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ivf december and January

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Coolchick11 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:42:11

hi all I wondered if there any one to talk to on here about my going ivf process my period was 18 days late and I finally got through to my clinic and I fly out in January for 4th attempt of donor egg hope you are well and would love hear your stories

CharlieWork Fri 15-Dec-17 20:14:05

No advice but bump for you

Coolchick11 Fri 15-Dec-17 21:33:02

Ah thanks hun unfortunately not pregnant at the moment but hopefully when I go in January I will have luck for 4th attempt 6 six frozen eggs awaiting for me xx

Coolchick11 Fri 15-Dec-17 21:36:11

How far are you in your process of Ivf xx

Tilby Sat 23-Dec-17 22:13:04


Started my first ICSI cycle on19th and the Buserelin is knocking me sideways! Anyone else struggling?sad


isthismummy Sun 24-Dec-17 08:12:59

Hi coolchick I'm also flying out next month for my first donor transfer. We have six blasts on ice atm.

I'm so anxious that I can barely concentrate on anything else. Which clinic are you with? Fingers crossed for you.

BeHereNow31 Sun 24-Dec-17 09:01:55

I start ICSI in January. Just waiting for my period to start now. This will be our second fresh cycle.
There is another thread going for ivf in January, for anyone who hasn’t joined yet

twinkledag Sun 24-Dec-17 17:44:52

I'm flying to serum in Athens on 17 Jan for a consultation so can I join?

Lauren83 Sun 24-Dec-17 17:55:50

I did donor egg IVF at serum earlier this year too, was my 5th cycle after having 1 own egg and 3 donor egg in the uk. Huge good luck!

twinkledag Sun 24-Dec-17 18:05:05

Thank you Lauren. I have a DS already and then a failed cycle and a failed FET earlier this year, so hoping to try with my own eggs. This is last ditch attempt before I turn 40 in 2019!

Lauren83 Sun 24-Dec-17 18:42:03

They are great, and I say that working for a UK IVF clinic, Sofia was my consultant her and Penny are amazing you are in good hands

twinkledag Sun 24-Dec-17 18:56:40

Thank you. I have been speaking with Sofia. Have not spoken to the infamous Penny yet!

Merry Christmas fsmile

Lauren83 Sun 24-Dec-17 22:19:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinkledag Sun 24-Dec-17 22:50:57

Thank you! And good luck to you for the birth smile

Coolchick11 Wed 27-Dec-17 20:42:59

Sorry haven't been on here I have been burying my head in a cloud and biting my families head off all the time so not been socialable at all I have had good news today I have the ago ahead for my fourth attempt of Ivf in Spain I am so excited I can't believe it if anyone would like to chat about there journeys happy to talk I would like to help people like me xx

Coolchick11 Wed 27-Dec-17 20:45:56

Isthismummy I'm at a clinic in Barcelona they are brilliant and with my 2nd attempt but 4th cycle I am at ease with them now when they transfer who are you with xx

Coolchick11 Thu 28-Dec-17 11:51:43

of course twinkledag welcome where are you having your ivf Xx

twinkledag Fri 29-Dec-17 15:03:28

@Coolchick11 - Serum in Athens.

isthismummy Fri 29-Dec-17 15:38:03

I'm at New Life in Thessaloniki coolchick I switched to them after having Hysteroscopy at Serum. I've been really impressed by them so far. I never expected to get six blasts to freezesmile

I've heard nothing but great things about the Spanish clinics. I'm sure you're in good hands.

I got date for my transfer yesterday after lining scan came back well. It's been done on 09/01. I'm really excited and really nervous at the same time.

Coolchick11 Fri 29-Dec-17 17:47:28

Ah that's brilliant news isthismummy I have transfer date too 4th of January after an awful scan thinking it was over for me to this I am thrilled to bits I am safe hands with Spanish clinic and have helped us with having to pay each go
Twonkledag that's brilliant news hope it's successful for you
Here for you all if you need to talk
Cool chick

Coolchick11 Fri 29-Dec-17 17:48:43

Sorry twinkledag haha spelling terrible

geeup Sat 30-Dec-17 08:16:03

Hey @isthismummy and @Coolchick11 I think we're on similar time lines. I'm having a FET on 5th Jan after two failed fresh cycles (one was a chemical). Have had my lining scan (13mm) so start progesterone on New Year's Day. Have just finished my buserilin so just on the oestrogen tablets for a couple of day - no injections hurrah! How are you both feeling about the transfer? Anything you're trying that's different this time?

twinkledag Sat 30-Dec-17 08:47:00

CD1 for me today sad

Even after years of trying you still have hope don't you?

isthismummy Sat 30-Dec-17 08:59:34

Hi geeup lots of FETS going on in January by the looks of it smile Which clinic are you with?

This is my first attempt. We went straight to DE (after two years of bullshit and being messed around by NHS here and a private clinic abroad) I've got POF, so it was the logical choice. I'm feeling every emotion under the sun atm. Although I physically feel quite well. I'm on progynova and I think the oestrogen is doing me good. The downside is that my boobs are agony!

I'm sorry twinkledag it's always a shitty feeling when AF turns up. I don't think you ever do truly give up hope, even when it's hopelessflowers

geeup Sat 30-Dec-17 09:04:26

Sorry to hear that @twinkledag yes you always have hope especially for an ironi-diff between cycles.
@isthismummy I'm at Nuffield in Woking.

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