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mickeymonkey Fri 12-Jan-18 12:37:09

Anyone been there for egg freezing/ IUI/ IVF?

I had a quick look of costings and they look roughly comparable to the London Women's Clinic where I've had my initial fertility tests done....or Kings a bit more expensive for some things.

I'm wondering what people's experience has been?

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Springy86 Sat 20-Jan-18 20:36:13

Hi Mickeymouse,

My husband and I have been referred to Kings Fertility (it'll be our first go on the NHS). We had our 2nd consultation with them last week. I was concerned their results on the HFEA website were low compared to other NHS acus in London. I wanted to be referred to Chelsea which my GP said he would do, but since speaking to Kings, they explained the difference in results is due to the demographic of southwark compared other boroughs, like Chelsea. I feel this makes sense and I understand how it could be a contributing factor but I worry about the other factors that could involved. Kings did comment that there is very little difference in the medical process/delivery of fertility treatments within NHS assisted conception units.

So far my experience has been positive, both consultants I saw were friendly and informative. Have you had a consultation with them?

I'd love to know others experience of Kings. I did read a very old thread on here from 2007 where many spoke of mixed experiences, quite a few hard a negative experience which is worrying but I'm hoping 11 years on things may have improved. hmm

Mashka79 Wed 21-Feb-18 20:12:45

Hello, i just finished my first IVF at Kings. It was unseccessfull in many ways. It was paid by NHS so i cant complain but i would definitely not pay for their service. The nurses are great. But attention is scarse from the doctors. I didnt understand why the doctors who do the scans dont have the expertise and have to consult with embryologysts. The embryologists are very young andi was upset to hear that 2 of my 5 eggs were killed by the icsi process. it might be my negative outcome talking i dont know. There was very little info on the day of transfer. Had to call to find out what meds to continue taking. Also no follow up or bloodtest after. Seemed all very careless and hasty apart from the nurses. Got a follow up in a month. Very poorsad. But maybe i am one of the few with bad experience. Would love to know if anyone felt better about them. Hope it will work out for you guys! Fingers x

unicorn79 Tue 02-Oct-18 17:11:48

I am about to ask for a referral to Kings for IVF and wondered if you could help with how long it takes to get an appointment from referral to initial appointment? Anxious about missing out on nhs funding due to my 40th birthday in January...
Many thanks!

brix16 Thu 18-Oct-18 23:33:44


We have just had a very positive experience with Kings Fertility. Having been talked at at a previous consultation with a major national clinic, Dr Sarris at Kings listened and asked questions regarding our history for a solid 45 minutes. He lead or was involved in almost every appointment, routine or otherwise, and would answer questions over email very quickly - we felt that he and his team were doing everything possible for us.

The first transfer didn't take, but the second (first frozen) did and we are 13 weeks today - all looking good after 3 scans with Kings Fertility and 2 with Kings NHS. Also we found the pricing fair and many 'extras' for other places were included in the price at Kings.

unicorn79 Fri 19-Oct-18 06:09:55

Thanks brix16, and congratulations! Can I ask how long it took to get an appointment after the referral?

NadineK0325 Wed 24-Oct-18 23:23:34

I'd like to feedback on my experience at Kings Fertility Clinic from where I have received an outstanding service, since August this year (2018).

I suffer with severe endometriosis and after some ill health linked to this, I became more mindful of its long term impact on my fertility. I sought advice from Dr. Sarris as to what my options were. I was anxious to use a male gynaecologist as mostly feel uncomfortable doing so however I had read up about Dr. Sarris and noted that he was reputable. I cannot speak more highly of just my initial consultation with him. He was kind, thorough and honest and presented my options transparently and with no other agenda (e.g. making profit). It helped me get clear about what I needed to do and I proceeded with undertaking an Egg Freezing Cycle.

Throughout this process, every single member of staff in the Clinic, were exceptionable including the receptionist staff, who as you walk into the door make you feel comfortable and reassured. The Doctors don't shout out your name in the waiting room, but come and find you in your seat, when they are ready to see you. The Nurses make sure you know their names and remind you that you've met before, when you return - thus making what would ordinarily be a difficult and uncomfortable journey, so much easier. The outcome of my procedure exceeded my expectations, but even if this had not, I would still be writing this to you because of the extremely positive experience I have had.

While the building itself might appear a bit 'NHS" and in an odd part of the hospital, do not be put off by this. I have a number of friends who have accessed private and extremely expensive fertility clinics in other parts of London, who have ended up with unnecessary infections and poor outcomes and who do not report having particularly good experiences.

