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BFP after IVF: any other nervous ladies in need of a handhold?

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wombats Mon 26-Mar-18 06:51:22

I've had my BFP after our first FET and in a bit of a state analysing symptoms/lack of symptoms. Had two losses prior to starting IVF so really can't get my head round what might be normal or not. Clinic will scan me at six weeks, but that is two very long weeks away! Anyone else in a similar position? xxx

1Wanda1 Mon 26-Mar-18 10:39:35

Hi Wombats. Congratulations on your BFP! I can understand your worry. Over on the Third Time Lucky thread, decafplease has got a BFP, and like you she suffered a loss previously. I'm sure there are lots of ladies on this board who can sympathise. All you can do is keep telling yourself there's no reason to worry without any sign of anything wrong. And let the time pass. And probably keep POAS (I know I would, just to keep seeing the line!)

Decafplease Mon 26-Mar-18 15:43:45

Hi wombats as wanda said, ive got a BFP again this cycle, after a BFP and mmc last cycle. Today is not a good day though for me, had some brown spotting so having a major wobble! Am about 5 weeks, which is about same point in cycle that embryo stopped growing last time, so majorly panicked! Its so hard - you would think we would at least be able to enjoy our hard earned BFPs! My scan is 6th April. When is yours? X

wombats Mon 26-Mar-18 18:25:08

Hi wanda and decaf, thanks for your messages.

Oh decaf, sorry you've had a rough day. I also had a bit of brown when I wiped (like little tissue flecks) after being on my feet all day. Absolutely terrible. I'm so envious of everyone who falls easily, buys a babygro and carries to term. I'm only 4 weeks today, never made it past 5+3, no scan booked yet. Trying to remind myself that loads of women have some spotting when they're due on and have healthy babies. But my utter lack of other symptoms is driving me mental. Will they move your scan forward at all? Have you had a beta done? So sorry you're in this rubbish limbo, but thank you for the camaraderie xxx

Decafplease Mon 26-Mar-18 19:55:07

Hi wombats i know, how amazing it must be to just enjoy being pregnant and start planning for a baby! My clinic will only scan me at 7w, as they say scans before that are inconclusive and will only make me more anxious. My betas were good this time, so trying to focus on that. Have you had your beta done? Hope this bfp sticks for both of us! X

wombats Mon 26-Mar-18 20:39:33

Hi decaf, no beta for me yet. My official day to test is Weds, but just had a feeling so tested early :/ Will test again Weds and go from there. How are you feeling this evening? Any more spotting? I hope this is it for both of us, too! Xxx

DameSylvieKrin Tue 27-Mar-18 18:46:56

Hi ladies, congrats on the bfps! I’m 10 weeks today after two failed cycles, although am just sitting in a&e to see if that’s still the case.

DameSylvieKrin Tue 27-Mar-18 18:49:38

Btw if you have spotting don’t forget that the progesterone pessaries irritate the vagina and cervix so we can’t even be sure that the bleeding comes from the uterus. I’ve had a couple of episodes followed by a scan and it was fine each time (this time I have a UTI so who knows).

wombats Tue 27-Mar-18 18:51:12

Welcome Dame, sorry you're in A&E. What's happened?

Decaf, how are you getting on today?

I've not had any more spotting today and had an instant dark positive on FRER this morning so feeling a bit better, today at least.

Decafplease Tue 27-Mar-18 19:04:31

Welcome dame. Sorry you are in A&E, hope for a good outcome for you!
wombats good no more spotting! Maybe was implantation related?
AFM, still same. Called clinic and they basically said the same thing. Could be pessaries, scan wont show anything at this stage. Be positive & wait. 🤷‍♀️ So I’m trying smile

DameSylvieKrin Tue 27-Mar-18 21:11:30

Just back from a&e, all fine (apparently gp read test wrong) and foetus has arms and legs and is very active. I’m still in a tonne of pain from the inflammation after the stimulation but hopefully just for two more weeks.

