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Painful sex after HSG?

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MrsDrambuie Sun 28-Jan-18 23:36:49

Hi all, I’ve read lots of posts but only actually joined MN today.

TTC for 18 months+, I stopped taking the Pill 2 years ago. I’ve had lots of tests (so has DH) and all fine. On Thursday I had a HSG and when the consultant put the dye in it shot in, it hurt and I gasped - then I quickly restarted long deep breaths to keep myself relaxed. It was all over in minutes. Good news is that my tubes are fine. Afterwards I felt some mild cramp and that passed in a few hours. The next day I felt a little tender but nothing much.

2 days later we had sex and it hurt, I gasped just like the HSG procedure was happening all over again. I tried to relax but it was really uncomfortable (and it’s not usually). Has anyone else felt like this? I’m trying not to let myself feel nervous about the next time we DTD...

Justanothermama Fri 09-Feb-18 18:46:06

Hello, I had my HSG yesterday. How have you been apart from the pain?

It might be worth asking your doctor. Xx

AniSL Fri 09-Feb-18 21:09:45

After my HSG my abdomen was really tender and I found the HSG a bit unpleasant to begin with too. We tried to dtd but found that I was too tender for about a week post HSG

MrsDrambuie Fri 09-Feb-18 23:23:49

Hi ladies. Thanks for the posts. I had planned to update this thread even if no-one had commented, because someone might find it in future and they could benefit from knowing the following:

After a week (since the HSG) we tried to DTD again and it was just as painful as before, so I went to the doctor. She was great, really understanding and thorough. Urine sample done there & then, no UTI. Smear test done (I get results on Monday). Most importantly, as she was doing the smear test she could see red irritated skin and a lump - this is what was causing me so much pain.

She gave me 2 types of antibiotics for a week. No TTC for 2 weeks. She booked me in for a check up next week. If she sees that the redness/lump has gone next week and if the smear test is fine then I am ok to resume TTC.

As I understand it - developing an infection following an HSG is a risk because in doing the procedure they can push the ‘good bacteria’ from one part of you into an area where it is not supposed to be.

Justanothermama Sat 10-Feb-18 08:28:37

Well I just got my positive OPK so I’m going to brave doing the deed today. My womb and left Fallopian tube still feels like I’m aware of it if that makes sense. It still aches. This is my second hsg. I had one 4.5 years ago xx

AniSL Sat 10-Feb-18 09:02:55

I was diagnosed with a UTI when I had my cervical smear 4 weeks after the HSG, the consultant advised that this happens a lot. Advised that fertilisation/implantation doesn’t occur when UTI is present.

MrsDrambuie Sat 10-Feb-18 10:13:56

Justanothermama Good luck DTD today, try to assume it’s going to feel normal! (I know, easier said than done!)

Justanothermama Sat 10-Feb-18 10:22:44

@mrsdrambuie thank you. Thankfully it did feel ok. A tiny bit tender but nothing major. I suppose it’s everhthing crossed now.

MrsDrambuie Thu 15-Feb-18 15:23:17

@justanothermama fingers crossed for you.

Nothing positive to report here unfortunately confused - I went back to the doctors today, hoping to be told that the swelling / lump / redness had gone, unfortunately it’s all still there. The swab from 2 weeks ago also showed thrush.

I was given a prescription for the thrush and I’ve been referred to the Colposcopy department at the hospital (the department that deals with abnormal smear tests, for example).

So frustrating sad

Justanothermama Thu 15-Feb-18 15:54:00

Argh that’s so annoying for you! Hopefully it’s just that your body was a bit peeved with having the HSG. Hope all works out ok xx

MrsDrambuie Mon 19-Feb-18 11:07:41

Just a little poppy-seed-sized update... I am pregnant!

After everything that’s happened in the last 4 weeks, I certainly didn’t imagine this. But my period was unusually late, I had no usual period symptoms and I thought, “surely not?”... POAS on Sat and it was faint, bought a FRER and tested Sun morning - gobsmacked!

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the Colposcopy department isn’t worried when they examine me in a few weeks’ time. In the meantime the doctor (this morning) said not to worry.

It has absolutely not - in any way - sunk in yet!

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