get over the bitterness? I can't even see becoming pregnant helping at this point. Will I ever not be bitter that this has happened? How does everyone else manage those feelings?

cannonball8726 Sun 06-May-18 23:13:08

@Windy, sorry to hear about OHSS and hope you've recovered. How annoying that your period is playing up when I'm sure you just want to crack on! Hope AF makes its way soon (or I hope it's delayed because you're pregnant?!)

@physicskate, I vary from feeling shit and negative about everything. But I do feel better knowing that we should be starting treatment in the not too distant future. And really there is nothing that we aren't already doing that we could be doing. So it is what it is and we will have to deal with whatever happens. But it is hard. Exercise helps me. And keeping busy. Plus my husband keeps me sane smile It sounds like you have been through a particularly hard time so not surprising that you feel this way. Have you tried counselling?

Beherenow32 Mon 07-May-18 07:39:13

@windy2909 hope you’re recovering ok to start the process again soon. FET is easier on the body, although the oestrogen tablets made me feel a bit rubbish. They’re meant to make you feel better tho?!

@physicskate think I’ve just been going through ttc for quite a while now, that I’m used to it! I’ve been through all the horrible emotions, and now it’s just part of my life. We have been discussing adoption, which gives me some hope xx

windy2909 Mon 07-May-18 08:49:31

Yes thanks, I am fully recovered from ohss (physically at least) although not sure about hormone levels....booked in to the clinic for bloods tomorrow, so will hopefully know more then. Cannonball I did a cheapie test last week, just in case 😂 And it was negative, so unfortunately not pregnant. I am just so impatient now and really keen to go ahead with fet.

Jumping back to your conversation about work - I would advise telling your manager as you'll need quite a bit of time off for various appointments. They have a duty to respect your privacy and keep it confidential and you are entitled to time off for medical appointments - you shouldn't have to use your annual leave. IVF is stressful enough without you having to use all your annual leave up for appointments. Save it for a well deserved holiday!

@physicskate - it's tough. I have made my peace with it - it is what it is and bad things happen to everyone in life - this is the hurdle we have been dealt. (I am a walking, talking cliche machine) I'm afraid I can't advise you on how to get into that mind frame but hope you can get there. Sorry you are dealing with such tragedy with your bil, that will not be helping your emotions 😥. I hope you have people in your life who are supportive and you can talk to? My hubby and my mum have been particularly wonderful and that helps me a lot.

physicskate Mon 07-May-18 09:37:14

Windy I think you've hit the nail on the head - I don't really have anyone. My family live abroad and none of my friends have had difficulty conceiving. I think they just want me to get over it. Counselling went like this: 'yeah that's hard...' I know it's hard! What makes it manageable. I think this week is a particularly bad week because now my husband has withdrawn because of this stuff going on with his brother (very understandably) and I haven't felt able to post on mumsnet...

Be here now - I really hope I survive and come out the other side of this black hole.

They couldn't make up all the shit of the last year: parents divorcing after 42 years fairly acrimoniously, hometown destroyed by mudslide after a massive forest fire that had threatened to destroy it, bullying and difficulties at work (but have now quit and am happily unemployed) and now this with BIL. Oh and my aunt (who is more like my mum) is in intensive care after major surgery. And then there's all this ttc/ivf malarchy on top of it. God I feel like such a drama queen, but honestly this has been the shittest year... I think just all of it is making me a little crazy... maybe I should up my antidepressants...

CupcakeVampire Mon 07-May-18 12:40:54

Hello, can I pitch up here too?

I will (hopefully) be having a FET in June or July, most likely July I think. This will be round 2 treatment wise, but my first FET. My first fresh transfer resulted in a BFP and everything was progressing well until it wasn't and I had a miscarriage just before the 12 week point sad

However, on the positive side I have a good stockpile of frosties that I plan on working my way through till I get one to go the distance.

I've got everything arranged with the clinic so I'm organised for once. I will be doing a short protocol as I'm usually fairly regular cycle wise so will be using progynova which is a new one for me. I wasn't too bad with the other meds on my previous cycle and I'm hopeful it won't be as hard on my body. I'm waiting a couple of cycles before I go again just to make sure everything has gone back to normal and we have a short break away coming up soon so I didn't want to start anything in the middle of that.

windy2909 Mon 07-May-18 21:29:39

@cupcakevampire - hello! So sorry for your loss with the miscarriage. That must have been so difficult.

@physicskate - we’ll hopefully talking on here will help you as we’re all going through it and know what’s it’s like.

What a lovely, sunny bank holiday Monday we’ve all had! Hope you’ve all been relaxing and enjoying some sunshine?! 😎

physicskate Mon 07-May-18 22:02:55

I definitely made a good amount of vit d this weekend!! Acupuncture tomorrow should hopefully be relaxing too. She puts a needle on my ear that sends me straight off to dream world...

Cupcake - I wish I had your positivity! That's awesome that you have Frosties! Fingers crossed!!

I'm hoping I can safely post in infertility. Not risking conception board again...

Beherenow32 Tue 08-May-18 06:54:02

@physicskate yeah, spoil yourself and do as much as you can to relax I’ve always been too nervous to try accupuncture. Going for massages instead.

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. The worry doesn’t end with a BFP. Which is such a shame 😔 @CupcakeVampire. Wishing you lots of luck this time round

@windy2909 you’re right about the use of Annual leave! Will need to sort something else now. No more holidays left 😞
I was working yesterday, but lots of lovely weather at the weekend xx

DuchyDuke Tue 08-May-18 11:53:04

Going to be 38 this year, have pcos still in the overweight bmi range but am reducing it slowly but surely this month so hopefully will be bmi 26 in June. Jog 2/3 times a week, walk 10k steps per day, long hikes twice a week. Calorie count. Taking seven seas’ mini pills, metformin, and trying to watch my macros / fish intake.

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