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Sperm DNA Fragmentation

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twinkledag Fri 02-Mar-18 19:23:43

Any success stories with this problem?

twinkledag Sat 03-Mar-18 16:48:52


hoping2018 Sat 03-Mar-18 18:35:14

I was just about to ask the same thing! We're being tested for it (after 14 fertilised embryos failed to produce any good quality blasts) and dr said would do surgical speed retrieval if so as this may partially overcome it and help our odds.

How come you've ended up wondering about speed dna fragmentation?

twinkledag Sat 03-Mar-18 22:18:10

DH was tested for this last week and it came up as 20%. Don't know what to think now!

hoping2018 Sat 03-Mar-18 23:07:12

20% sounds not too bad to me? But I've only read a bit on it - have you spoken to the consultant about it yet?

EarlGreyT Sat 03-Mar-18 23:07:15

Yes we have had success with this. I think our DFI was 50% (or maybe it just came back as >50% I can’t quite remember).

We had 5 unsuccessful fresh cycles of ICSI/IMSI which I suspect largely failed due to my knackered ovaries. After 5 cycles we had the DFI test. On the 6th cycle when we had surgical sperm retrieval it worked.

EarlGreyT Sat 03-Mar-18 23:08:36

I agree with hoping, I thought 20% wasn’t too bad as well!.

hoping2018 Sat 03-Mar-18 23:21:18

@EarlGreyT glad to hear a success story - thanks for sharing x

twinkledag Sun 04-Mar-18 07:51:49

These are the results. Got a call with the consultant on Tuesday.

Can anyone help with analysing these results?

twinkledag Sun 04-Mar-18 20:31:52

Shameless bump smile

EarlGreyT Sun 04-Mar-18 23:14:06

I don’t know enough about the DFI test to advise you on this, but I’m sure your consultant will be able to do so on Tuesday. We were offered a TESA, but our DFI results were worse than yours and we’d already had several unsuccessful cycles of treatment.

The most striking thing to me about your results is the low % of normal morphology. I’m not sure where you are along the road of infertility, but based on these results I expect your clinic will offer you ICSI.

I expect they’ll also advise re lifestyle factors to try and improve sperm quality if they haven’t already advised you about this.

twinkledag Mon 05-Mar-18 08:45:36

Thanks @EarlGreyT.

This will be our 3rd cycle. Have a 3.5-year-old DS.

The clinic have said because of my age (39) to not delay any further and just go for it.

I am with Serum in Athens and my DH has already done the 40 day anti biotics sperm retrieval antibiotics.

hoping2018 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:33:35

Hi @twinkledag how did you get on with the consultant? My DH DFI has also comeback at 20%

twinkledag Wed 14-Mar-18 10:01:47

We didnt have the call in the end so I don't know. Meeting him tomorrow and will let you know the outcome @hoping2018.

hoping2018 Wed 14-Mar-18 11:30:58

Thanks @twinkledag the letter we got said 20% is moderately high. Our follow up is another 2 weeks to find out if they therefore recommend surgical spermicide retrieval - we were told if high if would be worth trying for next ICSI.

twinkledag Wed 14-Mar-18 11:34:36

I'll be sure to ask tomorrow @hoping2018 thanks

twinkledag Thu 15-Mar-18 13:56:32

Hoping - the consultant said 20% is classes as high but it's not the highest they've seen and will reduce your chances.

Hope this helps.

hoping2018 Thu 15-Mar-18 16:13:27

Thanks @twinkledag that's useful to know. I expect we will try surgical sperm retrieval - kind of feel like we have to! Otherwise would always wondered if it would have helped x

twinkledag Thu 15-Mar-18 17:39:39

I'm seeing him again tomorrow. Is there anything else you would like me to ask him?

hoping2018 Thu 15-Mar-18 18:39:27

Thanks @twinkledag very sweet of you to offer - to be honest I think only my consultant can answer my questions - though I trawl the internet trying to find answers myself!!

Id be interested to hear if they think you'd benefit from SST though?

I think they normally offer if lots of failed cycles - we've only had one cycle but we got 20 eggs so was fairly obvious there was an egg or sperm quality issue as only poor quality embryos and nothing to freeze x

twinkledag Thu 15-Mar-18 19:32:42

I've had two rounds so far. First 24 eggs, only 2 went to blastocyst - got DS from the FET.

Second round got 14 eggs. 2 went to blastocyst, fresh and FET failed.

twinkledag Thu 15-Mar-18 19:53:51

Meant to add -
Both times we used ICSI. Don't know what they're planning this time.

hoping2018 Thu 15-Mar-18 20:08:02

Sounds similar to me but you're managing a bit better! We failed to get any good enough to freeze even (and BFN with one that was transferred - quality grade AC, so wasn't surprised) let me know how you get on x

twinkledag Thu 15-Mar-18 21:32:40

Our grades have been 4AB, 4BB (DS). 4BB and 4BC. Should be triggering over weekend and egg collection early next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

hoping2018 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:46:22

Best of luck to you x

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