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Failed ICSI how long until next cycle

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Lavmc Fri 01-Dec-17 13:12:56

Hi ladies

I have just found out that our first round of ICSI has failed and we weren't able to freeze any embryos either. Can't describe how disappointed we are.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? How long did you have to wait before trying again?


bluebird3 Fri 01-Dec-17 15:56:11

I had the same situation my first cycle. My doctor recommended waiting 3 months to give your ovaries a chance to recover. We had a second cycle that was a bfp but sadly ended in a mc. Just in the tww of our 3rd fresh cycle. We've never had any to freeze.

JoJoSM2 Fri 01-Dec-17 16:59:28

My dr also recommends waiting for 3 months.

430West Fri 01-Dec-17 20:18:25

My clinic regularly has overseas patients who just rent an apartment nearby and do back to back cycles until they are successful.

By all means wait until you're ready psychologically, but there is no effect on succcess rate betweeen waiting and not.

430West Fri 01-Dec-17 20:19:17

Do you have any insight into why the cycle failed?

Winenight Sat 02-Dec-17 13:36:52

It is really disappointing OP, my first ICSI cycle last year ended in CP with no embryos to freeze. I can sympathise.

Had follow up appointment with consultant in August but between having an obscenely expensive holiday, changing and getting settled into a new job and Christmas it was January before I went for my AMH test. Did you respond well/poorly? If you responded poorly (as I did hence none to freeze) it may be worth having your AMH levels tested.

By the time I'd had the results back I was starting again in April this year and now 35wks pg. Between cycles I took COQ10 and extra vitamin D, drank less and ate a bit healthier. Worth reading "It Starts With The Egg" to maximise your chances. I also had the endometrial scratch and embryo glue. Just a couple of things to think about in preparation for your next cycle (if you haven't already done them for your first).

Wishing you all the best.

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