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Bleeding whilst stimming - ivf

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anniemay123 Sun 18-Feb-18 21:05:47

Hi ladies,

I’m currently undergong my first round of ivf.

Started down regging in early jan but at first scan my lining Was still too thick so instead of started stims I was told to take progesterone pesseries and then stop after 5 days in order to bring on a bleed.

Between the scan and starting pesseries I did actually have a bit more bleeding but the nurse I spoke to said she couldn’t imagine it was enough.

Didn’t get my periods after stopping the pesseries but at my next scan my lining was thin enough and I started stims (so the bleed before pesseries was obviously enough).

All looked ok at my scan after starting stims last Friday - there were enlarged follicles but they weren’t big enough and I was told to come for another scan early next week - but I now seem to have bleeding :-(. I would have expected to start my period in the next few days but assumed the injections and nasal spray would prevent this. I’m not bleeding properly but am worried that this is the start of a period.

Has anyone’s had anything similar? Is it a problem for continuing with egg collection?

I’m feeling down about this - I was hoping all would go ok....but I guess emotional ups and downs are part of the experience.

Thanks for any advice

HelloMist Tue 20-Feb-18 17:53:38

Hi AnnieMay, I don't have any advice I'm afraid but saw you've had no replies yet. How is the bleeding now? Have you told your clinic? Your lining should be building up during stims so it doesn't seem right that you're bleeding now. Maybe if it's light they won't worry but maybe they will want to adjust your medication? I'm not sure. Best wishes.

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