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Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

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pixielove123 Mon 20-Nov-17 14:53:53

Hi all,

I have been booked to have the above procedures on he 12th of Dec. Dr suspects low lying endometriosis sob sob!

Anyone had these before? What is the recovery period. I have booked to take my family, DP and DS age 13 and DD age 10 to London for Xmas and New Year (we live in South Africa - so flight time wld be roughly 11 hours and then all the site seeing) do you think I’m crazy to have this procedure in Dec? And should I wait till next year? Or will I be fine. I think I’ll be fine. I’ve had D&C’s before and was fine.

Don’t know if I’m just kidding myself.

Have been saving for this holiday for the past 4 years.


Pugmumfornow Mon 20-Nov-17 15:04:42

Hi, I flew from the U.K. to Florida 11 days after this procedure, then went round all the parks, walking miles and on rollercoasters. Everyone is different, however I was fine, just had discolouration on my skin (swim wear not a important for December in London) good luck! Xx

pixielove123 Mon 20-Nov-17 15:55:08

That really is music to my ears. So yay. Thank you so much for replying. 😊

Chunkymonkey123 Tue 28-Nov-17 19:36:02

The only thing worth thinking about is if you got an infection or something you wouldn't be covered on your insurance. Also I think you have to wait a week after general anthestic to go on a long plane journey (I was told that by the pre op nurse but might not be accurate).

Colabottles64 Tue 28-Nov-17 19:50:36

Hey I literally had this procedure last Wednesday and had a lot of cysts and endo removed. I’ve been tired but I reckon it’s doable. I’m heading back to work tomorrow. For the first two or three days my throat was quite sore from the tube, my stomach was quite tender and I was very tired. This improved day by day and I was lucky to never need anything stronger than a paracetamol. I think by weekend which will be ten days after I’ll be fit for anything again.

One thing to bear in mind is your next period might be pretty crap. I got mine Monday and it hurt and totally knackered me for the last two days, starting to feel normal again now!

NotAUserNumberSoNotATroll Tue 28-Nov-17 19:57:20

I had a laparoscopy for something else and the worst part was the shoulder pain from all the air they put in you. Stock up on peppermint tea, it definitely helped

SydBound27 Wed 29-Nov-17 10:56:32

Hi, hope they don't find endo. I had this done earlier in the month and they did a d&c as well to remove a polyp.

I took two full wks to recover which surprised me as im otherwise fit and healthy. Like a poster above I'd be hesitant to plan this kind of thing in case of infection and follow up appointments but you might be lucky and be right as rain soon after. I found the recovery from the general anaesthetic was half the battle. If you've had one before that might give you an idea of your recovery?

Best of luck

AurorasEncore Thu 30-Nov-17 20:53:43

Hello. I had hysteroscopy in Athens. Felt fine afterwards and went out for gyros! Good luck x

Boiing Sat 02-Dec-17 14:39:22

I had a hysteroscopy with some polyps removed. I felt ok after, then extremely sleepy 1 week after as my body worked through the general anaesthetic. Then 4 weeks after the procedure, I suddenly fainted at a train station! The nurses said fainting is quite common because of the pressure the procedure puts on the blood flow to the brain or something. Just my experience, everyone is different, but try to be gentle with yourself. Good luck x

pixielove123 Sun 10-Dec-17 15:35:38

Thanks everyone who replied. I really appreciate the feedback. Hope you are all having a Festive December grin

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