The culture and atmosphere that has been created at the Kings Fertility Clinic reflects a leadership team that is acutely in tune with patients' anxieties and needs. I cannot recommend this Clinic enough.

unicorn79 Thu 25-Oct-18 07:16:33

Thanks NadineK0325, its really good to hear positive feedback!

brix16 Sat 27-Oct-18 20:57:45

Having had one child already without intervention we were not eligible for NHS funding. There was no waiting list and we were seen in days.

LisaLondon Thu 01-Nov-18 16:08:48

We've just completed our first cycle at Kings Fertility. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful this time but fortunate to have 4 frozen embryos from this cycle.
I agree that the staff are all very kind and considerate. I've never had a problem trying to get through on the phone, although they often have to get a nurse to call you back if you have a question for them. It didnt take us long to get an appointment after we were referred (maybe 2-3 weeks).
My main frustration is that we rarely got to see the same doctor during the process, which made it feel quite impersonal. But I'm not sure how this compares to other clinics. Also, I do think the NHS is very quick to recommend IVF, before doing other tests. I had to ask to have my tubes checked as this wasn't something they were going to look into which did concern me at the time. So dont be afraid to ask for extra tests. Good luck!

unicorn79 Thu 01-Nov-18 17:42:12

Thankyou everyone this sounds much more positive than my experience at st barts in terns of delays and getting through on the phone. Also saw someone different each time so i think that must be the norm!

Valma78 Tue 13-Nov-18 13:56:10

Hi NadineK0325,
I also am being treated at Kings Fertility. I had stage 4 endometriosis. I had major surgery for this in May this year and a month ago had my first cycle of ivf. Unfortunately my 2 embyros that were transferred didn't take. I still have two rounds of ivf cycles to go but have to do egg collection again.( as I had low egg count) I'm 37yrs. My endometriosis is very complicated but hopefully this time will be better, staying positive, anything is possible, right? and very fortuate that we have the opportunity for ivf on nhs, 3 cycles and then after that, it's self funded. Kings Fertility have been very professional, from reception staff through to the doctors and nurses. I pray that we all have our little miracle one day. It's tough, but we all have to try and stay positive. I hope things work out for you.smile

blossomb Mon 22-Apr-19 09:59:33

I cannot speak highly enough of Kings Fertility. I have been a patient since October last year and am currently having treatment with them. I actually followed my preferred consultant (Dr Sarris) there from his previous clinic after having a 2 and a half year break from it due to my father being terminally ill. I can only compare to my last clinic which I never felt comfortable at.
I was actually relieved that he had moved on to set up Kings Fertility as it stands now and have found every interaction with the team at the clinic a very positive patient experience. It has been completely different to where I was before and was well worth me spending the extra money getting my remaining frozen embryos transferred to kings Fertility so that I could continue the IVF journey somewhere I felt comfortable and knew that I was being treated honestly and professionally with care by the best.

R1989 Sun 01-Sep-19 12:37:28

I am due to be referred to Kings fertility on NHS and wondered what people had experienced with waiting list time to the initial appointment and then to intervention. Any advice on experience would be great. Many thanks

bicyclesandbeyond Mon 02-Sep-19 14:26:34

Hi @R1989
I'm having my first appointment at Kings (NHS) next week. GP referral to first appointment date was only 6 weeks, which I think is amazing on the NHS. The appointment letter asked me to ring them to book some investigations, which I did, and they booked me in for those the week before my Consultant appointment - I guess so they are all ready for the Consultant to see. I think they are going to repeat the tests my GP has already done, and maybe do some extras? I've rung them a few times and they have been helpful so far...

LottSE20 Mon 16-Sep-19 20:03:42

Hi @bicyclesandbeyond
How was your appointment? We just had a referral to Kings today - fingers crossed it won’t take too long (things have been painfully slow so far). Do you have any idea how soon you are due to start treatment?

bicyclesandbeyond Tue 17-Sep-19 07:12:18

Hi @LottSE20
The appointment was good thanks. We had half an hour with one of the doctors (not one of the main Consultants but he was really good regardless) and he went through all our tests - scans x 3, AMH, bloods, semen analysis. He also asked lots of questions about our general health, my cycle, sex frequency etc. For us everything is normal so we fit into the 'unexplained' camp. Our next step would be IVF. Our CCG (Lambeth) won't fund IVF until we have been trying for 2 years (they will fund earlier if a problem is found). So this means we are going to keep trying for now. We are going to have a review with Kings in 6 months. I think I'm ok with this, despite my impatience!! I was very impressed by Kings - really organised, professional, on time. I would have full faith in them if we do proceed to IVF next year. I hope things go well for you! Good luck! x

