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IVF - advice needed on timescales/if I should wait a little longer?

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Lottiel28 Sun 18-Feb-18 11:26:38

Hi ladies!
I’m hoping some fellow women on here could offer me some advice.
Just a bit of background...We have been with our local fertility clininc for 6 months now, test for me (29) and DH (32) have come back good, except my progesterone levels on day 21 were always very low (on the 3 blood tests done). We were given Clomid to try for 6 months in October 2017. I got pregnant first time (after 16 months ttc #1) but unfortunately this ended in MC in December. We restarted Clomid in Jan and no pregnancies since sad

At the time of our next fertility appointment (in a few weeks) we will have been ttc for 20months. I spoke to the doctor on the phone last week, they advised the last 3 rounds of Clomid I have will be the last (as they can’t prescribe it for longer than 6 months) and the next step is IVF referral.

HOWEVER she advised, because of my age and our results, I wait until November 2018 and ttc naturally before they refer us for IVF (as that will be a year since we last got pregnant). Apparently because my cycles are regular (28 days) she said it means I am in fact ovulating (regardless of the day 21 results and my AF only lasting 1 day). This has totally confused me and goes against everything I have read?

The decision is ours (or at least I hope they can make us wait, can they?) so I guess my questions are:

1. if we decided to go ahead with the referal in March 2018, what are the next steps and when would we realistically be starting IVF (with current wait lists etc)?

2. Did anyone on here wait a little longer and get pregnant before ivf (without Clomid or any other fertility drugs?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! During the call with the Dr I thought about holding off on the referal till then, but the more I think about the more I think I’m best starting the process now so I can prepare myself mentally.

pickupapenguin2 Sun 18-Feb-18 11:42:38

Hi lottie

Sorry I can’t give you much advice but I am pretty much at exactly the same stage as you so just wanted to say hi and send flowers

I finished 6 months clomid in Dec and have my next appt at the fertility clinic this week which I’m pretty sure will result in a IVF referral. All mine and DHs tests came back fine apart from high LH levels for me, I have long cycles and don’t ovulate every month. Been TTC nearly 2 years now. If I were you I’d get cracking with the IV, from others I have spoken to even when you’ve been referred it can still take a while to get going with it so still time for you to still TTC naturally. I’m sure others who are going through it/have been through it will be along soon to give you more of a idea.

physicskate Sun 18-Feb-18 12:26:58

Waiting lists vary markedly by ccg. Some have waits of a year. Mine (fortunately) has no wait lists. Some also allow for multiple cycles (nice suggests 3). Other ccg offer one cycle (like mine) and several cater for no cycles...

So I'm afraid it's a minefield and others' experience may be very dissimilar to yours...

TickTock10 Sun 18-Feb-18 17:27:04

I didn't get IVF through the NHS so will leave those who have to respond.

I can speak as someone going through the IVF journey, I would recommend to push for a referral sooner than later, the whole process is quite a long timeline, and I suspect for obvious reasons the NHS would be longer than the private route.

Lottiel28 Sun 18-Feb-18 21:52:16

Thank you all for your responses!
Pickupapenguin2, it’s rubbish isn’t it flowers but I hope your referral goes well and wishing you lots of luck through your ivf journey! As for all you ladies on here!
I think I will just start the ball rolling! We’re fortunate that our CCG (currently) offers 3 rounds and with nhs cut back it’s probably best to get the referral now before they change the rules! xxx

TickTock10 Mon 19-Feb-18 02:12:48

3 rounds? Wow!
Well goodluck, and wish you all the best!

Minster2012 Mon 19-Feb-18 21:34:50

Definitely get the referral in! Things can take a while or not like someone else said it depends on your area & their wait but if you get 3 goes then def get on that referral as that’s v rare!

We just got v lucky & it worked on our first & only NHS attempt (transferring to my friend as our surrogate as I can’t carry) but we didn’t get many embryos to freeze for any potential siblings so we are now self funding another round to try & put some embryos in the freezer whilst she is pregnant as it’s the only other opportunity I will have for egg collection but we even have to pay for storage costs of our 1 remaining embryo from the first lot! So definitely jump on that referral!! Sometimes it just needs the scientists involved to nudge em in the right direction!

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 20-Feb-18 09:05:56

Do you actually have a diagnosis of the underlying problem?

It sounds like they've mentioned IVF simply because they do not know what is wrong nor really what to do with you now. Its a massive leap as well to go from clomid to IVF. I also feel you have received very poor service from this clinic to date.

I would seek a second opinion from another clinic (is this NHS or private?) particularly if you do not have any diagnosis. Is IVF right for you at all, no-one medical here has seemingly sat you down and talked about why you should have this.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 20-Feb-18 09:09:23


Has anyone mentioned PCOS to you as a potential diagnosis?. I thought of this when I was reading about your high LH levels and long anovulatory cycles.

I would certainly ask them at length about other forms of treatment and not immediately consider IVF; IVF and PCOS can be uneasy bedfellows due to a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation.

pickupapenguin2 Tue 20-Feb-18 09:23:50

attila I have had blood tests and scans for PCOS and all came back fine. I have been told by 2 different consultants I do not have PCOS. I am back at the fertility clinic this week to discuss my options going forward.

physicskate Tue 20-Feb-18 09:44:30

Attila - I am in the exact same boat.

polycystic ovaries here(but doc says not pcos because I 'don't look like I have pcos' but they won't run the lh/fsh bloods), but they prescribed 6 months of clomid and then I go straight to ivf.

ttc 23 months.

As it's all NHS, I am a bit loathe to pay out the nose for uncertainty, as I am aware that not all infertility can be diagnosed. It seems a bit like a money pit and I've just quit my job because I couldn't handle the stress of both. Oh and I'm 34 - so time is ticking loudly!!!

So far, the tests I've been offered:
FSH (6.1), rubella (positive for immunity), chlamydia (negative for antibodies)
Ultrasound that found polycystic ovaries.
6 rounds of clomid. First cycle tracked - three ultrasounds (discovered 'tiny' fibroid within endometrium). One cd21 blood test confirmed ovulation.

And onwards to IVF... my consultant says the best way to diagnose infertility and learn about how an individual's body works is through the process of IVF.

Lottiel28 Tue 20-Feb-18 20:53:51

Thanks all for your replies. I think I am very lucky to get 3 rounds in my CCG but the sounds of things. Definitely going to push for referral.

Atilla- Yes, it is an NHS clinic I am with. I haven’t had a diagnosis, just ‘unexplained infertility’. Initially they said I am either not ovulating or having anovulatory cycles due to Progesterone levels on x3 test being <30mnol (first was 2mnol, second 20 & third 19). HSG and ultrasounds all came back ok. Was put on Clomid but now only have 3 cycles left on this.
The call with the Dr last week changed though, and she said I ‘probably am ovulating’ regardless of cd21 tests.

We are going on to month 21 now, and we do have regular sex (every other day) to try and max chances but still nothing.

I don’t think the clinic know what else to do and advised that’s where they’re input ends and next step is IVF.

Minster- just wanted to say congrats on the successful ET to your (amazing!) friend!! How fantastic! Hope further EC and freezing goes well for you x

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