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Does overstimulation effect quality of eggs?

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hoping2018 Tue 13-Feb-18 19:41:24

So I'm just in the 2ww of my first IVF.

We went for ICSI due to MFI but along the way discovered I have DOR with an AMH of 8 and an FSH of 12.

I wasn't expecting to respond very well to the drugs. I'm 31 and was put on long protocol with a higher menopur dose of 300. I massively responded to the drugs and had 32 follicles and 20 eggs received and was high risk for OHSS by the end with ovaries so large they were touching (haven't had OHSS though)

Very disappointingly 14 eggs were mature, 14 fertilised but then only two made it to blastocysts and both were poor quality. I've had one put back in (offered 2 but opted for one) and there's nothing Left to freeze.

I'm gutted to have gone from the highs of 20 eggs to the lows of one poor quality and the clinic saying they're not very hopeful. They also said this might be why were not conceiving?

Just wondering if anyone knows if overstimulation effects egg quality. Or if anyone has been in a similar boat and gone on to have successful cycles next time?

My mood is not helped by my mum today (trying her best) saying she's googled egg quality and thinks mine are poor because I stress too much 😳

Thanks for any replies

Snowonsnow Tue 13-Feb-18 19:48:47

I over stimulated, I seem to remember that they only managed to extract 17 eggs, then only ten were mature and in the end three fertilised, one wasn't great quality, so that left two. My DC will be 10 this year. Just to give you hope that it is possible. I was also super stressed the whole time no matter how much mediation I did.

dinksandbinks Wed 14-Feb-18 16:09:36

I was overstimulated too (and did get OHSS) but knew it was a risk as I have PCOS. I had 24 eggs, and ended up with 2 blasts, one of which was “nice” (and is now a 21 week pregnancy!) and the other was “a little slow” but made it to the freezer.

It’s a huge sucker punch when you hear the first number, and with each phonecall you get the hope ebbs away...

On your actual question, I’m not sure if it does affect egg quality but if we go for another round I will def be following an egg-quality-improvement plan! I’ve heard great things about ‘It starts with the egg’. I’d look into that - you may a lower reserve but the numbers aren’t nearly as bad as some on here, so focusing on quality in advance may help?

And yeah - stress. Hmmm. I know your mum was trying to help, but I would not find that helpful!! I guess some people just don’t know what to say, even if they have the best intentions. Maybe don’t tell her if you have a next time?!

Fingers crossed for you, I hope it works out.

Blueroses99 Thu 15-Feb-18 14:15:48

I’ve had similar. First round (NHS) 13 eggs, 5 mature but no blastocysts. Second round (private) used different drug protocol and timings 24 eggs, 9 mature, 6 fertilised, 1 mid quality, 1 poor quality blastocysts, implanted, one of which failed to progress after 5 weeks but the other did progress but I had unrelated problems later in my pregnancy that led to stillbirth. Third round (same private clinic) reduced the drug doses to ‘reduce overstimulation and improve quality’ yet I had 16 eggs, 6 mature, 5 fertilised, one mid quality blastocyst (my DD). The proportion of mature eggs was the same in the second and third rounds even though they were trying to improve quality.

I’ve never had anything to freeze and consider myself to have poor quality eggs. The initial referral to IVF was due to male factor issues so it came as a surprise. But it only takes one, and not even a high quality one (sorry for the cliche but it is literally true in my cycles).

As for stress... I was so incredibly stressed and anxious immediately before all my cycles. It honestly doesn’t have a bearing on outcome.

The 2ww is tough I know but fingers crossed. If you have to go again each round the doctors learn more and adjust the protocol so makes it more likely to succeed.

hoping2018 Thu 15-Feb-18 18:40:16

Thanks for all your replies guys, I really appreciate it. I think getting 20 eggs just got our hopes falsely high and then thought we were guaranteed some in the freezer - very naive of us. Fingers crossed it happens for us one day and sometime soon x

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