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Baseline scan nervous what to expect?

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herewegoagain18 Mon 12-Feb-18 11:22:44


I am undergoing my first ivf cycle. I have my baseline scan early this week . i understand the basics of what it entrails and why they do this. Im on Buserelin and started down regulation injections late last month.

Just feel nervous they are going to find something they are not happy with and i have to be kept on drugs .
Or worse that i dont down regulate.

Just wondering what your experinces are of what they look for and a good scan outcome. I think just need to hear some reassurance really.
Am honestly trying to keep positive, its all the unknowns thats making me nervous/anxious

Thanks for reading and any replys really appriciated

BeHereNow31 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:33:37

Hi. I’m on my second cycle, but was always nervous before the first scans.
I had to be kept on buserlin for an extra week, because my lining wasn’t thin enough. They make sure you have a thin lining (under 4mm) to ensure everything is shut down, before stimming. That week went in so fast! And now I have ec tomorrow.

Just try take each step as it comes, because we don’t have much control, unfortunately. 😔

Good luck. Hope it all goes ok

HelloMist Mon 12-Feb-18 18:22:10

As PP says, that thin lining and ovaries inactive. Also they might count antral (immature) follicles but it's only a rough idea of what numbers might grow I think. They'll note if there are any cysts (small ones aren't a problem).

I found the unknowns scary in my first cycle. I'm still nervous at each step but already having an idea what to expect has helped. If you're unsure of anything ask the nurses, they will be used to it! Good luck!

herewegoagain18 Tue 13-Feb-18 08:21:33

Hi ladies
Thankyou so much for your replys .
Keep losing my reply


Thankyou . i suppose another week would be ok its getting to two that worries me as thats the maximum they give you.

i will try to just take each step as it comes. As you say there isnt much that can be done .

The best of luck with egg collection today! smile wishing you well star

herewegoagain18 Tue 13-Feb-18 13:12:03

Hi hellomist

Ok so it really relies on just the lining being thin enough and the ovaries showing to be inactive, good to know. I thought they have to take into account number of follicles if its too high you have to keep taking the Buserelin. Not too concerned about cysts as i have been fortunate not to have ever had them (though i know you can never take these things for granted).

Thats it, it is all the unkowns. I think if i knew more of the process i would relax a bit. Its what they are looking for that makes me nervous as i dont know. Trying to look at it as get over one hurdle to the next.

The nurses are lovely and helpful i dont hestitate to contact them. I just like to know next steps haha im just one of those people. I will have to learn to not plan things if i want to survive ivf .

Wishing you success in your journey smile


HelloMist Tue 13-Feb-18 14:32:32

Hi herewego no the follicle number is how many they can potentially stimulate.

As you say things won't always go to plan but you can at least arm yourself with an idea of what comes next smile

Thank you x

herewegoagain18 Wed 14-Feb-18 19:45:28

Hi @ hellomist
Thankyou and hope your ok

To update
i had the scan,Think it went well, lining 3.6mm and some follicles to be seen in each ovary two in left 6 in the right
At the one point they were questioning the left side and had to get me to press down to see . but said it looked ok, just that there were less follicles than in previous scan. Apparently doesn't mean much.

Started stimms with Gonal f pen more painful than buserelin ,think i did it incorrect as quite a large bead of blood appeared, usally just a little speck. Think i may of twisted it a bit to see dose window. Hopefully will do it better next time.

Thanks again to you both smile

HelloMist Wed 14-Feb-18 20:32:54

Hi herewego, that's OK! Glad things are going well. Best to start with the window facing you as I'm sure you've learned smile it does get easier with practice. I did get a drop of blood or of medicine sometimes afterwards. You might also hit a blood vessel sometimes which can make it bleed and might leave a bruise or raised lump but shouldn't be a problem. I had a lot less bruises this time round. smile

There are threads for those currently cycling if you feel like sharing progress and asking questions to those who are might help!

herewegoagain18 Sun 25-Feb-18 16:43:41

Realised i didnt come back to the thread.

I got the hang of gonal f and made it to the monitoring scans . i had e.c on friday. 8 eggs collected.

I got the call yesterday to say 6 fertilized! They are aiming for a 5 day transfer. Was in a shock. smile

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