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IVF/ICSI (2) - A supportive group of ladies at various stages of the ivf/icsi journey

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Starlumiere Wed 21-Mar-18 12:00:46

Here is the next thread lovelies!

Starlumiere Wed 21-Mar-18 12:04:23

@PonyPals I am very sorry to hear your news. Look after yourself. Regroup. We are here for you sweetie XXX

Janefx40 Wed 21-Mar-18 12:58:13

Hi guys! Were we running out of space?

Aliona19 Wed 21-Mar-18 15:40:47

Yeah Jane, only allowed under 1000 posts x

Liverpool19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:25:44

Hi everyone. I know it’s only been a couple of days BUT.... did anyone notice/feel anything going on? Like I’ve had a couple of cramps on off and tiredness today has been on another level 😂 but that’s it. I’m not sure what/if anything I should be experiencing.


Aliona19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:27:10

@dinksandbinks Hey how are you doing?!? Haven’t heard from you for ages!

Aliona19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:28:40

Lol Liverpool19 hard is it?! Every little thing and u going crazy 😅 I had not cramps really but pressure in my belly very early, and dizziness!!

Janefx40 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:30:52

We talk too much! Maxed out the thread...

Question for you all? How long did it take to get a period the Month after IVF? I had a period after the IVF failed - heavier than normal. But I'm now on cycle day 38 and usually have 27 day cycles. I don't know when I ovulated - I tested for a bit but gave up after a week of negatives. But I feel like I've had progesterone pumping around me for a while. Boobs growing then shrinking. Some cramps which have since disappeared.

Bleed girl bleed!!


Liverpool19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:32:09

aliona it’s getting on my nerves 😂. I’ve felt like a bit or pressure underneath and my belly felt heavy yesterday but today apart from being tired nothing 😂😂 xx

Aliona19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:36:33

Liverpool 😂 yeah still now, pressure comes and goes, not constant. Stay calm 😂

Aliona19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:38:52

Jane my periods were always been 28 days on a dot, after ivf first few month they were something like 32/33 and first one extremely painful, really bad.. last month before the fet period was abt 29 days. Totally normal after what our bodies go through xx

Janefx40 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:53:40

Thanks @Aliona19 at least I am normal.

@Liverpool19 when is your test date? Did you say Easter?


Liverpool19 Wed 21-Mar-18 17:57:32

Yes jane good Friday. Fingers crossed it is good 😂. Sorry I can’t help with your question but my cycles are always between 30-40 days 🙈 xx

Starlumiere Wed 21-Mar-18 21:22:18

@Liverpool19 you are making me laugh!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It is a long 2 weeks and so many challenges!! 😂😂😂😂 I had pulling and pressure the first 3/4 days. Sensations I never had before. It really depends! Good luck sweetie pie! 🍀🙏🏻🤞✨👶

@janefx40 after the miscarriage I bled at 29 days and last month 28, which I was shocked about! The first cycle was painful indeed really did not enjoy it as I usually don’t suffer at all. I should have my AF next week so will let you know. I guess it depends on the body like the rest of the journey!!!! 😘

Everybody else ok?

wombats Thu 22-Mar-18 05:02:57

Hi ladies, alright if I join? I'm 5dp5dt and going mad! Liverpool, I had some aches and soreness for Days 1-2 and then some mild cramps day 3-4. Up to the loo in the middle of the night. Can't stop analysing every little thing, feel like an absolute loon!

Aliona19 Thu 22-Mar-18 05:27:03

Wombats 😅 unfortunately it doesn’t end at 2ww 😂😂 be ready for the next 8+ month to do the same. Hang on there, u nearly half way through 😘

wombats Thu 22-Mar-18 05:43:10

Thanks Aliona, really hope this go is successful! Test day is Weds but prob going to test this weekend, what do you think? Have a wedding next week, would love to have some idea beforehand so AF doesn't catch me by surprise! Xxx

Liverpool19 Thu 22-Mar-18 06:06:21

Welcome wombats
today I have woken up with a blocked nose, headache and a heavy feeling 😂😂 I didn't honestly think I’d be this bad analysing everything 🙈🙈

dinksandbinks Thu 22-Mar-18 09:35:33

Hi everyone!!

And hello @Aliona19!! Thanks for thinking of me!! I’m here, lurking, and sending virtual love and luck to everyone. Been taking a back seat because I kind of feel like the school graduate who still tries to hang around for too long ;)

I know it’s been a really challenging time for some people, and I don’t want to go on too much “ohhhh pregnancy is making me so tired” when some people have had bad news. Makes me feel guilty for my good news. I know I shouldn’t, but I remember this time last year I was pregnant and that ended up in ectopic and I did not want to hear anything from anyone about anything even closely related to pregnancy!!

All is well here, wee man is doing great, mostly at my expense but I am willing to take the hit! Also my friends tell me “tough pregnancy = easy birth” and I am clinging on to that with all strength!!

