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Referred to gynaecology

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Pinkroseuk Tue 13-Feb-18 21:06:47

Hi guys-
I have PCOS and been referred to gynaecology after 6 months on metformin and still no periods.
Has anyone been in a similar situation? What are they likely to suggest?
I've been told I'm not eligible for IVF as my weight is too high ( I'm dieting but with little effect atm)

Starting to feel low as feel I'm not getting anywhere - I don't want to come away from the appointments with just a come back in a year when you have lost weight :/
My previous doctor already said wait 2 years and see if anything happens

Thanks any help would be great

Belle723 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:47:43

Hi pinkrose

PCOS affects people in very different ways but I think the may suggest a supplement called Inofolic (buy it online approx £30 a month) - but the main thing which will help is losing weight - I know it's hard with PCOS - I have it too - but it's the best treatment.

To be eligible for clomid most places like your BMI less than 35 and for IVF less than 30.

It also improves your chances of natural conception. Good luck in your TTC journey. You will find loads of help and support and people in similar situations on these boards!

Pinkroseuk Tue 13-Feb-18 21:55:38

Hi @Belle723 thankyou-
Yes I have been trying to loose weight but with little success.
I have been on the infolic for about a month too so will keep going with those -

Thankyou there have been some lovely people on here to chat with

Belle723 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:59:56

I find that a higher protein lower carb diet is better for PCOS. You're doing everything you can - just stick to it! Good luck with the gynaecologist

Pinkroseuk Tue 13-Feb-18 22:06:06

Thankyou smile fingers crossed!

Motherhood123 Wed 04-Apr-18 08:58:37

Hi i was also referred by gp to fertillity clinic in salford after 10 months ttc. I was also given metformin 500mg to help loose weight till i was seen by the fertility clinic. The metformin did help as i felt nautious and was dieting low carb and low sugar diet with bit of exercise. I didnt completely cut out carbs and sugar this would have made me depressed and my doctor actually did say treat yourself atleast once a day so i would have a small toast or a freddo to curb my cravings. Whereas before i would have 3-6 toasts and unlimited bars of chocolates a day. I lost 1st in 2 months this way. Also when i came of the pill in jan 2017 i didnt have a period till december 2017 so i feel the metformin definitely had something to do with it as i was only taking it for 2 months at the time. Ive been regular since although i had 2 periods last month due to provera as he wanted me to do some extra blood works on cd 2 and cd21. N

At my first fertility appointment my bmi was 32 and i was 86kg my height is 5.5ft. He told me to loose 7kg in 8 weeks. Ive only lost 5kg so far i think my bmi is around 30 now and my 2nd appointment is 18th april. Im worried that he will just brush me off and tell me to go away and loose more weight.

I really hope he doesn't and will offer hycosy or even clomid just to move this very slow process forward. Ive still got around 2 weeks left im hoping to shift few more pounds to get my bmi out of the 30s range. He also increased metformin which weirdly is working less effectively than before. Anyone know why?

Motherhood123 Wed 04-Apr-18 09:01:31

How did your appointment go?

Pinkroseuk Thu 05-Apr-18 20:21:49

Yes I have been trying to have a treat occasionally so I don't get too depressed! Ah that sounds promising. -
Ah well done with the weight loss- I have lost about 6kg so far but it's getting harder-

I had an appointment end of Feb and they gave me some tablets to force periods- this did work but it was so heavy for about 10 days- period hasn't come back yet so might start another round of pills this weekend and see what happens -
I'm meant to have another appointment in a month but so far have not had an appointment come though so I guess it will be delayed.

I'm still taking the metformin and I think it's still working - it's hard to tell really?!
I definitely need to work on loosing more weight but it is so frustrating as it's taking so long just to even get appointments- I'm not feeling very patient at the moment probably not helped by a lot of people at work getting pregnant and having kids atm. smile

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