Decafplease Tue 27-Mar-18 21:16:01

dame glad all fine! Apart from you being in pain of course! X

wombats Tue 27-Mar-18 21:34:16

Dame, fan news! Sorry youre in pain but must be wonderful to see your wee one thriving on screen xx

Decaf, sorry your clinic couldn't provide more solid response but perhaps good that they're not overly concerned? Fingers crossed and sending you loads of positive thoughts xx

DameSylvieKrin Wed 28-Mar-18 06:43:21

My DW had strong red bleeding at 6–9 weeks when she was pg with our DD, also IVF. You would be amazed at how much you can bleed and still have a healthy baby.

wombats Wed 28-Mar-18 07:58:28

Yes, incredible, isn't it? They say it may be the embryo/placenta burrowing in and displacing some of the womb tissue! I've also read women have more bleeding with IVF, not sure why or whether it's true. Fingers crossed no more bleeding for any of us, though! Xx

Ilikesweetpeas Wed 28-Mar-18 09:08:56

Just wanted to say a bog good luck to you all. My DC is an IVF baby so I know what you're going through. Hope you all have the best outcome thanks

penguinsandpanda Wed 28-Mar-18 09:18:45

Hoping for a smooth pregnancy for you. My daughter was IVF and bled 10 times up to week 12 or 13 including one massive red bleed where PJs were soaked in red blood everywhere. She survived, I was a nervous wreck but you can certainly bleed and have a baby fine. The people I knew bled most with IVF early on had twins, not sure how that works, maybe double the implantation.

79Karen Wed 28-Mar-18 09:52:37

Hi everyone, congratulations on your bfp’s. May I tentatively join? Just got my bfp about an hour ago following a FET. My journey ttc has been very long starting 8 years ago. This is pregnancy number 4 for me, 3 previous early losses so I definitely understand the anxiety of spotting/bleeding. I’m gonna take each day as it comes

DameSylvieKrin Wed 28-Mar-18 10:42:46

Congratulations, Karen!

Decafplease Wed 28-Mar-18 12:50:42

Congrats karen and welcome to our little club! The more hands to hold the better!
Thanks everyone who left kind reassuring messages! I have a big work project today, stressed about that, then stressing what the stress might do to the embryo. Ah the joys of ivf!
How are you today wombats & dame?

wombats Wed 28-Mar-18 14:23:48

Congrats Karen and welcome! I've had two losses too. Every cramp or small bit of discharge I feel has me panicked. Taking things one hour at a time! What is your next step?

Penguins and sweet pea, thank you for the reassurance. It helps to know that these BFPs turn into healthy babies smile Feels unreal right now.

Anyone having any symptoms? I'm 11dp5dt, sometimes feeling sick, a bit tired, and vivid dreams. And sometimes like I might come on my period but then just white discharge. And funny little pulling feelings in my groin, at my leg, after I've been walking a bit. But otherwise no breast symptoms or spots or anything...xx

DameSylvieKrin Wed 28-Mar-18 15:02:38

I’m actually feeling much better, thank you Wombats. I’ve been off work for four weeks but starting thinking that I might be able to go back next week.
I found the first few weeks the worst in terms of symptom spotting and wondering what this and that means. Suddenly after the viability scan things speeded up!

79Karen Wed 28-Mar-18 15:26:16

Thank you everyone, I have my viability scan booked for 19th April, so 3 weeks. Never made it as far as 7 weeks before and have never seen a heartbeat (or anything more than a sac/yolk sac). I really didn’t have a clue whether it had worked or not as the progesterone mimics so many symptoms. The hot sweats at night and sore boobs made me think maybe, but I have had some light cramps so I thought that might be af. Goes to show you really can’t tell.

Hope you are all doing well today, one day at a time

79Karen Wed 28-Mar-18 16:28:15

Actually talking of vivid dreams Wombats I dreamt last night that I went to the clinic for my blood test and when I go there it was Dr Christian from embarrassing bodies doing the test 😂

Bruges21 Thu 29-Mar-18 09:35:32

Hi everyone, please can I nervously join? Congratulations on your BFPs and hope you're all coping with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it!

I'm 12dp5dt today. Got strong BFP on FRER at 10dp5dt but line was much lighter when repeated FRER this morning. But clearblue Digi has changed from 1-2 weeks yesterday to 2-3 weeks today! Not sure what to think, had CP last year and worried this is heading in same direction, will just have to repeat in few days.

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