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What's wrong with me?

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Zest11 Thu 16-Nov-17 21:28:35

We are TTC#1 and have been for 16 months.
I am 30 and dh is 33.
My periods are regular (27-30 days) but they can last 9-12 days including brown spotting (old, dark before and after p). Sometimes have old blood mid cycle but not always.
My fsh was normal and 'no signs of PCOS'
Ultrasound was normal
Hsg normal
Day 21 progesterone was over 50.
Dh semen was 1.9ml, 60m per ml, 60% progressive, ph 8.5, morphology 9.
No stis for either of us.
What will happen next? Doc has prescribed me clomid but on reading about it there seems no point as I already ovulate. Can anyone help or suggest anything I should ask for at my next appointment? Has anyone had similarly long periods? Feeling so fed up of it all.

Sorry for the post, I've never posted on a forum but just don't know what to do. Have not told friends or family we are ttc as don't want to add to the pressure.


MouseLove Thu 16-Nov-17 23:41:28

First off there’s nothing wrong with you!!! Getting pregnant is HARD for some people and it take a little time and patience. I’ve been TTC for 15 months and sometimes it feels like everyone is pregnant but the one thing I’ve learnt is that my time will come to be a mother in one shape or form. And the way I get there will be the path that was intended for me all along.

You have a 20% chance every cycle. Have you tracked your cycle? Are you sure you ovulate when you think? Are you having regular sex? Are you eating well? Have you tried acupuncture? What vitamins are you taking? Have you tried a fertility food diet and keeping fit?

There’s always something you can try and do yourself. I would guess that the next step would be a fertility clinic referral for you. Good luck. I hope you get that BFP soon. X

MissScarletinthePantry Fri 17-Nov-17 00:10:06

Hi Zest,

My sister is in a more or less identical position. There is nothing wrong with you. What I would say is to make sure that you are ovulating every month and not getting anovulatory bleeding. If the latter then Clomid should help.

FWIW I do not have fertility issues and my periods are normally a solid 8-9 days on your definition.

Wishing you the very best of luck.

FellOutOfBed2wice Fri 17-Nov-17 00:12:48

I had long periods- wasn’t trying quite as long as you but almost a year. Doctor suggested acupuncture when our tests were normal and got pregnant the first month I tried it so might be worth a go. Good luck! It’s horrible when you’re trying and it’s not working.

Zest11 Fri 17-Nov-17 06:42:18

Thank you for your kind replies, it's so helpful.
Mouse, so reassuring someone has been trying the same time as me...It just feels that it works for everyone in a few months except me but clearly not! Your words about the right time are exactly what hubby says...hoping it's true. I wish you all the luck it happens for you soon smile
And Scarlet so reassuring that someone out there has long cycles out there with no issues.
I will give acupuncture ago...had never thought of that. Done all the obvious like exercise, tracking, opks etc and have had an infertility appt (hence clomid is on its way)
If anyone else has any hints and tips it will be greatly appreciated, I will try them all! Xx

JoJoSM2 Fri 17-Nov-17 18:59:52

I think that Clomid is worth a go - I think I’ve read from some ladies about improved ovulation (the eggs being better cooked sort of thing). With regards to all the spotting- have you had your cervix investigated? Or endometriosis investigations? As far as I know, it’s not always painful. But if your periods are painful in addition to all this bleeding then it should really be checked out.

If your DH fancies, he could take Proxeed or Profertil. His motility is average but everything else below (but within the normal range). Also his pH is too high - indicative of infection. Has that been treated? That could give you problems.

MmmMalbec Sat 18-Nov-17 06:42:21

I got pregnant first month on clomid with DS2. My cycles were regular but I had quite a bit of brown spotting before AF started so I think whilst my progesterone levels rose to over 50 and confirmed ovulation, they dropped too quickly. Anyway despite still getting the spotting on my first clomid cycle I still conceived. I have no idea what difference it made but something clearly worked! Good luck!

BeanSprout79 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:06:37

I tried for almost 5 years and finally got pregnant so please try everything they offer you. I did try acupuncture too and would have continued but had some medical complications that were preventing me from getting pregnant so wouldn’t have been worth it and then fell pregnant after that anyway. Good luck, all my fingers are crossed for you.

