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IVF Cycle postponed until next cycle due to OHSS

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JMD7 Tue 06-Mar-18 16:52:37

Hi there,
I am in the middle of my 1st IVF treatment. I went through egg collection about a week ago which produced 19 eggs leading to 8 blastocyst embryos. The doctor at the clinic has told me that I can't have my embryo transfer until my next cycle or maybe even the cycle after due to my ovaries still being enlarged and some fluid pockets in there. I barely had any symptoms apart from slight swelling. Does anyone have a similar experience in having to wait another month or two for embryo transfer? Any tips for calming OHSS?

JoJoSM2 Tue 06-Mar-18 17:18:23

I had the same (only my ovaries were completely mad and there were over 30 eggs...) I was put on medication to avoid OHSS and it was a lucky escape as I only got very mild symptoms (some bloating) + some dodgy ones from the meds. Unfortunately, I can't recommend any diet/exercise etc for helping with OHSS as I didn't do any.

The doctor recommended waiting 3 cycles but I was being impatient and had my transfer after 2. I'm not sure that I was entirely ready as my lining was playing up ( and it had always been very good before). However, it did work and we've got a little boy on the way.

JMD7 Wed 07-Mar-18 11:48:48

Thanks for the response, JoJo smile
Oh wow, 30 eggs, that sounds very full on!

When I was told that I have to wait until next cycle, I burst into tears as we have already waited a fair bit of time to get the IVF happening, and now more time hanging on. I understand that the clinic can't take any risks and I do want to be as well as possible for ET. I've been doing gentle yoga and swims, I suppose it can't harm the situation!

And congratulations on your result! I hope it's a healthy pregnancy so far, you must be so excited x

windy2909 Wed 07-Mar-18 13:04:53

I’m in the exact same position just now. Had collection on Monday and had been told the Friday before it was to have to be a freeze all. They were disappointed to only collect 6 eggs as they expected more. 3 fertilised and are currently resting in an incubator, with me hoping and praying that they hang on in there and are suitable for freezing 🤞🤞

thirtyplusone Wed 07-Mar-18 13:11:10

Hi OP. 55 eggs here, me and my melons for ovaries took a few months off and am now 7 weeks pregnant smile
Rest rest and do drink all the water. I was advised against any pilates because of possible twisting of the ovaries but I do have a stuck ovary so I can't speak for everyone in this case.
You'll be back on at before you know it!

JoJoSM2 Wed 07-Mar-18 14:43:37

Thirtyplusone, that's a crazy number of eggs! Congrats on the pregnancysmile

OP, I know it's difficult to remain patient when you've been going through the infertility palaver for years. We had a lot of bad luck and things getting postponed too... But on the plus side, 8 blasts is an amazing result so you're actually in a great position to get this far. And waiting for transfer will ensure your body is ready - and you do want it ready as pregnancy can be a very sucky time and you might feel awful and achy.

JMD7 Tue 13-Mar-18 18:05:54

Thank you all smile , I went for a scan two days ago (first day of new cycle) and my ovaries are still enlarged. They say I probably need another month for everything to get back to normal so the FET isn't taking place this cycle, fingers crossed that it's next cycle.
I think I was put on too high a dose of menopur by the doctor as she judged my AMH levels as slightly low for my age.
I understand that there could be complications if I do get pregnant at the moment, I can't help but want to try naturally this month... probably shouldn't!

@thirtyplusone Oh wow, I can't imagine how 55 eggs would have felt ! How many months is a few months off? Just curious as to how long a wait it could be. Big congratulations on your news!

@windy2909 I'm keeping my hopes up for your eggs, hope that the 3 fertilised are good ones. The extra waiting is putting me on edge, trying to keep busy to stay sane. Have you been told if you can go ahead on your next cycle or may it be longer?


thirtyplusone Tue 13-Mar-18 18:24:30

I felt like a hippopotamus, when we started I was a small size six 7.4 stone. Now a happy 8.3 but much better for it, i tried to put on weight during everything to increase our chances. We were recommended 2 cycles rest, I can’t remember exact dates now but it was around end of August and we started again in January but we opted to wait that long ourselves for various non related reasons like moving house. At the time I was disappointed but glad we waited now. Looking back I know my body is in a much better state to carry a healthy pregnancy.

8 is a great number. We defrosted 9 and all were viable, transferring one 4AA.

windy2909 Tue 13-Mar-18 19:59:20

Hiya, thank you. We managed to get 2 frozen, which I consider not bad considering we only had 6 to start with! My clinic have said I would definitely have to wait 2 cycles so I’ll be going for it as soon as we get the go ahead. Hopefully we’ll both be ready for a transfer around the same time x

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