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Tell me about hysteroscopy?

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meadowlark3 Thu 07-Dec-17 20:55:21

After our first fresh IVF failed, consultant referred me for hysteroscopy as I'd had a bit of spotting before and after periods since a miscarriage one year earlier, and my periods were a bit lighter. He said I might have scarring from the miscarriage, though I didn't have ERPC. Interestingly my spotting seems to have stopped since the IVF failed but I reckon it can't hurt to have more tests.

What should I expect from hysteroscope? Will I have anaesthesia? Hycosy was dreadfully painful but I did have a blocked tube, which has now been removed.

Boiing Sun 10-Dec-17 17:43:12

I had one. It was ok. My dr said you can have either local anaesthetic or a general, but his strong preference was for a general, as if he finds a problem (ie abnormal womb tissue) he can remove it without causing pain. Also another lady who had a local told me she wishes she’d had a general. So anyway you get put to sleep, then they put a tiny telescope, camera and torch up you. If they find anything they can use tiny scissors, or laser, to cut it out. (Some believe you shouldn’t use laser.) I woke up feeling very rested. My womb felt sore but less swollen than before the op, I could tell right away that he’d removed tissue. Wouldn’t call it painful. Then the most important thing is nothing goes in the vagina for a while! To avoid infection. Some say 7 days some say 6 weeks, think i chose 4 weeks. Ie no tampons, no sex, no swimming, no baths. My side effects were all from the anaesthetic - v v sleepy for weeks and fainted once 5 weeks after the op. Good luck, it is a great check to have because they actually see the womb clearly, unlike scans.

Daisy308 Tue 12-Dec-17 07:39:50

I had it done twice - first time was to remove polyps and second time was after a IVF failure / miscarriages. I had general anaesthetic both times, which was the only option. My tummy was very sore after the operation, but in about an hour when the pain killer kicked in (doctor put it in my vagina during the operation), it was then fine and you wouldn’t feel the pain again. Doctor said some people have it done even if they have no apparent problems but the first six months following the operation are the golden period for getting pregnant. The test result from my sample reveals I had endo disorder which may have caused my last BFN.
Anyway good luck!

pixielove123 Wed 13-Dec-17 09:03:41

Hi. I had a Laparoscopy and a Hystoscopy yesterday. The sorest thing for me is gas that has gotten trapped in my diaphragm from where they blow you with gas - it's in my shoulders and called referral pain. But that was from the Lap and not the Hyst. Otherwise I feel ok. Am taking anti inflammatory's and pain killers. And have been booked off work till Monday. But I feel way better than I thought I would. Good Luck. I've also heard it can be the golden ticket to a BFP smile

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