Zest11 Sat 18-Nov-17 09:03:15

Jojo thank you. Endo was mentioned by a gp but cast away at my first infertility appointment...I do get pain but I'm not lying on the floor in agony type thing. The specialist thought dh results were fine. I showed them to her and said they looked a bit below but she was like 'oh no they're all good.' And the ph thing I noticed too but they never said anything. I assumed if he had an infection I would have it too and they haven't found anything. Just feels like you have to fight for anything and everything at these appointments it's so hard. I will get him to try those things...It was a battle to get him to try wellman and he has proved me right as he's been on those for months and nothing still. I do have a hysteroscopy coming up but I am not convinced on what it will show. Thank you both malbec and beansprout. That's interesting about your ovulation levels...I have no idea what happens to me after day 21 my prog could drop too. I guess I'm a bit scared of multiples too...not because I don't want 2 (I want at least 3 kids in the future!) but the financial implications of 2 kids in childcare at the same time we just wouldn't manage it but I guess it's the risk I have to take and I don't really have any choice.
Bean...sorry if too personal but how did you cope for 5 years...I am struggling now and it's not been as long as you.
Thank you so much for your replies, it's so helpful and reassuring having people in a similar situation.

BeanSprout79 Wed 29-Nov-17 12:31:48

Hi, it almost killed me. I had to come off all social media as lots of my friends were getting pregnant and it seemed everyone around me had babies or was getting pregnant, it was tough but I had my husband to help get me through and everyone in my family was so supportive. I did lose the plot a bit as would look at baby stuff on the net all the time and I could start seeing why babies got stolen (lighthearted, but also not)!! I just did a lot of things to my house to distract me from the pain and heartache. It is hard but it really does happen and I have a lovely almost 11 week ds to prove it.
Wishing u all the luck in the world. xx

moominsareace Wed 29-Nov-17 14:59:00

The only thing I would caution against is googling TTC and then going with some of the weird and wonderful suggestions on there. I tried Chinese herbs for a while (this was many years ago) and it turned out that the type I had been "prescribed" were actually damaging me, rather than helping. (My clinic wouldn't take me on until I'd been clear of the herbs for 6 months).

The drs know what they are talking about. 16 months can seem like forever, but it really isn't. It took us 8 years to get our little blue line. Hang on in there and I have absolutely everything crossed for you.

Zest11 Wed 06-Dec-17 20:25:22

So sorry to hear how bad it was for you bean. It's so hard when people post things on social media or announce at work etc. So glad for you that you got there in the end. Thank you moon for your luck...yes I have given up with all the rubbish and vitamins I've read on the Internet. Thankfully hubby has his head screwed on and made me see sense x

outputgap Wed 06-Dec-17 20:31:43

Have you had your thyroid checked? And eventually you might want to check for blood clotting issues too, but thyroid for sure.

If your thryroxine levels are within the normal range they can be too low for pregnancy. My fertility clinic checked every woman coming in the door, and wouldn't treat them until their tsh reaches 2 or under.

Boiing Wed 06-Dec-17 20:42:42

Have you had / considered a hysteroscopy? Basically they put a tiny telescope and torch up your womb and have a look around. In many private clinics it is a standard investigation. Can be done under local anaesthetic (although I’d strongly recommend a general). I was having brown spotting and slightly long periods, but 2 nhs ultrasounds said my womb was absolutely fine. So eventually after 3 years messing around with nhs, clomid, acupuncture, diet etc, I went to a private gynae. He suggested a hysteroscopy to have a proper look, and he found (and removed) about 30 tiny polyps. I don’t know why the nhs scans couldn’t see them but I do know that the clomid the nhs gave me was the exact worst thing for them. Wish I’d done it 3 years earlier as now my eggs are also poor sad Anyway my hormones got a lot more normal once the polyps were gone.

Zest11 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:27:10

Thank for you for replying to mesmile
I had my thyroid checked a while back and was told it was normal - not sure on the number...
Yes Boiing I have had a hysteroscopy last month and a couple of small polyps were found. I had a TVS a few monthd ago and the sonographer specifically said there werent any but the infertility specialist wasnt convinced based on my symptoms. I am grateful she referred me. I am going back in a few weeks to have them removed (under a local eek!) I did ask if they were preventing my infertility and the doctor said it was unlikely because of where they were and the size. Still, at least the op may mean I have shorter periods...

physicskate Thu 07-Dec-17 07:02:43

Output gap - what clinic? My tsh is somewhere between 2.3-2.6 and it's bothered me that it's 'borderline' for first trimester. My gp doesn't understand and said it's a 'non-issue'hmm. My consultant doesn't seem bothered about follow up tests with anything after he saw pco/pcos.

outputgap Thu 07-Dec-17 07:17:44

It was the Lister. I'm pretty sure that was the number, but it was about 4 years ago, so I'm a bit sketchy. Maybe have a look at Fertility Friends to check?

There is a shocking lack of knowledge about thyroid and pregnancy. Despite going to a private obstetrician, I got piss poor advice and actually relied on people here to tell me what needed to be done and who I needed to see on the NHS to get proper treatment.

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