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FET Feb/March 2018

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Hanim79 Tue 30-Jan-18 03:56:24

Hello ladies,

I am having a FET 2nd March all being well, I had my first injection on Friday just gone (Jan 26th) I had a fresh cycle In August my first ever time and got a BFP but sadly suffered a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks.
I am feeling pretty anxious at the moment...
I would really appreciate any buddies to talk to and share their experiences with me 🙏 x

79Karen Tue 30-Jan-18 19:04:32

Hi Hanim how are you doing? We are both in a similar (ish) boat. My 2nd fresh round ended in miscarriage in late October and had started all the drugs etc for a medicated FET for which transfer should have been last week, went for my lining check scan on 18th jan only to find I’ve grown another polyp (3rd one now) so cycle cancelled. Had surgery Saturday just gone and now waiting till feb 19th to start down regging again. The delays have made me pretty fed up and anxious I was all ready to go with the transfer and then this. Also as I stopped all meds my body really doesn’t know what’s going on. So would definitely appreciate some buddies to talk to

Hanim79 Wed 31-Jan-18 16:37:24

Hi 79Karen
Oh hun I’m so sorry for your loss.
And so sorry to hear your story, that must be such a emotional strain. I don’t know about you but I find IVF can be a lonely time so definitely good to share and talk. Hoping this thread will get busier and others can give us some insight.
I hope your clinic and consultant are very supportive like mine are x

Ridleyrunner Fri 02-Feb-18 18:26:17

Hi guys, joining your thread I hope you don’t mind. I’m almost 3 weeks into a 21-day long protocol for my first FET. We did the first fresh cycle in November last year and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I thought I was ready to plunge straight back into the next round but it’s much harder than I thought! Totally underestimated the intensity of the emotions you go through.. I have fibroids (still, even after two ops to remove) so my consultant recommended down regging on Buserelin as it can help shrink fibroids. I’ve had absolutely shocking side effects from it - week one was fine just night sweats and disturbed sleep, but weeks 2+3 I’ve been a total wreck, depressed and sobbing every day, anxiety, headaches, hot flushes, and angry about anything and everything. Hideous but I put my faith in my consultant as he also did my surgery etc.

Then another doctor I saw at the clinic this week for my scan told me Buserelin would have no impact at all on my fibroids as I’m not taking it for long enough. Then in the next breath she said I should remember that IVF is the only form of modern medicine where they are more likely to fail than succeed 😳 I’m all about realism but who says that to a patient already in tears?! So now I feel like I’m going through the mill with Buserelin for no good reason at all.. The misinformation is so hard, it just makes you feel like a lab rat they are experimenting on.

Anyway! The isolation is really tough, so hope you guys are doing ok/having a better experience and I wish you all the luck. Let me know how you’re getting on. I’ve started oestrogen patches now - on day 4 of those so starting to feel like I’m crawling out of the hole a bit. Be kind to yourselves and surround yourself with love through this, as we really are at the mercy of hormones. I keep reminding myself it won’t last forever (and I am more than just a uterus!) xx

Hobbes39 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:06:54

Hi @Hanim79 & @79Karen - I recognise your names from other threads here...
I'm so sorry that you have had miscarriages after IVF - it feels so doubly cruel doesn't it?
I just had my discussion appointment today with the consultant and we are doing a modified natural FET - I'm due my period any day now, so will be starting soon. We too finally had success with our 3rd fresh cycle in October / Nov, but had a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks.
Hopefully this time it will work and it will stick! X

Hanim79 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:47:04

Hi ladies I’m so sorry for my delay. Work has been horrible. hobbs39 I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you both had great support around you. I have the cremation on Wednesday 😓
How are you and 79Karen
I have my uterus lining scan this coming Monday. Through the fresh cycle I was so emotional, it was absolutely horrific. We are definitely a lot more then a uterus. And we all have been felt a huge blow, but I try and think that the fact we all got pregnant means that our body did what it was supposed to do.....

Ridleyrunner Sun 11-Feb-18 08:25:44

Oh @hanim79, my heart goes out to you for the cremation, and to everyone else for all they have been through. It feels insufferable doesn’t it..

We had bad news on Friday - went for a scan to check the lining after three weeks of awful DR on Buserelin. The doctor said it wasn’t thick enough and she could see something else in the cavity. For one cruel heart stopping moment I thought it was a baby. Ha! As if that could actually happen. She thought it was fluid, so immediately said if it was I’d have to stop everything and probably have a hysteroscopy to remove it. I fell apart completely confused

We waited all afternoon for a call to confirm things. At 4pm the nurse called to say they want to rescan on Tuesday and prescribed me oestrogen tablets in the meantime. So now we are praying for a miracle, I’m having even more acupuncture and eating what I can to encourage it to go - but I feel like we are just delaying the inevitable really. It’s utterly devastating to think that the absolute hell of the last few weeks could all be for nothing! There are some positive stories out there and my husband says this mystery fluid appeared in a few days so it could also disappear but it’s hard not to feel like it’s the universe just telling you to give up on it all. Sending love, luck and strength to you all xx

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