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What happens next?

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Worriedscot2207 Wed 24-Jan-18 11:57:56

Hi everyone! I’m hoping someone could give me some idea on what happens next on this nitemare fertility rollercoaster!
We’ve been trying to conceive for baby #1 for over 2 years now. Had a BFP in August then MC in October last year. Previously had fertility investigations before BFP so didn’t get the chance to meet Gynae / fertility specialist for follow up.
Went to GP (who had no record of MC) and she referred me to Gynae and now app is through for March. I’m 37 and really struggling with this now and all my sisters have kids and SIL is due the same week my baby would have been due too.
Thanks for reading love and hugs to all of you on this shitemare 💐 xox

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