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Any experience of fertility clinics in Aberdeen, Glasgow or Edinburgh?

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Calcifer1 Thu 07-Dec-17 15:21:20

Hey all.

Just starting to prepare for moving forward with secondary infertility. I wondered if anyone has any experiences, good or bad, with any of the fertility clinics in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow?

Due to it being secondary infertility, I am only eligible for some testing via the NHS, which would be carried out by Aberdeen. However if we want to progress further we require to go private. Problem is we live rural. I can get a flight to Aberdeen, Glasgow or Edinburgh, but any further afield becomes more time consuming and costly.

Because I will have to travel and stay local for any procedures, and I can't return home after a tough time in the clinic, it's particularly worrying and difficult to choose a clinic fairly "blindly". I would really love to hear some stories to help me out with deciding where to go.

Thanks in advance, and hugs for anyone else going through this shit xxx

MissyPG Fri 08-Dec-17 23:10:27

Hi there,

I’ve used GCRM in Glasgow, not a huge fan, but I still had them as my second choice. GCRM have a unit (the only private clinic) in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Royal infirmary treat patients privately, you just need a GP referral. They have good reviews.

If Aberdeen NHS have an assisted conception unit you could get a referral to them for private treatment if they are the closest?


BeHereNow31 Sat 09-Dec-17 14:03:29


I am with ERI. Although, my cycle failed, the clinic itself was great. The nurses and doctors are very helpful and friendly. The nurses were always lovely when I phoned in to ask questions.

They were flexible with my treatment, so that I had egg retreival and transfer at the times right for me.

florafoxtrot Mon 11-Dec-17 10:03:45


I'm currently under the care of Aberdeen. We are not quite at the stage of qualifying for NHS treatment yet but have privately funded an IUI cycle - which was unfortunately cancelled.

My experience has been mostly positive and the nurses are some of the nicest people I have ever met - I've gone in there howling and crying some mornings and they always have time to just sit and chat and are extremely sympathetic. They seem to be able to do things quickly and the costs are not bad either compared to some others I have seen. Unfortunately I think their success rate is perhaps not as good as some other areas in Scotland but its really the only option for us as its local and I work.

Have you considered Dundee?

Hobbes39 Fri 15-Dec-17 00:06:31

I have had 3 fresh and one frozen at eri - sadly without a baby at the end yet. the nurses are lovely and the doctors are pretty good, although a couple of them need work with their bedside manner - the one thing I would say is that as ERI isn't truly private, it's self funded NHS, it means that they are less flexible about things than GCRM would be. This isn't their fault, but it's the reality. My main issue of frustration with it is that because they are treating NHS patients as well they just don't have the float in their schedule and so you fit in with them. For example - I have enquiries about doing a 'natural' FET with them and they might do it if I stamp my feet, but they don't want to - not because it's not the best thing for me, but because it's a scheduling nightmare for them. While paying means you don't have to be on the NHS waiting lists, at ERI because of the volume of patients there is still a certain amount of waiting - I was told yesterday that booking my FET now would mean starting it in April...I'm ready to start it in January. If you were to use GCRM I believe you can start when you are ready. So it's worth thinking about. ERI do have good stats tho.

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