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pixielove123 Sat 13-Jan-18 07:05:43

Hi ladies,

I am turning 40 next week and have been TTC for the last year. We went to a fertility specialist last year. I had a Laparoscopy and a Hysteroscopy. They found endo and cleaned me up. Went for the CD12 mucous test yesterday and again I have hostile mucous which is basically killing of the swimmers before they even have a chance sob! I have a 13 and an 11 year old - keep asking myself why was I able to fall pregnant before and not now. My DP doesn't have children and I feel so awful letting him down knowing it is me who is preventing him from having a baby sad

Anyway Dr suggested assisted IUI. So I have injections on CD1-4 go on in CD 10 so he can see what is happening and then we decide then when to do the IUI. I've read the success rates aren't very high. Should I rather opt for IVF or try IUI first?

Any advice would be truly welcomed. smile

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