IVFgotthis Sun 10-Nov-19 16:47:42

Hi @bicyclesandbeyond I have just been skimming through these messages....I am with Kings at the moment and have had 2 unsuccessful transfers so we’re on our last one now, but we were classed as unexplained as well, so I did some more research, as being called un explained frustrated me, and I discovered something called UNKC (uterine natural killer cells) which is a newish thing to the medical world and slightly controversial at the moment.I followed this up and went to be tested for it at Coventry (where they study it) and it turns out I have high levels which stops you falling pregnant! May be worth a little look into as I’m now on steroids (which kings give me) to suppress the killer cells. Just a suggestion for you if you’re interested in other reasons why, Dr Brosen is one of the leading Doctors researching failures with IVF and ‘unexplained’ infertility and this what they discovered! Good luck with your journey :0)

bicyclesandbeyond Sun 10-Nov-19 17:30:07

Hi @IVFgotthis
Thanks so much for the message! How did you arrange the test in Coventry? Was it expensive? Inevitably I’m getting a bit impatient and am starting to think about going private - we have a follow up at kings next month so I’ll mention this. Do you mind me asking which steroid they’ve put you on and for how long? Thanks again for posting, and best of luck for your next transfer x

IVFgotthis Sun 10-Nov-19 18:01:08

No worries at all @bicyclesandbeyond
So basically I called up the research team and at Warwick and they booked me straight in. As it’s private there’s quite a chunky cost of £500 but for me it was worth it as my sister also has killer cells so it was worth ticking the box! One doctor at Kings told me I could not use the prescribed steroids but the other 7 told me I could so don’t be put off as like I said before it’s a very controversial topic that kings don’t always agree with. But I was prescribed prednisolone at 20mg 4 times a day from the day of transfer. Once I knew I was pregnant I stopped taking them straight away. The good thing is with your situation is that They won’t test for killer cells unless youre 3 months clear of IVF treatment so perfect timing if you want to go down that road! It is very frustrating I know, we were the same and I’m glad I had that time gap now so I could get the tests done! And also the womb line scratch (the test) can help fall pregnant naturally!! Aw you’re so welcome please ask as many questions as you want I love feeling like I can help somehow :0) x

IVFgotthis Sun 10-Nov-19 18:08:12

@bicyclesandbeyond here is Warwick university’s phone number for the test tel:+4402476574880 x

bicyclesandbeyond Sun 10-Nov-19 18:36:47

Thank you, that’s so kind of you - I’m surprised it was only £500 privately, I thought you’d say a lot more. I am definitely keen to explore the ‘unexplained’ diagnosis more before jumping into IVF. So the test for NK cells is an endometrial biopsy? Did you get a doctor consultation included in that? Did your prednisolone prescription come from the doctor at Warwick? I wonder if there is any scope for using steroids outside of an IVF cycle with unexplained infertility ie when TTC naturally taking them post ovulation...

bicyclesandbeyond Sun 10-Nov-19 18:44:02

Mmmm I’ve just had a look on google - the Warwick website says that their implantation clinic is suitable for women with a history of miscarriage, or failed IVF cycles. I’m neither of these - TTC for 16 months and never been pregnant. I might get in touch with them to ask x

IVFgotthis Sun 10-Nov-19 19:22:40

It’s basically an endometrial scratch, a little biopsy. You have a consultation with one of the main doctors that are studying this area, it’s quite a lengthy chat about the ins and outs of it. They’re also available for a telephone consultation for any further advice you might need. Warwick prescribe the steroids but you collect them with your kings prescription. I contacted them last week funnily enough asking the same question, they categorically said no so I’ve arranged a phone consultation with Dr Brosen to double check this! I was apparently the first person they’ve had that has been tested for killer cells before treatment with no miscarriages or any other suggested medical issues but they still treated me and said that me doing this gave me a good head start so go for it! :0) x

bicyclesandbeyond Mon 11-Nov-19 12:58:46

That’s really interesting, thanks for all the info. So have you used steroids with each of your three transfers? Do they look into other causes of implantation failure or does their team just focus on NK cells?

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