I hope everyone’s ok, I do think of you all lots and wish you all the same luck I’ve had.

Aliona - I remember it being so stressful at the beginning. I don’t think I allowed myself to ‘feel’ pregnant until the 12 week scan, esp because I had so much bleeding. Even after then, the bleeding made me always cautious. But the time passes quite quickly in hindsight!

To those waiting for periods - they’re like flipping buses. Sending hurry-up thoughts to your hormones!!

Aliona19 Thu 22-Mar-18 12:36:48

Aww @dinksandbinks nice hearing from you. I can understand why you not here anymore, I do feel same sometimes. Feel bad when I moan, but what can you do? I am not ungrateful, it’s just I don’t feel great. Monaing helps 😊 my first scan is 4th April, it’s like 8.5 weeks I should be 😤😤 making me wait forever. Fed up stressing out. How’s your house business going? Fixed everything? Moved? What’s happening?

@wombats it’s up to u )) I always get told off for being little 😈😈😈 But I couldn’t hold on without testing early, so it’s your choice 😋

dinksandbinks Thu 22-Mar-18 12:48:29

@Aliona19 First trimester was absolutely awful for me, too. So I feel your pain!! And it’s horrid feeling like you should be more grateful... but then you feel shit... argh. Mentally it is so challenging.

Haha our house is not even on the market yet!! The kitchen is almost finished, but the bathroom is still a total mess sad We need to get the garden re-turfed and then replace carpet in the living room and stairs because the builders ruined it. SO much to do.

I am watching houses come and go on Rightmove, and getting the rage at next door and their stupid dog that howls and barks 24/7 because they never walk it (it is a border collie... even I know they need a LOT of exercise).

DH is getting cold feet about moving with a baby, but I think this is our last chance to move for a while - because once I go back to work I know it will be so much harder to manage a baby, a job, and a house move.

Sorry I am all sunshine and happiness today 😂😂😂

Janefx40 Thu 22-Mar-18 13:06:00

Hi @dinksandbinks I can't speak for anyone else and I know people respond differently to these things - but personally I love hearing from "graduates"! For me, it's helpful to feel like I'm part of a process that can actually lead to a pregnancy and Baby. When I was on the TTC boards before, it got depressing just endlessly watching us all get BFNs month after month and anyone who got a BFP disappeared.

@Aliona19 keep complaining! It's not the same as someone who got pregnant first try moaning. We know that you've been through all the crap and are grateful to be pregnant - but that doesn't mean you don't feel crap. You are entitled to moan!!

Just my view anyway


Liverpool19 Thu 22-Mar-18 13:51:13

Hi dinks nice to hear you and baby are keeping well (apart from the obvious*
I’ve just got a letter from the hospital to say 3 of our embryos have been frozen for us so I am happy with that. Fingers crossed I don’t need them for a while 😂


Starlumiere Thu 22-Mar-18 13:55:04

Hey @dinkandbinks! So nice to hear from you! We want to know about you and how you are feeling. We all have and had our share of pain and by sharing on here it helps! Please don't shy away! Have you been on holiday yet? When are you due?

@Aliona19 don't worry puppet you've got this! It isn't easy, so moan away!

@Liverpool19 that's great news sweetie! I loved your post first thing in the morning! lol lol you crack me up?

What about @Rose sweetie? @Minster you good?

Anybody else?


Winnie56 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:55:48

HI Ladies

@PonyPals i am sorry to hear of your news xx

I had my information session yesterday and I have a feeling that I may have missed out on an appointment somewhere with a doctor. In November we had an appointment with the consultant - fast track day - sperm analysis and ultrasound. Got our results the same day and was told I needed an updated smear test and bloods for HIV, HEP etc. These were done and sent back via email. I had then had a call with the nurse a couple of weeks later who said they were happy to apply for funding. Then received a call a month later to say funding had been granted and they were ready to book us in for our information session, over the phone nurse asked me for the date of my last period and said I was having the short protocal. Yesterday when the nurse was going through our consent forms and how I would notify them about when my period arrived and what to do, I was trying to ask questions which were personal to me and not something you could bring up in the information session and she kept saying ‘but your doctor should have run through this with you. I haven’t spoken with a doctor / consultant since November and it was only the nurse on the phone that told me about what treatment I would be having on the phone and she said she wasn’t too sure that is what the doctors decided. I did some reason online myself and assumed because I had polycystic ovaries this may be the reason. Do you think I have missed out on an appointment somewhere?

Anyway.. apparently the reason why is because I do have a lot of follicles on my ovaries - 45 to be exact and the nurse said and they need to be very careful in stimulating me. I have polycystic ovaries but not the syndrome. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I am really scared now I am going to get OHSS or they are over cautious and they don't stimulate me enough and I have no eggs. The nurse was due to go to her own hospital appointment and seemed to rush us out of the door and told me to email with any questions I had.

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